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Home Energy Programs Showcased on WCCO
WCCO's Bill Hudson learns about energy efficiency from one of our auditors.
Out in the field with the NEC.
Picturesque snowfalls, holiday get-togethers and high utility bills--it's too bad not all the hallmarks of winter are equally appreciated.
With rising seasonal heating costs in mind WCCO's Bill Hudson went out into the field to see our energy auditors and Home Energy Squad in action. Watch as he learns short and long-term ways to improve home energy efficiency and comfort.
Free Energy Advisor Service Up and Running 

Our helpful energy advisors will guide you through each step of the energy improvement process.
It's a difference best expressed by blankets:

Before Gabrielle and her partner worked with the NEC Energy Advisor Service, they kept their thermostat at 58 degrees on winter nights and slept under a heavy down comforter.

After consulting with our energy advisors and adding attic insulation , they now only need a thin summer blanket to stay warm--and they still keep their thermostat at 58 degrees.

The new Energy Advisor Service helps community members with every step of the home energy improvement process, from identifying cost-effective projects, to connecting with contractors and securing financing and rebates

You can learn more about Gabrielle's experience with the Energy Advisor Service here.

Energy Fit Homes Presentation to MN Association of Realtors

Until recently, the real estate market lacked an effective way to communicate the value of energy efficiency upgrades in existing homes. The  Energy Fit Homes certificate has solved this problem for more than 250 homeowners by certifying that their homes meet specific, regionally-appropriate efficiency criteria. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to educate homeowners and realtors about Energy Fit Homes, staff from the NEC and our partner the Center for Energy and Environment presented  Energy Fit Homes Certification and Market Benefits at the Maple Grove Community Center on February 17th.

The presentation was offered as part of a continuing education opportunity through the Minnesota Association of Realtors. Topics included an overview of the Energy Fit Homes certification and its benefits, as well as best practices for discussing the value of home energy--and how to redeem that value--with potential home sellers. 

You can learn more about the Energy Fit Homes certification on the program website.

Affordable Financing Funds New Furnace and Kitchen Remodel
From milky green to gorgeous granite with the help of NEC financing.

With help from the NEC loan program, Jan was able to do more than just get a new 96% efficient furnace-- she also installed a new water heater, added insulation and an energy-efficient toilet, and redid her kitchen with granite countertops, a disposal and a dishwasher.

Read more about Jan's experience with our mission-driven, nonprofit financing options.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Using HOURCAR (But Were Afraid to Ask)
It's easy to use HOURCAR!
The ins and outs of HOURCAR.

With our Metro Transit Go-To card integration in full swing and 58 hubs around the Twin  Cities, using  HOURCAR has never been more convenient.

If you're tempted by the car-lite life, check out HOURCAR's newest video to see just how easy it is.
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