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Welcome Winter - Welcome  Change!


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  • Intro to Energy Medicine
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Free Reiki Shares offered throughout the year. If you are looking for time to practice, give and receive Reiki or have questions on your training this is the place to come to. Come experience two hours with meditation/visualization intro plus lots of mini sessions for practice.

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Reiki Classes are available year round and upon request. Come unlock your inner knowing and learn how to use energy to help find healing for yourself and others. Whether you are interested in learning Reiki or other forms of energy medicine for you and your family or you want to start a new career, these classes are geared with you in mind. 

Reiki I, December 8th, 2014
Registration closes soon! 

Instruction, Guided Meditation, Discussion, Attunement, Demo & Hands on Learning.

 Location: TBA, Fort Collins, Colorado

Quote of the month


Take this time to go within and visualize your dreams.
May your fulfilled wishes be as bountiful as the seeds in a pomegranate!
Sending abundant Blessings your way!
Corinna <3

December 2014

Are you ready for some positive changes in your life?


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Corinna Kromer 

Inspired Health  

Energy Medicine 


The year of  

E X P A N S I O N !! 


Hello everyone,


For those of you still interested in exploring something different and starting on a new adventure I wanted to let you know that there will be a lot of classes and workshops coming up with the new year that will give you opportunities to grow and follow your hearts desire in achieving a healthy, happy and powerful way of life.

The new schedule will be posted soon so stay tuned and ready -     

In order to prepare you for the excitement and knowledge that these classes bring I would like to share a few thoughts on how to raise your vibration so that you are ready to received the goodness that life has to offer you. You have the choice and the chance to move into a different consciousness which will bring a vastly different reality for you.  

Are you willing to receive the joy that awaits you? 

Are you thirsting to be part of the new earth and upgraded frequency that can manifest your every desire? In order to align ourselves with the Divine Order of creation and be able to experience all that is available to us we need to
open up to possibilities and new knowledge. Remembering who we really are and the power that lies within.  


I would invite you to take note of the things in your life that no longer work  for you and pay attention to them. Thank them for their presence and the awareness that they can bring you and use them as catalysts to shift into a life that makes you feel happy and fulfilled. When things in your life are flowing effortlessly then you are in line with what you are meant to be doing. If not, that's a cue for you to re-visit those situations.If you are residing and living in lack, worry, stress and fear then take a moment to question those moments and start thinking of how you would rather be. Find time for walks, quiet time, meditation, yoga, reading - whatever makes you feel good and consciously choose to align with the things, situations and people that make you feel alive.  

YOU have the KEY to creating your own life!  


Here are a few things that could help you align with the joyful you:


Create your daily reality upon Awakening
take a hold of your day in your mind, instead of letting the day happen to you. Even daily chores can become easy and effortless if you "see" them happening that way.

Listen to your Heart - what makes yo happy? We all come with a gift to share; what is yours? Uncover it, dust it off and start using it! Did ou always long to travel, paint, sing or play music? How can you now bring that into your reality and share your precious gift with the world? 


Think Happy Thoughts
- an ongoing process. Catch yourself and start over and over again. Its ok. It takes practice. 

Watch your words and your thinking - everything you think of and say has a way of manifesting in your life. Instead of saying "I can't do this" try something like "Though in the past I have not been successful I am willing to give it another try" Replace ideas of fear and limitation with ideas of hope and success! We used to say "fake it till you make it"; that's a great approach. How do you think all successful people got where they are today - by insisting, having a vision of where they wanted to be and acting as if! It might feel fake in the beginning but keep at it and the mind and body will follow.

Surround yourself with Happy, Vibrationally High People - Watch your surroundings. If you want to feel good you need to surround yourself with those kind of people that make you feel happy, joyful and powerful.
Avoid situations of high stress, drama and negativity. Find a way to excuse yoursef and move into a space that is loving and allows for growth. Have you heard the expression "A person is only as successful as their five best friends"? Take necessary steps to be around happy people and situations.

End each affirmation with "...and more" - allow the universe to fill in the abundance that you cannot yet imagine.

Be still -
take time for your mind and your body to accept the changes. Find some time in the morning or at night to close your eyes, breath easily and let yourself relax and accept. Connect to Source/God/Universe and let yourself be guided.

Give yourself the chanse that you deserve to be whole, complete and happy!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Let me also remind you that your next chance for growth is up really soon with the Reiki I Workshop on Monday, December 8th, 2014.


If you are planning on registering for the class please follow the link below and register/pay for the class on my website using your credit card through PayPal.   


If you need to arrange for alternate ways of payment please contact me.  

No prerequisites.

I look forward to seeing you in class and let me know if you have any questions.


As always, if you know of someone that might be interested and is willing to grow and heal in their life, please forward this email to them.


Inspired Health Energy Medicine. Click hee to access my home page. 




Gifts & Things...
Chakra pillows
Chakra Pillows
Chakra Pillows
Inspiration lead me to create some fun things to share with clients and friends. One of my funnest projects, along with eye pillows and crystal pendulums, has been creating Chakra Pillows! These are small, colorful pillows ... read more

Eye pillows
These eye pillows are filled with lavender and are so relaxing....  The lavender comes from either my back yard blessed and grown organically or from the hills of Santa Fe, gathered with awe and blessed by a Shaman. Gently place it on your eyes and enjoy a peaceful and calming sleep. Some of the therapeutic properties of lavender oil are antiseptic  ... read more

Mediterranean Pendulums

Pendulums Unique Mediterranean creations with beads, crystals and rocks from Greece.
Enjoy the unique frequencies of this beautiful country that emanates from each rock.
Each pendulum is also infused with healing energies for your continued pleasure for

years to come.
When I need to relax I create. Some of these pendulums are made with beautiful
crystals and others with gorgeous beach rocks that I hand picked from the beaches
in Greece
... read more 

Natural Room Spritzers  & Mood Enhancers
Isn't it refreshing to walk into a room and smell a beautiful aroma or feel the
cleanliness of the air? These Room Spritzers are a natural way to clear a smell,
spray your sheets and laundry or calm a mood. A wonderful way to enhance
your mood and use for aromatherapy. Use for body, home, office or car.
Enjoy natural Room Spritzers without chemicals made from therapeutic grade essential oils. I have several scents available or I can also customize to fit
your needs.

Varieties: Stay Healthy, Spice for Life more 
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Corinna PhotoCorinna P. Kromer  HTCP, CRM/T

Inspired Health Energy Medicine

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Chronic Pain, Stress Relief, Life Therapy & Joyful Living

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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."   - Rumi  


to your heart!


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