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Hello All,

Just a reminder for this Fri. night, please come if you are in LA and can make it, please do!

This Fri, Nov. 1st, and Topanga Peace Alliance will present a screening of the MUST SEE smart meter film, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!  The film will be available for sale at 25% off online price so you can screen it for your neighbors!  Potluck vegetarian, organic snacks @ 7:00 PM, screening starts @7:30.  The Library, 122 N. Topanga Cyn. Blvd. Topanga, CA 90290.   

Q and A with guest speaker panelists after film, Jerry Day (Emmy Award winning producer and Anti Smart Meter Specialist), Julie Levine (displaced from her million dollar home due to smart gird) and myself Liz Barris (launched mass tort lawsuit against utilities in CA for heath effects from smart meters/smart grid) will be guest speakers with Larry Gust of Gust Enviro to confirm and possibly filmmaker Josh Del Sol via Skype.

Smart Stuff
Cell Phones - The Chicken Comes to Roost
Cell Tower Star Power
The Many Wonders of WIFI
Other EMF Stuff
EMFs and Other Illegal Government/Military Experimentation
Radiation Nation
Military Madness
The Cure to Military Madness
Watering Down Life
Food Glorious Food!
Oh, Frack It All!
Animals Hell On Earth
"Drill Baby Drill!"
Government Sanctioned Slavery
Corporate Criminals

Smart Stuff

Unstoppables Deborah Taveris and Barrie Trower Have a Sit Down:
Article in Veterans Today Magazine on The Cooking of Humanity, "Microwaves, Smart Meters and Microwave Mind Control"

The power of the lobbyist prevails!  Despite breaking laws on lobbying to get this bill passed, the state moves forward with smart, electronic license plates.

Canadian Residents Forced to Leave Their Town Due to Electromagnetic Radiation
"We feel betrayed by the government, by the utility, by the medical community for allowing it,"
"...but this goes beyond political affiliation. It's a health issue.  By now it's not a mistake any more; it's an outright lie," he says. "They deliberately misrepresent the facts, and that's what I find so distasteful. Democracy is on very shaky grounds."

Smart Meter Installation Ignites Fire in Michigan Home
This could have been a digital RF meter being switched out for a smart meter...analog meters are not known to start fires.

"Environmental pollutants, including EMF and RF, generally impact the weakest link in the body. So, if a person is prone to heart disease, cancer or neurological disease, the EMF/RF exposure will likely result in symptoms related to that vulnerable system."Having the option to maintain an analog meter on the home or workplace is critical to protect patients' health."

Cordless Phones May Be More of a Risk to Pre-Teens Than Cell Phones

Gosh, I didn't know cancer, birth defects, blood brain barrier permeation, headache and other health effects from wireless radiation were "allergies" but apparently it is according to this article:
Need to get irradiated from the top down as opposed to the normal router? 
A Comparison of WIFI Emissions and Scientific Research

Papers Finding Health Effects From WIFI

Other EMF Stuff

Do your breasts constantly forget to send out emails? 
And better yet, this bra tweets for breast cancer awareness!  There are too many fabulous jokes here but I am trying to keep it clean so I shall refrain...but it's tempting.

Dick Cheney on Good Morning America - Was "Worried About His Pace Maker Being Hacked"

Microchipping Rhinos In Africa - To Be Accounted for After Their Poaching

EMFs and Other Illegal Government/Military Experimentation

This is a long but fascinating and well documented account of EMF weaponry and illegal human testing

This Is An Absolutely Staggeringly List of Experiments On Human Populations the US and Other Governments Committed


Radiation Nation
Fukushima Readies for Dangerous Operation to Move 14 Tons of Spent Fuel

"The cleanup has a upcoming operation in November - by far the riskiest to date. It will involve the extraction of 1,300 spent nuclear fuel rods from the cooling tanks suspended 18 meters above ground. The task will require absolutely precise coordination from all workers at the power plant, as each rod will be handled manually, not by a computer, as many of the rods are now tilted at an angle or not in their previous location. Any mistake, or a failure to move the rods without collisions, could result in a catastrophe bigger than Chernobyl."

Powerful Fukushima Video

Rain Water Over Flows "Barriers" Which Had Already Long Been Breached and Contaminates Ocean at Fukushima

Military Madness

I guess its better than remotely crashing her car while she's in it and killing her:
SWAT Team Raids Investigative Journalists Home, Confiscates DHS Files
"This guy basically came in here and took my anonymous sources and turned them over - took my whistleblowers - and turned it over to the agency they were blowing the whistle on," Hudson told The Daily Caller. "And these guys still work there."
"Part of the reason I'm coming forward with this is I'm scared to contact them," she said. "I'm terrified to contact them...I've got to let these guys know somehow."

Narrated by Evangeline Lilly
Stop Illegal, Unconstitutional NSA Spying Vid

Please Sign this Petition to John Kerry to Give Edward Snowden Back His Passport

Australian Military Training Excercize Ignites Massive Fire Burning 180 Square Miles

Newly appointed DHS director, Jeh Johnson, considers secret "drone court" to oversee targeted killings in order to been seen as having gone through a more "Democratic" process.

Facebook Partners with Law Enforcement to Block Protests

Boeing Caught Selling Used Parts As New Overcharged US Pentagon 16.6 billion and Charged for Parts Never Even Installed

Senior Navy US Officers Arrested for Accepting Bribes Including Prostitutes in Exchange for Secret Info

Watering Down Life

Food Glorious Food!

China Gets Behind GM Food

Monsanto Pesticides Trigger Protest in Argentina After Entire Village is Sickened
"Children were being born with deformities," Sofia says, "little babies were being born with six fingers, without a jawbone, missing a skull bone, with kidney deformities, without an anus - and a lot of mothers and fathers were developing cancer."
"In most cases, the fetus dies before birth because of its deformities," Carrasco explain said in an interview with DW. "The inhalation or the introduction of these agrotoxins kills the embryo."

85 Scientists Ban Together to Issue Warning Against GM Foods While the UK Government Launches Massive PR Campaign to Promote their Use

Please Sign This Petition Against the New FMA Rules Which May Force Small Organic Farmers Out of Business

Kauai Residents Fight GM Producers Over Deadly and Debilitating Chemical Winds

Oh, Frack It All!

Fracking Pollutes Air as Well as Water and Kills Cows

Animals Hell On Earth

Poachers in Zimbabwe Kill 300 Elephants by Lacing Water Holes With Salt Licks and Cyanide

15,000 Dolphins Killed for Shark Bait in Peru, Sharks Butchered Alive,

Chemical Responsible for Over 4,000 Sea Bird Deaths in UK is Banned

Donate to Expose Corporations Killing Worlds Last Orangutans Via Rain Illegal Rain Forest Destruction

Pesticide Makes Ants Suicidally Agressive

"Drill Baby Drill!"

North Dakota - 300 Oil Spills Without Notifying Public

Green Peace Protestors Have Charges Reduced to Hooligan Which Cab Carry a 7 Year Sentence as Opposed to 15 Years

Greenland Gives Green Light to Uranium and Rare Earth Mining

Government Sanctioned Slavery

"Authorities force adults in the public sector - teachers, doctors, nurses - as well as vulnerable citizens and schoolchildren into the cotton fields. They are threatened with physical violence and the loss of jobs, social benefits and even their pensions."
"...there are punishments for not meeting quotas, there are beatings and arrests."

Corporate Criminals

Heavy Air Pollution in Canada Linked to Cancer Spikes in Region

Indonesias Forests Shrink Despite Reforms

Breast Milk, Donated or Online, Sours

California Regulators Scolded for Company's Non Compliance and Continued Lead Contamination

Intel Finds Asian Pollution Makes Computers Sick Too

Special thanks to articles from:  Environmental Health News, RT News,, The Microwave Factor, Common Dreams, Smart Meter Education Network, Olle Johansson, Deborah Taveris, Patricia Burke, Warren Woodward, Laddie Lawdings, Iris Atzmon, Paul Doyon, Brian Thiesen, Andre Fauteux, Sean Macbeth