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August 12, 2017
Sack Lunches
Martha Murphy
Foods & Nutrition for 
Limited Resource Families
Phone: 620-232-1930

Save Money on Home-Packed Lunches         Audio     Article 
Lunches provided at school are affordable options. But if your family members choose packed lunches to tote to school or to work, here are some ways to keep the costs down.

Very Berry Blackberry Dump Cake         Recipe

Blackberry Season! Here's a delicious, easy recipe
for blackberries with instructions for baking in the oven or outside with charcoal briquettes.
Sydney Hessong made this for the 4-H Foods contest and I got a taste. I can tell you for sure, whichever way you make it, top it with whipped cream or ice cream and, you'll be lapping the bowl to get every last drop of the sweet berry syrup.   

Chores: Win-Win for Parents and Children
Chuckie Hessong
Adult Development & Aging
Phone: 620-724-8233

Chores are a Win-Win for Parents and Children
It has been said, "Kids today have it so easy! Back in my day, we had to do chores, but kids are handed everything now!" People of all ages and different generations, including kids themselves, have a similar view of children today: They don't earn their keep.
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Barbara Ames

Nutrition, Health & Food Safety
Phone: 620-331-2690

Adult Development & Aging
Phone: 620-724-8233

Kylie Ludwig
Family Resource Management
Phone: 620-784-5337

Martha Murphy
Foods & Nutrition for
Limited Resource Families
Phone: 620-232-1930

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