Each week UA Crossroads provides a list of upcoming
opportunities to engage the rich diversity of identities and experiences at UA.

If you are interested in having an event included,  please contact the Crossroads office at 348-6930  or  email us at crossroads@ua.edu.

Inclusive Campus Breakfast
Wednesday, November 2
8:30 am
3125 Ferguson Center - Anderson Room

Each month at the breakfast, students, faculty, and staff gather to explore new ideas and hear updates about efforts devoted to making UA more inclusive and welcoming. 

Come join a workgroup or start your own!ext Link

Spaces are limited! Register today! Serve Better Registration Form

Alabama Lectures on Life's Evolution (Allele) Lecture Series:  Joseph Graves - "Biological Determinism in the Age of Genomics"

Thursday, November 10
7:30 pm
North Lawn Auditorium

Dr. Joseph Graves, Jr.'s research concerns the evolutionary genetics of postponed aging and biological concepts of race in humans, with over seventy papers and book chapters published. He has appeared in six documentary films and numerous television interviews on these general topics. He has been a Principal Investigator on grants from the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation.

For more information about this talk, contact Chris Lynn in Evolutionary Studies at 348-4162 or cdlynn@ua.edu

International Spouse Group

Every Tuesday Throughout the Academic Year
9:30 - 11:30 am
105 B.B. Comer Hall

The International Spouse Group is specifically designed to bring together the spouses of international students, faculty, staff and scholars for activities and interaction.

This group is open to the wives or husbands of international students, faculty, staff, as well as American spouses who are interested in making international friendships. We provide support in adjustment and acculturation while living and learning in the U.S.

For any questions or general interest, please visit the ISG page at http://is.ua.edu/programs-activities/international-spouse-group/

Contact Info: International Services, international@ua.edu, 205-348-5402

Students of Color Leadership Summit - Proposal Submissions

All proposals must be submitted by November 30, 2016. 

The Students of Color Leadership Summit will be a one-day conference that allows students, faculty, and staff to unite for educational sessions and dialogue surrounding the topics of leadership and diversity.

Faculty, staff, and graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals for breakout session presentations that will be presented Friday, February 3rd. Each breakout session will have a 30-50-minute window for the presentation. Activities and discussion are encouraged to make an interactive experience for attendees.

Link to proposal form: Program Submission Form

Once form is complete, please email all proposal forms to Gretchen Moore at gtmoore@sa.ua.edu 

Alabama Students Without Borders Presents:  Charlas con Cafe
Every Thursday from 4:00 - 5:00 pm  at the Ferguson Center Starbucks. Drop in for an hour, enjoy a cup of coffee, and practice your Spanish.

The table will be marked with a Latin American Flag.    
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