End of Summer: Enjoy the last days of boating on Lake Superior. Please take a few moments to read through our latest news. Thanks for another great season!
Haul Out in Progress
Please be aware of Moving Equipment
& Parking Restrictions
Haul Out has begun at Pikes Bay and we need your cooperation for a smooth transition into winter. As you may be aware we have many different storage areas. Hauling and setting boats on the hard is a bit of a jigsaw puzzle; meaning our equipment could be heading in any direction on our property. Please keep a sharp lookout for moving equipment and daily parking area changes.

Starting Monday September 19th there will be no parking in the dockside lot Monday - Fridays. We need the dockside lot clear to make room for hauling boats out. Loading and Unloading is fine. The preferred area to park is the side lot on the hill. 

If you are planning to park overnight please check with our staff on the best place to park, it can change daily.
2016 Haul Out
Information & Forms
If you haven't  already, please return your completed haul out form right away. We appreciate your cooperation. 

The 2016 Haul Out Forms are available on our Website.

Please take the time to read through the information letter, it has details that the forms do not have.

Once you have read through the information, the fillable PDF forms are at the bottom of the page.
Save some money!
Winterizing : If you are having the Pike Bay Vessel Service do your winterizing, please empty your water tanks. If our service techs have to empty your tank there will be an additional labor charge.

Final Pump Out: When you have used your boat for the last time, make sure to have the dock crew place a sticker on the pump out cap to indicate the holding tank is empty.

Dinghies & Dinghy Outboards: Please be aware: There will be labor charges if we have to relocate your dinghy &/or dinghy outboard.

Secure, Tag/Label & Remove
Dock Boxes: Please make sure to secure the lid of your dock box. Winter winds can blow the lids right off.

Power Cords: To avoid any confusion, please make sure your power cord is labeled with your name on it.

Hoses: Please label your hose and put it on board your boat when you have leave your boat for the last time.

Bikes & Lockers: Please take your bikes home at the end of the season. Please remove all items out of rented lockers.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Boys of Summer: Fuel Dock
Rodger, Matt & Brandon are in school. Brandon is still here while attending classes in Ashland. 

With a smaller staff we ask you to call ahead if you need service. Please call on Marine 16 or call us at the Clubhouse 715-779-3900.

Fuel Dock Hours are now 8 -5 Daily.

Thank you!

Paint n Sip
Thursday October 6th 5-8 pm
  Join us and bring your friends!  Palette by Perfect Fit, from Duluth, will be at Pikes Bay Marina, October 6th, 6-9 pm. Palette will provide all art supplies including:  16x20 canvas, acrylic paint,  brushes and apron. Plus an entertaining artist to walk you through the process of painting your own masterpiece to take home.  Cost is $35.  Adults only. Please bring your own drinks and snacks.
   Thanks to all of you for another great season! 
and Congrats to Jane!
(winner of  the hula hoop contest at the Labor Day Potluck Party)