CARU Stews make the Perfect Cooling Treat for your Dog this Summer.  
Want a tasty way to keep your dog cool this summer? Well, here are two great recipes for the perfect cooling treat for your dog that they'll go crazy for .  
The top image is of a CARU Stew Smoothie. Just pour one box of CARU into a blender, add half a box of water and half a box of ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Your dog will love the cool nutritious treat or smoothie dinner.  
The bottom image is of CARU Popsicles. Dollop one box of CARU stews into an ice cube tray. Stick a CARU Soft 'n Tasty Treat Bar into the stew. Place in freezer until frozen and voila you have a CARU popsicle!! 
So not only are CARU stews the Best Tasting Meal (Complete & Balanced for Adult Maintenance) you can serve your dog, they are also a great nutritious cooling treat. 

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Happy Daddy's Day!
Hello, my name is Karu and I am the inspiration behind CARU Pet Food. I'm also our Chief Taste Testing Officer (CTTO).
Happy Daddy's Day to all the Dad's out there. As you can see, I love my Daddas. He's my BD (Best Daddas), okay, he's my only Daddas, but he's still The Best to me. Why is he the best to me, because we do all sorts of cool things together, like cuddles, walks, swimming, playing and visiting pet stores to promote my products. But even without all the fun things we do together I love my Daddas. After-all without him, I would not have learned to come down stairs, walk at heel, 'obey' and all those other things. And to honor him on this Daddy's Day, I've also composed some short lyrics to a couple of versus to the tune of "O Christmas Tree". It goes like this: 

                                                           O Daddas
                                                           O Daddas,
                                                           I hear you when you call me
                                                           O Daddas,
                                                           O Daddas
                                                           Why do you always call me?

                                                           Not only when I'm in the yard
                                                           But also when I'm scratching hard
                                                           O Daddas
                                                           O Daddas
                                                           Unless there's food, don't call me! 

Until next time my friends. Woofs and Tail Wags.  
CARU's Store of the Month
Yarn and Bone Pet Supply Company is located in at Camden, Delaware.  

Yarn & Bone was founded with the principal of high quality products that customers can be assured are safe and healthy for their pets. CARU stews and soft treats fit perfect. CARU Baked Bites and Bars are in our top 10 selling SKU's and everyone at Yarn & Bone know what to recommend when a dog has allergies or is a picky 'treater'. CARU Stews offer a great option as a topper for large dogs or as a complete diet for those picky little furry ones. We're also very excited to try and sell the new Stew proteins and Bone Broth. All around, we love CARU!

Yarn & Bone, thank you for being CARU's Store of the Month.

Yarn & Bone is located at:
129 Rd 4 #1, Camden, DE 19934
Phone: 302-423-8889  
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The winner will be chosen randomly.

Contest Runs until Sunday, June 19, 2016.
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