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Engaging Men Digest - January 2011

Welcome to the January 2011 issue of the SATF's Engaging Men Digest!  Over the last few months our prevention staff has been meeting with and training our Rape Prevention Education grantees, contributing to our annual statewide advocate training, and presenting at a few different conferences. 

A lot has happened since our last digest so this is going to be a big one!  Enjoy!

The News:

- A new blog, The Takeback: Meditations on Masculinity, Politics, and Culture, strives to inspire a dialogue from a pro-feminist and men's liberationist perspective.  They seem to have pulled together an all-star staff of writers and editors and we look forward to following and contributing to the conversation!
tony porter- Tony Porter of A Call to Men was featured at the last TED conference and the video of his presentation is up on the TED website. Check it out here.
- The National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence produced a position paper, Working with Men & Boys to End Domestic Violence (authored by Julia Perilla, PhD).  The paper is a great resource for efforts to engage men in violence prevention and offers insight into the role of history and culture in the perpetration of violence and culturally specific approaches to working with Latino men. 
Latino Alliance Logo

Yale DKE- Two authors take on the misogyny of Yale DKE fraternity men: Michael Kimmel in his article The Men, and Women, of Yale on the Ms. Magazine Blog and Will Neville on the Reproductive Health Reality Check Blog.

- This news is old but new to me at least.  Jewel Woods offers a Black Male Privileges Checklist.  It is a great tool for understanding privilege at the intersections of race and gender.

VoiceMale Fall 2010
- If you haven't seen it yet, here is a link to the Fall 2010 edition of VoiceMale Magazine!


bill patrick- Bill Patrick, a pro-feminist man, has put together Bill's Pro-feminist Blog which offers a lot of great reflections and insights.  Some of my favorite pieces are "But Women Do It Too!" , "Women of the World, Just Relax!" , "Late for the Equality Train" , and "Pro-feminist New Year's Resolutions for Straight Guys".  Check them out!


Webinar Announcements:

Sexual Assault Training InstituteThe Sexual Assault Training Institute of the Oregon Attorney General's Sexual Assault Task Force is proud to announce:

 "Men in the Movement: Risks, Rewards, and Complexities" 

This webinar, featuring Patrick Lemmon (co-founder of Men Can Stop Rape) and Ben Atherton Zeman (Producer and Actor of Voices of Men) will be the first installment of the Engaging Men Webinar Series.  The webinar will take place on Wednesday, February 2 of 2011 at 11am PST.  Mark your calendars!

Registration is not yet open for this webinar but email me ( to make sure you get an announcement when the registration does open!

Stay tuned for future webinars in the series which will address strategies for getting men to the table, what to do with men once you have their attention, and a look at how men got involved in a few specific communities.


"Oregon's Prison Rape Elimination Efforts"
Join Garry Russell as he talks about Oregon's national leadership in implementing the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act.
As the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Coordinator for the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC), Mr. Russell oversees all aspects of ODOC's response to sexual abuse. Mr. Russell oversees ODOC's facility-based Sexual Assault Response Teams, PREA standards implementation, data collection and tracking, documentation completion, and prevention and response protocols in regard to sexual violence. He coordinates statewide SART conference calls and meets regularly with ODOC's Special Investigator Unit staff to ensure that facilities are properly addressing sexual violence. He is also forming alliances with community-based victim services providers, medical professionals, law enforcement personnel, and district attorneys to ensure seamless services for individuals victimized while in custody. Mr. Russell began his work with ODOC in 1996 and worked through the security ranks before being promoted to Lieutenant in 2001.  In 2005, Mr. Russell became a member of one of the nation's first prison-based Sexual Assault Response Teams and served as Sexual Assault Liaison for the Oregon State Penitentiary from 2005 - 2008.  During this time, he was responsible for coordinating the response, reporting, monitoring, and follow-up of incidents of sexual assault that occurred within Oregon's only maximum custody institution.  In 2008, Mr. Russell lead Oregon's efforts to make ODOC an 'early adopter' of the national standards to prevent, detect, respond to, and monitor sexual abuse behind bars.

Date: Thursday January 13, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30PM PST
Click HERE to register now!

Featured Activist


Rachel Griffin


Dr. Rachel Griffin


Dr. Rachel Griffin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech Communication at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. As a critical intercultural scholar, her research interests span intercultural communication, critical race theory, Black feminist thought, popular culture, and her longstanding passion: gender violence activism. Long before Rachel became an academic, she served as an advocate and she continues to speak all over the country to mark gender violence as a systemic issue that unnecessarily devastates the lives of everyday people. Recognizing the extreme importance of being involved with local organizations in combination with national advocacy, Rachel supports the local Women's Center in Carbondale, IL by facilitating volunteer training sessions and serving on the Rape Crisis Services Board Committee. 


Dedicated to raising social consciousness, Rachel's research and activist interests speak strongly to notions of power, privilege, and voice, which she has presented at national conferences, keynote addresses, social justice events, and diversity training sessions. Most recently, she delivered a keynote entitled "Remembering the Histories and Resisting Your Privilege: Navigating Consciousness, Agency, and Voice in the Movement Against Gender Violence" at the Men Against Violence conference in Tacoma, WA followed by a joint keynote against gender violence at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh with her partner, Joshua Phillips, the author of 1,800 Miles: Striving to End Sexual Violence, One Step at a Time. From her perspective, the most important request that she makes as a teacher, scholar, and activist is that we pay close attention to the labor of Second Wave feminists such as Audre Lorde and Gloria Anzald´┐Ża who brilliantly marked the complexities of intersectionality, voice, and social justice politics-all of which remain alarmingly relevant today.  

Selected Writings:

"Yes We Can," "Yes We Did," but No We Haven't: Marking a Moment While Remembering Reality" in
Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping

"Placing My Brown Body on the Line: Painful Moments and Powerful Praxis" which is forthcoming in the edited collection Still Searching for Our Mother's Gardens:
Experiences of New Tenure-Track Women of Color at 'Majority' Institutions


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 Prevention Specialist
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