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June 2013 Newsletter



As the 2012-2013 school year has ended for many ESW members (or very close to it for fellow members in quarter system schools), we hope that all of you continue to live ESW's mission and values every day - even on your summer break! 


In this issue, you will find the ESW Nation Team planning survey, the 2014 Annual Conference announcement and 3 current openings on the National Team. In addition, you will find the final results of the LCA+U challenge, this month's featured project, as well as information about 2 upcoming conferences in New York.

To skip around to different sections within this newsletter, simply click on the links on the sidebar under "In This Issue". If there are things you'd like to see or share, please let us know at


Lastly, I'm sad to announce that this will be my last newsletter as the Communications Director on the National Team. I know that Andrew Chung, a recent graduate from RPI and the incoming Communications Director, will do an outstanding job at continuing the newsletters among other responsibilities. So look out for future emails from Andrew!


Warm Regards,


Verena Kwan


Communications Director


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Important Announcements
2013-2014 Planning Survey
The ESW National Team will be meeting for our annual planning retreat in mid-July. Leading up to that, we'd like to get a sense of where you, the members of our network, would like to see us put our resources. Is it in more project efforts? More available funding? Better community connectivity? Something else entirely? 


We've put together this survey to answer all of those questions, trying to balance brevity and useful answers. Thank you in advance for filling out the survey, and for letting us know what matters to you! We'll try to do our best to make those things our priority.

Announcing the 2014 Annual Conference!   ESW 2014 Annual Conference logo
After a few months of getting things in order, we're really quite excited to announce that our next organization-wide conference, in the spring of 2014, will be on April 10th-13th, and will be hosted by Northwestern University! Mark your calendars now - we'll have more information going forward, but I guarantee you'll want to attend. More on the 2014 Annual ESW Conference can be found here 

Join the 2013-2014 National Team! 
ESW is primarily operated via the National Team, a group of (at-the-moment) volunteers who manage day-to-day operations, creation and implementation of new programs, and relations with other organizations. We are currently looking to fill 3 more positions for the 2013-2014 school year: Chapter Relations Coordinator (Western N.A. focus), Development Coordinator (Corporate focus) and Events Coordinator. A full description of these positions may be found here.  
Monthly Features
Final Results of the First LCA+U Challenge
LCA+U Challenge logo
We are pleased to show off the final results of the life-cycle assessment plus universities (LCA+U) projects! The LCA+U challenge was created by our partnership with Sustainable Minds this past school year. We invited ESW students to submit proposals for examining any area on campus, and chose 7 proposals from 6 schools for the challenge. For more about the final presentations of the challenge, click here
UC San Diego's Solar Slider v1
The Solar Slider v1 was researched, designed, and built over the course of 2 years by students from the UC San Diego chapter. The final result was a mobile charging station to primarily act as a recharging station for UC San Diego's Electric Utility Vehicle Fleet, numbering in at about 300 utility vehicles. The Solar Slider v1 is also used to promote solar energy (and ESW) by operating cotton candy machines for students at campus-wide events! For more about this project, including a video of the Solar Slider v1 in action click here
The Solar Slider v1 on display with one of UCSD's Electric Utility Vehicles.
The Solar Slider v1 on display with one of UCSD's Electric Utility Vehicles.


Know a project or alumni you want to see featured? Want to feature your chapter's project? Email!

Upcoming Events
reRoute: Building Youth And Student Power For A New Economy
Our generation is in the process of inheriting a world in unprecedented systemic crisis. Inequality, poverty, oppression in all its forms, climate change, corporate control of our democracy, political gridlock-these are symptoms of interconnected economic, political and ecological system failures that show few signs of correcting themselves. reRoute is a conference held in New York City from July 19-21, 2013 to bring together young leaders who are working to grow a New Economy in their own communities. One of our own 2013-2014 NT members, Brittany Bennett, will be attendance and would love seeing you at this conference! Visit the reRoute website here.

Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace Conference
The ninth annual international Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace (ESJP) conference will be held in Troy, New York, August 14-16, 2013. ESJP invites the participation and contribution proposals on topics related to the intersection of engineering, social justice, and peace. This year's conference theme is "engineering for development," broadly construed. Visit the ESJP website for more information on the conference and how to submit a proposal. We encourage all ESW members in the area to attend!

If you know of any conference and events in your area that you would like to share, please email us at
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