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End of Summer 2015
Well, I'd be bummed about leaving New York Summer behind, if I wasn't so stoked about New York AUTUMN! Don't hate me too much for that. Truly it's been a blissful summer. As usual, we spent our summer trying to come up with new ways to be awesome. We got a lot done in that regard, but my favorite project was our new LED lighting system, which will reduce our lighting energy usage by a whopping 70%, while giving clients in our medium-sized studios the option of choosing full or reduced lighting depending on their needs. It wasn't cheap or easy, but we think you, and our shared planet, are more than worth it.

Birthday blessings to Cynthia, Mike, Kristin, Sisco, and our namesake, Jeannie Ripley-Grier! Here's to our reliable, helpful Virgos!
me and boys -John Norman
Director of Operations
Ripley-Grier Studios


Shiek Mahmud Bey

Shiek Mahmud Bey is a very busy man. The actor-writer-producer-teacher-director has more hyphens than ___________________In a breathless, but polite and enjoyable interview, he tells me about a his latest project, selling a show he has been developing titled "The Inner Circle". Interested parties include HBO and Sony, so between that and shuttling back and forth from the West to East coasts keeping other plates spinning, it's a wonder he has any time to teach, one of the things he loves best. He didn't set out to be a teacher, but the Brooklyn native, former Golden Gloves boxing finalist, and self-identified "army brat" was urged to by colleagues and and actors he had worked with. "I'm so glad I did", he says, "It's really made me a better director." After studying production, writing and cinematography at NYU, Shiek broke out on the New York acting scene with his Best Performance-winning turn as Rubin "Hurricane" Carter in the Fringe Fest production of No Way Out. He later was noted for his strong performances in NBC's The Profiler, and the film Night Falls on Manhattan, with Andy Garcia and Richard Dreyfuss.  

When it comes to teaching, it's no surprise that someone as hands-on as Mahmud-Bey would keep his classes intense, practical, and rooted to real-world experience. His advanced Master Class, focusing on character development, actually produces a web series as part of the curriculum. (Actors audition to get into the class, presumably after taking the lower-level course, although that is not required for experienced actors).

Mahmud-Bey says that his over-arching philosophy in teaching actors is the spirit of Honesty. "The hardest thing to do is take someone else's words and make them your own. Before you can do that, you have to begin with: Who are YOU?"

Interested students can reach Shiek Studios at

feng shui color chart
Patricia Ripley 
Feng Shui and Fitness

Whew! What a summer, so far (not over til 9/21).  Went to Colorado and New Mexico (the Land of Enchantment) on a road trip with Butch and Jeannie in August.  We flew out and back and put in 2,500 miles driving through the most beautiful mountains and high desert.  The weather was so comfortable, 80s in the day, 60s at night..  Denver is fabulous as is Taos, Santa Fe, Durango, Crested Butte,  Aspen, and Boulder. Dispensaries everywhere!.  We visited friends in Aspen and Boulder and checked out our property in the Wet Mountain Valley.  Our little town of Wescliffe became the first Dark Sky town in Colorado.  So proud.  (check out International Dark Skys Association, of whom RG is a financial supporter)
 As part of Feng Shui philosophies the environment you live in or create affects your spriritual and emotional well being.   The ability to see the starry night is so important to our bio-rythms and our connection to the universe.  Whenever you get a chance,  find a place to see the stars and just bask in the beauty of our shared existence in the vastness of space.      
 Everyone is back in my functional fitness classes and we are looking forward to staying in shape this fall/winter. Please check out Fitness Concepts for to find the best fitness classes for 50 plus adults.  
 I am still boogie boarding probably until the middle of October. September is the best month to live by the beach,  no crowds, warm water and warm weather. This weather is great for golf as well,  Butch replaced his clubs that were destroyed by Sandy and is playing weekly,  I try to join him on Thursdays.  We are biking also and of course teaching fitness and yoga. Keep Moving...
 I will be teaching a Feng Shui class for the Long Beach Adult Continuing Education program in October, and will remind everyone closer to the date.  I will be working with folks to help them  improve their environment and their lives in general.   Patricia

post note:  Jeannie's 16th birthday is next week on 9/18 (soon will be driving, EEEk).

Blessings,  Patricia


End of Summer Promo!

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A Late Summer Wedding!

Our dear friend and AR Manager Kristin Dawn-Dumas celebrated her marriage to the love of her life this past August. We congratulate her and wish her the best!
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Jeannie's Spot

I hope everyone had a great summer!!

 I had fun over the summer.  I worked at Butch's Cafe Oasis at RG 520 for a few weeks.  Then we went on a vacation to Cape May with my friend Valentina from Italy, my parents and my dog Johnny.   In August I went on a driving vacation through Colorado and New Mexico with my parents.  We drove all over up in the mountains and valleys.  
 At the end of July I went to see U2, with Valentina,  at Madison Square Garden. The concert was great, we were close to the stage, and to make it better, Bruce Springsteen came out at the end to sing a few songs with the band.  We were sitting near the Clintons, that was fun.   Next, Valentina and I went to see "Matilda" the first week in August; that is a great show, she went back to Italy for the school year.   Hope to see her next summer.
 I also went to another R5 concert at the Paramount in Huntington September 5th. The band's little brother, Ryland, is a DJ and he had a VIP meet and greet so I got  to go to that.  During the meet and greet, he brought us onto the stage in front of everyone and taught us some stuff about being a DJ. After that, we went backstage and had pizza with him.  Next came the concert.  They are getting bigger and bigger crowds.  Can't wait to see them at the Beacon this winter.  I have VIP meet and greet tickets. (thanks Mom and Dad).  My 16th birthday is 9/18, I am going to SDK (YouTube) at Webster Hall.
Enjoy the cooler weather and you will be hearing from me in October.  Jeannie

Jeanne-Michelle Ripley-Grier is the daughter of RG founders Butch Grier and Patricia Ripley.