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Tenneco’s Clevite Elastomers Leading the Way on
Elastomer Durability
Results to be presented at conferences in
Detroit (SAE) and Munich (ECCMR)
Automotive supplier Tenneco is using Endurica solutions to show its customers it means business when it comes to elastomers and durability. The company’s Clevite Elastomers brand currently licenses Endurica’s software and is investing in its material physical testing capabilities at its engineering center in Milan, Ohio. The software, together with the new testing capabilities will allow Tenneco to generate the test data required to produce accurate fatigue predictions for its elastomers products.  

“Our business absolutely depends on having fast and accurate ways to understand and manage durability issues,” says Steve Pohlman, Tenneco’s vice president and general manager, global elastomers. “We have invested strongly in fatigue testing and simulation capabilities that support this imperative.

“Part of that investment includes Endurica’s fatigue simulation software fe-safe/Rubber, which uses Critical Plane Analysis to give accurate predictions of performance under complex load cases. It also includes testing methods and instrumentation that give Tenneco much greater capacity to characterize rubber fatigue behavior in simulation-compatible ways.”  

Tenneco engineers presented details of their durability validation program at last year’s fe-safe/Rubber user group meeting, and will be presenting additional results at conferences this year in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A. (SAE) and Munich, Germany (ECCMR).

Did you know that Endurica CL can tell you the loading history and the open/close state of the crack on the critical plane? 
In this tire analysis, the #2 belt edge has the shortest fatigue life, with a life of 5.2 x 10^7 tire revolutions.

The blue line shows the loading history on the crack (CED) during one tire revolution.  

The top of the tire is at +/-180 degrees, where a small load on the crack occurs due to the tire’s inflation pressure.  The load on the crack increases and peaks as it enters the tire contact patch (zero degrees is the center of the tire footprint), then is rapidly relieved on its exit from the tire footprint, returning quickly to its original value.

The crack is open (indicated by the grey-shaded area in the plot) during most of its trip around tire, but it experiences complete closure as it exits the tire footprint.  

Endurica gets the failure mechanics right, so you can clearly see how damage accrues in your structure.
Where in the World will YOU find us?
You'll find Endurica and Will Mars at the following industry events:

  1. June 12-15, 2017:  SAE 2017 Noise and Vibration Conference and Exhibit, 
    J.R. Goossens from Tenneco speaking on Endurica CL, Grand Rapids, MI
  2. June 13-14, 2017: Rubber in Automotive Conference, Troy, MI
    Will Mars presenting: How Durability Simulation Changes the Product Development Business Model
  3. June 23, 2017: FREE Webinar: Get Durability Right – Modern Solutions for Elastomers @ 10AM (CST)
  4. August 8-10, 2017: Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium, Novi, MI
  5. August 28-31, 2017: European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber, Munich, Germany
  6. September 12-13, 2017: 36th Annual Meeting and Conference on Tire Science and Technology, Akron, OH
  7. September 27-28, 2017: SIMULIA Great Lakes Regional Users Meeting, Plymouth, MI
  8. October 9-12, 2017: International Elastomer Conference ACS Rubber Division, Huntington Convention Center, Cleveland, OH
  9. October 23-25, 2017: Characterizing Elastomer Fatigue Behavior for Analysis & Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI
  10. October 26-27, 2017: Theory and Application of Rubber Fatigue Analysis, Ann Arbor, MI
  11. November 6-7, 2017: CAE Conference, Vicenza, Italy
  12. November 10, 2017: fe-safe User Group Meeting, Germany
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Arnold Smith  Special Service Award
Dr. William V. Mars (We just call him Will), founder and President of Endurica LLC, was awarded the Rubber Division, ACS Arnold Smith Special Service Award for his service to the organization at the Rubber Division, ACS 191st Technical Meeting in April, 2017.The Arnold Smith Award is one of the highest honors bestowed by the Division to members for their volunteer service to the organization.

Dr. Mars’ service to the Rubber Division, ACS spans more than a decade on numerous committees. His most significant contribution to the organization has been serving  as the Chair/Editor of the Rubber Chemistry & Technology Journal since 2009;

“I am deeply honored and grateful to have had these opportunities to serve the rubber industry over the years and to be remembered in this way,“ explained Dr. Mars. The Rubber Division, ACS is a great place to connect as professionals and to stay in touch with the science and technology on which our industry is built,”  (And yes, we're downright proud of him, too!)
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