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The old adage of "Career first and travel later" is fast becoming extinct - and it's about time!
Find out why you should enjoy the care-free life of travel while you can - just like those who had the time of their lives in Spain.
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A new social trend is giving rise to a new generation of young people who want to travel and just enjoy life.

They're single and looking out for their own best interests, the next travel destination, and a good bar to down an ice-cold drink.

Chances are, that's you.


Find out here why you should enjoy it.. read on >



Spain Tour 2012Memories of Spain

It's the best damn pub tour ever to hit Spain, and the legends on Spanish Bar-Mada 2012 absolutely OWNED every single bar we visited.


Spain Tour 2012The drinks were inhaled. The music turned up. The dance floors dominated. And 25 amazing travellers had the time of their lives.


Check out the photos on Facebook.


It's back in 2013 with 5-star hotel accommodation throughout!
Contact us today for details.




Songkran in ThailandAsia Tour Mates Rates


Only 1 month to go for Asia tour Mates Rates! Add the Mad Malaysia tour to Asia Annihilator and you'll get $100 off if you book before December 1st. 
Phuket ThailandJust 11 seats left. 4.5-star resort accommodation throughout with zero early wake-ups and no boring sightseeing. :)
Contact us today details.


Thirsty Swagman Chant
It began 3 weeks ago on Euro Hard'n'Fast tour - travellers Michael (USA) and Matt (Australia) started this epic chant. Thank you guys, you rock!

Thirsty Swagman Chant
Thirsty Swagman Chant
Dow Jones BarWorld Thirst - Down Jones Bar


It's the perfect Spanish bar, placed in the side streets of Barcelona. Dow Jones Bar is a tiny watering hole with one huge concept: the Stock Exchange.


Dow Jones BarTV screens highlight the prices of all the drinks you can buy there, and they fluctuate according to demand - just like the real Stock Exchange.
What to drink: Whatever has crashed on the market

Guzzle your way to World Thirst for more epic watering holes.

Next month, we give you a sneak preview of a new tour to Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Hamburg - ending at one of Europe's best open air concerts. Get ready to rock!

Stay thirsty,
Thirsty Swagman Team
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 Grant Foster UK 


Thirsty Traveller 
This man is a rock 'n' roll legend.

Lead singer of Europe's best AC/DC tribute band Barock, Grant Foster from UK has swapped the cannons and bell-from-hell for a quiet day at the famous tennis courts at Wimbledon.

Grant, for those about to rock we salute you!
Check out Barock at:


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Travel Fact


In China, it is against the law to reincarnate without government permission.



Words from Smash!


I don't drink beer every day. OK yes I do. 



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