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Weekly Update: June 9, 2017
Mission Moment

"Throughout the Called To Be One planning process, and now the beginnings of Stella Maris Academy, I have been blessed with many opportunities to visit with families and staff members discussing the future of Catholic school education in Duluth. Admittedly, some of the conversations are more challenging than others, yet throughout, one thing is sure, Catholic school education is dearly loved in our community. Our school families are experiencing a time of great change which naturally brings a multitude of feelings such as anxiousness, grief, anticipation, and wonder. Over time, as I have listened intently, the conversations have turned from anxiousness and concern to expressions of hope and the trust, respect and faith in our school and those leading Stella Maris Academy to a bright and thriving future. My epiphany of sorts...witnessing the tide turning- clearly God's love is stronger than the struggle.
I recently ran into a friend who had been working through a big decision- would their child continue on with Stella Maris Academy for middle school or would they decide on another option. This is a priority topic for families who are right now still discerning where they want their child to attend. Much comes into play while making these decisions and I empathize with the struggle. I feel for the families who may still feel stuck in this decision and may have not had their epiphany yet - indecision is a hard place to be.
We are blessed with many options to educate our children in Duluth, however, we have one choice for Catholic school education. As families weigh their options, they identify key determining factors as well as opportunity costs. An option other than Stella Maris Academy might be satisfactory, and the kids will be "just fine" no matter where they go.  However, after much reflection on the many blessings and experiences of being a part of Catholic school community, my friends determined that "just fine" was not acceptable. They want more for their child, and Catholic school education was the only choice, because they know it will be exemplary. I believe my friends experienced an epiphany when they decided to continue with Stella Maris Academy middle school. Thanks be to God.
May the light of Christ in Stella Maris Academy continue to shine bright on our families and community, and I offer my prayers for those who are still deciding!"

~submitted by Mrs. Hilaire Hauer, Vice Chair Stella Maris Academy Board 
Stella Maris Academy Colors Announced

The school colors have been selected by the Stella Maris Academy Board of Directors. The new school colors are Marian Blue, Black and Silver pictured here:


This unique color combination is a balanced light and dark combination and unduplicated by another school in our area. Black balances this vivid blue and serves a representation of the night sky, while silver or light grey will be used as an accent color. Each c olor complements the name Stella Maris through star and sea representative coloring, as well Marian blue being a tone of the color celeste, named for its use with the Virgin Mary. It is an expression of devotion and glorification to swathe the Virgin in gowns of blue.
Watch for announcements about the spirit wear being developed and possible additions to the uniforms for the start of the school year! 
Be A Part of The Great Move

Boxes, tape, books, tables, chairs, and technology are in motion as our campuses are reconfigured for the new school year. During the current first stage, teachers have been working hard to pack up classrooms, inventory items and organize materials for the second stage of The Great Move planned over the summer.

You can help! Parent and community volunteers are needed in July when the physical move will take place between the east campuses of St. John's and Holy Rosary. If you can load, deliver, and unload boxes and materials during the week of July 24-28th please email or leave a message (218) 724-8565. 
Rediker: The New Student Information System at SMA

All campuses will move to a new student information system for the 2017-2018 school year. Rediker will replace SchoolSpeak at the Holy Rosary and St. John's campuses while continuing as St. James' present system. Rediker offers an upgraded platform where   teachers and staff manage student data, attendance, gradebooks, homework, report cards, schedules, calendars, and parent-teacher communication. Parents have instant and secure access to real-time student and school information.  
Community Scholarship Program Awards 

The Community Scholarship Program has distributed over $160,000 of tuition assistance to more than 50 families enrolled at Stella Maris Academy for the upcoming year. Stella Maris Academy is able to offer the gift of Catholic education to a broader range of families through tuition assistance. 

Scholarships are funded through the Diocese of Duluth's CREED Fund, Stella Maris Academy community scholarship funds, Duluth Catholic parishes, and individual benefactors. Spread the good news of Stella Maris Academy! Recruit families to join in the mission of daily faith formation and continue to be active in prayer, service and learning. We all grow closer to Christ together. If you are interested in supporting a Stella Maris student, contact the  Mission Advancement Office or call (218) 724-8565. 
Individual Private Music Lessons to remain on all campuses 
A unique feature of our Catholic Schools in Duluth was the availability of private music lessons (piano, band, strings) for our families.Stella Maris is happy to announce that all three campus will have teachers available to arrange private lessons during the school day for piano, band and strings. Mrs. Lisa Forsell will continue to accept piano students at the Holy Rosary campus,Ms. Elena Knezevich will continue to accept piano students at the St. James campus and Mrs. Kathleen Daly will begin accepting piano students at the St. John's campus.
Mrs. Jennifer Osborne will continue to instruct private lessons on the St. James site. Mrs. Michelle Gribbon (strings) will continue to instruct private strings lesson at both the St. John's and Holy Rosary campuses. Mr. Eric Cyr will continue to accept band students at the St. John's campus and due to the growing number of students in band, we are in the process of recruiting one more musician to begin the teaching and directing the young students at Holy Rosary School.
These teachers will be in contact with the families on their campus with their availability and their rates for instruction. If you have specific questions for them, please contact the school office to get their contact information.
Stella Maris Middle School Programming

The feedback is in. Students and parents have openly shared their desires for next year's middle school programming. Take a look at the following plan to implement programming at the new Stella Maris middle schools. Programs that are not currently available at one site will be evaluated to be duplicated or offered at the other site in the upcoming years. Keep an eye out for a survey of interest (electives registration) for the St. John's site to assist with staffing elective options. Read more about middle school programming
Family Softball Team Opportunity 

Batter up! A family softball team is fielded out of St. John's School and they are looking for more adult/young adult players (ages 12 years and older). Games are played on Tuesdays. Contact Mr. Joe Howard for information or to sign up (218-393-1366). 
Upcoming Events 

July 24-28: The Great Move, Stage II
October 22: Feast of Faith Annual Scholarship Dinner

Visit campus websites for a complete list of upcoming events and activities this spring!

St. Michael's:
 Holy Rosary:
St. John's:
Summer Stella Maris Hotline

Looking for information over the summer? Know a new family coming to town that would benefit from daily Catholic education?  Someone wants to know more about our great schools? The hotline will be checked over the summer at or call (218) 724-8565. 

If you have any comments, concerns, suggestions, or want to volunteer 
please email Stella Maris Academy.  Feedback and questions are always welcome.
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