August 10, 2017
"Come, Lord, stir us up and call us back. Kindle and seize us. Be our fire and our sweetness. Let us love. Let us run.” - Augustine
 Join us this Sunday at 9AM and 11AM as Pastor Kevin shares a message titled:
Water Walkers:
A Radical Call for all Disciples
Our Faithfulness Sunday, August 6:  270   /    Live Streaming:  23
Connecting for Growth and Friendship
Intergenerational Family Fall Kickoff Event!!!

Spend an afternoon with the FUMC Graham church family at Camp Chestnut Ridge on Sun, Sept 10 enjoying friendship, food, and activities such as canoeing/kayaking, archery, zip-line, inflatable lake toys, the swimming pool, preschool fun area and so much more!!!!!   We have something for every age to enjoy!

Contact Denise Baker if you need transportation from the church to Chestnut Ridge.

Connecting with Children
The final summer mission trip is to the Burlington Pet Adoption Center on Sat., Aug. 12 from 9:30am - 1:30pm.  Children in completed kindergarten through the 5th grades are asked to meet in Stafford Hall at 9:30am. We will bake pet treats and then deliver them to the shelter..  Kids are asked to wear comfortable clothes--tennis shoes are mandatory--their completed permission form, and a bag lunch with a drink.  Children are also welcome to bring additional items, such as leashes, collars, small toys and treats to donate. Please e-mail Julie Barbee if you have any questions.
Connecting with Youth
refuge HEADER
Summer Bible Study: JOHN
Thank you to everyone who assisted in our six-session, Summer Bible Study!
We will continue diving deeper into our faith with our upcoming Wednesday Night Bible Study, which will launch this Fall!

A special thanks to our host homes:
Jeanne Owen
Morgan & Sheri Whitney
Kevin & Denise Baker

Our 2017-2018 Youth Council was elected by popular vote on Sunday, August 6th, by a community of their peers. 

President: Timmy Kelley
Secretary: Emma Royal
Social Media Adviser: Jonah Whitney
Ambassador: Zeke Peyton

Wanted:  Secret Prayer Partners for our Youth 2017-2018
It is our goal to have each of our young people (grades 6-12) matched with a prayer partner for this school year.  All this involves is a commitment to pray regularly for your partner and occasionally to remember him/her with notes and/or small gifts.  Your identity will remain a secret until the end of the year.   Please contact Jeanne Owen for more information or to be matched with a youth.  If you were a prayer partner in 2016-17, please volunteer for a new partner this year.
Pray without ceasing.
--1 Thessalonians 5: 17
"Imagine what your church would be like and the impact you'd have on your community if every small group served and loved the city?"  - from the "Externally Focused Quest"
Mercy's Vessel Updates
Our Missions Committee and several other groups at our church support Mercy's Vessel and the ministry of the Puryears (pictured).  Please click here here if you would like more information about this ministry.  To visit their website and/or to see copies of their newsletters, click here.
Can you write? You can help!
Words can help and heal ..
Do you feel called to bring light and hope to prisoners, but don’t know how to get started? Letters and greeting cards are like Gold to prisoners.  Let us help you get started.
Contact Jean Boren

Serving at South Graham Elementary/C4C
Food for Fridays
Have you heard about our PANDA Pack Program at South Graham Elementary?  Every Friday, we provide weekend food backpacks for students identified at risk for food insecurity.  These children are not sure where their next meal will come from.  Since South Graham's mascot is a panda, we call these packages of kid-friendly food and drink items PANDA Packs.  (See picture at left.)
Click here to read a true story about our PANDA Packs ministry! (First in a series)
C4C.FUMCG@South Graham--making a difference for the kids of our community!
Serving opportunities for small groups & Sunday School classes
Help us host the Exchange Club/SCAN!
Stop Child Abuse Now
The Exchange Club is a national organization that is dedicated to improving conditions for children and preventing child abuse. 
First UMC provides a meeting place for special sessions with youth and parents on Tuesday of each week. We also provide a light snack (chips, crackers, etc. and drinks). Contact Richard to sign up your Life group or Sunday School class to host one of our upcoming sessions! We need your help, and so do these families in need!
""You can give without loving. But you cannot love without giving.”
                                                                                                  - Amy Carmichael
 "We give, not because the church needs it and not because it pays the bills, though both may be true. We give to become more like the giving God who created us in his own image."
Our Faithfulness Sunday, August 6-- Tithes and Offerings :  $11,901.00