March, 2015
Engineered in Sweden, manufactured in the USA, these prescribed solutions customized for you by our doctors and then perfectly fit by our Opticians, can help you to get the most of your days by driving into the night. E-scoop was designed by Frans Oosterhof to work with your current prescription to reduce glare, improve clarity, provide greater contrast and magnify images to create a lens superior to everything in the market.
Conventional Eyewear not strong enough to allow you to do the things you want?
E-scoop custom devices may be for you. 

The optics and principles in these customized glasses allow our doctors to maximize your vision. E-scoop devices were first introduced to Optometrists as a bridge between traditional eyeglasses and low vision devices, such as telescopes and microscopes, to complete daily tasks and goals. This means, for those patients whose vision is not yet considered low vision, the E-scoop system can create an ease of vision no longer felt after updating your traditional eyeglasses prescription. Make an appointment to see the difference of these glasses today!

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