eVISIT Summer Update
Dear Friends of St. Camillus:

We thank you for your commitment to our ministry to others through your prayers, donations and volunteering. We have ended Labor Day weekend honoring the great tradition of labor unions that benefited our grand parent's generation and all of us who work since then. We stand today with the DACA dreamers and plan on working for the needed USA comprehensive immigration reform that US Bishops and others of faith have supported for decades. 

I am calling this our END OF THE SUMMER eVISIT with our annual VISIT coming out later in the year, Stay connected with us through our website: www.stcamilluscenter.org and other social media presence. 

OUR PRAYERS are with those affected by fires across the West of USA, the flooding in Texas, Mexico and Asia communities. I encourage people to give through Catholic Relief Services, American Red Cross and other well known agencies getting needed items ASAP.

JOIN US this SATURDAY Sept 9th for our 5pm ANOINTING OF THE SICK Mass at St. Francis of Assisi sponsored by our AIDS COUNCIL. 

JOIN US this SATURDAY Sept 9th for the 7pm CHORUS CARITAS CONCERT that will benefit St. Camillus at St Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood. Their singing is always up lifting and inspirational. Join them on Sunday 4pm at Padre Serra parish in Camarillo as they fund-raise for Catholic Relief Services. 

JOIN US for our Pax Christi Pace e Bene NONVIOLENCE CAMPAIGN Oct 1st 7pm CANDLE LIGHT NONVIOLENCE VIGIL AND MARCH  At the LA Office of Governor Brown regarding the Death Penalty and other downtown LA locations. Details to follow on www.stcamilluscenter.org

JOIN US as part of Catholic Ministry Team #0915 at AIDS WALK LA October 15th at Grand Park LA Join our Team or Donate Today

STOP and see us at the Regional Religious Education congress information booths throughout the Fall season.

Rev. Rambhoru Brinkmann is our Director of Clinical Pastoral Education and our ACPE Supervisor for close to seven years. She is taking off this Fall unit to be with her elderly parents. Our prayers surround them. We celebrate that we have hired ACPE veteran supervisor GORDON HILSMAN for this fall unit. He will bring his own gifts to our six students with his research and book on chaplains charting. I assume he will give us much to discuss and eventually fine tune our service as interfaith chaplains. Our URBAN INTERFAITH CLINICAL PASTORAL EDUCATION CENTER AT ST. CAMILLUS moves forward this Fall toward a Spring 2018 national review site visit toward being our own independent Center, having been a satellite of Arcadia Methodist Hospital for many years. 

Angel Interfaith Network (AIN) has completed the next step in their strategic planning. They are a project of St Camillus serving LAC+ USC patients most in need with neighbor to neighbor support as they leave the hospital. We encourage you to volunteer and or become donors to this very important service. You might come in one day a week to help with inventory or help with grant writing or host a baby shower at your church or have your service group purchase and assembly hygiene kits for our homeless. So many options--let us join together with our AIN partnership.

OFFICE OF CATHOLIC HIV AIDS ministry will be part of AIDS WALK LA again but also preparing for 12:10 Mass for WORLD AIDS DAY DEC 1st at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. We will be part of the annual WORLD AIDS DAY event with Bienestar which serves persons living with HIV/AIDS with a major focus on the Latino community and the LGBT community. We celebrate the works of CRS and Cartitas International that takes the Catholic compassion into serving the international efforts. 

CADP/Catholics Against the Death Penalty along with DPF and Catholic Mobilizing Network continue to work toward an end to the death penalty. With 62 defeat and 66 moving forward, our Pro-life message is more important than ever--killing to end killing does not work--ENDING THE DEATH PENALTY AND RESTORATIVE JUSTICE is our faith and public policy goal.

CONSISTENT LIFE ETHIC RESOURCE CENTER is Fr Chris' platform to speaking and writing in the context of injustice, Nazi and other hate groups, universal health care, that says from unborn to natural death we need to be consistently pro-life as people of faith and people of community service. 

ST CAMILLUS TEAM continues to daily gather at 9am for reflection/prayer. This is not only about prayer and self care in a intense ministry but we prayer for YOU ARE OUR FRIENDS AND BENEFACTORS that help us pay salaries for chaplains and create a base/home for these various services. We celebrate with our staff and past CPE students who have been recently ordained or board Certified as chaplains with APC/NACC. 

Fr. Chris Ponnet will be taking a sabbatical for a few months in the middle of 2018 and the great team of St. Camillus and at LA C USC will move forward with great patient, family and staff care along with all of our Outreach Services. Lilly foundation is helping St. Camillus in partnership with the sabbatical. Stay turned for possible pilgrimage/tours with him in the Israel/Palestine and Ireland 2018. 

We ask you to consider to increase your support for our various ministries with our budget focus on chaplains serving at LAC+USC Medical Center along with Norris and Keck. We do not get funding from any of the hospitals. If you have been an annual donor, consider becoming a monthly Friend of St Camillus. If you know of a foundation or church that gives grants or endowments--be our spokespersons. If you are preparing your will or have stock or employee donation plans--remember ST. CAMILLUS CENTER along with any of our specific outreach Services: AIN, CADP, Pax Christi, AIDS ministry, CMLGP and our CPE school for chaplains. 

My #truthsetsyoufree is a focus for online conversation in these days of "fake news", hate marches and threats of using our USA nuclear weapons. 

Please call me if you have ideas how we can improve our services and increase our funding situation. We seek volunteers on our fundraising and finance committees and seek persons to join our Parish Council and AIN Leadership team. 

With these Summer thoughts...we prayer you will continue your prayers and consider how you can continue your volunteering and funding of our serve to the most vulnerable and often forgotten souls in Los Angeles. 


Rev Chris Ponnet, MA, MDiv, BCC
Director, Department of Spiritual Care, LAC+USC Medical Center
323 409 4717 or 4715

Pastor, St Camillus Center for Spiritual Care
1911 Zonal Ave, Los Angeles CA 90033
323-225-4461 x221
A Catholic parish of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles providing chaplains to
LAC+USC Medical Center, USC Norris and USC University Hospitals.
We are called to “ accompany people with hope .” 

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