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New English Teaching Resources


Conflict/War Poetry Teaching Resources: The Soldier (Rupert Brooke) is an English/English Literature teaching resource consisting of a 38 slide PowerPoint and 9 pages of worksheets.  Resources cover a range of lessons and activities ideal for studying and teaching the poem at KS4/GCSE.  The resources can be used as unique lessons or incorporated into a wider lesson plan or scheme of work on war poetry and conflict.  Conflict/War Poetry Teaching Resources: The Soldier contains a range of detailed and stimulating lessons and activities for students of all abilities including:

-A biography of Brooke
-The historical and social context of the poem
-A clean copy of The Soldier for annotation
-Consolidation of understanding and comprehension task
-Brooke's use of language and imagery
-Structure and poetic techniques
-Modelling the use of PEE when writing an analysis of the poem
-The theme and message of The Soldier
-Links to related Brooke and World War One conflict resources
-38 slide PowerPoint lessons and analysis
-9 pages of worksheets

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