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May 2013 Newsletter



Congratulations to the ESW members who have graduated, or will graduate in the coming weeks! 


In this newsletter, you will find important announcements about the 2013-2014 National Team, a welcome to the newest ESW chapter, ESW at NSDE, and our upcoming webinar this Thursday. In addition, you will find 2 featured projects as well as opportunities geared toward ESW members. 


To skip around to different sections within this newsletter, simply click on the links on the sidebar under "In This Issue". If there are things you'd like to see or share, please let us know at



Warm Regards,


Verena Kwan


Communications Director


  Visit our website View our profile on LinkedIn Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter View our videos on YouTube Visit us on Reddit 
Introducing the 2013-2014 National Team!
Introducing the 2013-2014 National Team!
It is our pleasure to announce the new National Team members (or old members with new positions) for 2013-2014:
Alexander Dale, Executive Director
Chapter Relations:
Brittany Bennett, Chapter Relations Director
Calvin Holic, Chapter Relations Coordinator
Erin Rose Briggs, Chapter Relations Coordinator
Communications & Outreach:
Andrew Chung, Communications Director
Christopher Vega, Outreach Director
Brian Lange, Technology Director
Jordan Crolly, Development Director
Pieter Werner, Development Coordinator
(unsure) Alexandre David, Development Coordinator
Projects & Education:
Rob Best, ProjEd Director
Erin Lennox, Projects Director
Justin Hess, Education Director
Ben Gould, Advisory Board Member


A Warm Welcome to Our Newest ESW Chapter
We would like to welcome our newest chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology, our first chapter in New Jersey!  
members of the new ESW chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology
Members of the new ESW chapter at
Stevens Institute of Technology

The Stevens Chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World was founded by David D'Agostino and Liem Nguyen, who recognized a crucial piece missing in the sustainability-focused clubs on their campus. Their vision to be a part of an organization for students to create sustainability-focused projects and apply the technical theory taught in lecture halls - all in the name of creating a more green minded campus and campus culture - made ESW the missing piece to the puzzle!


The new chapter intends to hit the ground running next semester, focusing their efforts on three initial projects: a community/outreach and education campaign, a sustainable engineering focused lecture series and a green roof construction project working with the school's facility department. ESW-SIT's chapter page can be found here. Click here for the full list of ESW's chapters.  


ESW at the EPA National Sustainable Design Expo

About 2 weeks ago, ESW was represented at the EPA's National Sustainable Design Expo (NSDE) in Washington, D.C. Click here to read more about the experiences of our Executive Director, Alexander Dale, at the event. 

Alex Dale and Alex Devaux representing ESW National at NSDE
Alex Dale (Executive Director) and Alex Devaux (Chapter Relations East Director) representing ESW at NSDE


Upcoming Webinar
Date: Thursday, May 9, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT)

Dr. Ken Thompson
Dr. Ken Thompson is a professor emeritus of plant ecology and biodiversity, and the author of our April discussion book, Do We Need Pandas?. He'll be joining us from England to talk about the book, and have a discussion about how engineering fits with biodiversity.


Part of this conversation will necessarily include what engineers should know about biodiversity and ecology - it's a topic that's critical to environmental sustainability, but rarely crosses paths with engineering. In addition to the controversial thesis of the book, there's an opportunity here to bring these fields a little bit closer.  


Please join us with questions about the book and about biodiversity and ecology in general - particularly how we should allocate a limited amount of resources for preservation, and whether we should focus on species or ecosystems (and which ones!).   


To register for this webinar, click here.   


Featured Projects
Starting with this newsletter, we are bringing back the featured content section. Every month, we will choose one or more chapters, projects, or ESW alumni to feature in our newsletter. 

RPI's Haiti Project

In addition to ESW National, ESW-RPI was also present at the EPA's National Sustainable Design Expo (NSDE). Last year, they were awarded a Phase 1 grant for their  project using shipping containers as daycare and medical facilities in Haiti! The next phase in the ESW-RPI project involves helping the locals in Haiti convert locally-obtained shipping containers into orphanages. Teaching the locals to convert the containers by themselves would not only cut the cost of shipping pre-converted containers from the U.S., but also help keep the project sustainable. 

ESW-RPI representing their project at NSDE
ESW-RPI representing their project at NSDE
University at Buffalo's Re-Built Solar Smoothie Cart 
During Earth Week, ESW-UB chapter unveiled a spruced up, new and improved version of their Solar Smoothie Cart, a PV powered food vending cart from which they sell smoothies and hot chocolate during the winter months. The original cart was built 5 years ago and while the original cart had served the ESW chapter admirably, it was in dire need of a retrofit. A grant from ESW National has enabled ESW-UB to replace nearly all of the components on the cart, resulting in a more mobile, more powerful, and more educational fund-raising tool. More on this project can be found here 
ESW-UB's re-built Solar Smoothie Cart
ESW-UB's re-built Solar Smoothie Cart
Opportunities and Contests
Contest: Local Low-Carbon Solutions
Hosted by Climate CoLab, this contest urges anyone around the world to submit a project proposal answering the question, "What can be done at the local level to address climate change?". The winning proposal is not only innovative, but also addresses the following local-level issues: educating citizens and raising awareness, engaging a community in collective action and identifying business niches. The deadline to submit proposals is May 31 at 11:59 pm EST. More info can be found here.

Opportunities Hub
For more great opportunities, be sure to visit the Opportunities Hub on our webpage! (As a reminder, the Hub is only available to ESW members, so register here to see all more great opportunities!) 

If there is an opportunity you would like to see on the Hub, you can add it yourself or contact our Projects Director Rob Best at
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