Enriching Lives
September 9, 2017
New Life for Leftovers
Foods & Nutrition for 
Limited Resource Families
Phone: 620-232-1930
New Life for Leftovers          
Read on for ideas on how to reincarnate yesterday's best, and last night's remainders, and to gain new love for your leftovers.
Pepperoni and Zucchini Casserole        Recipe
It's that time of year when zucchini magically appears on your doorstep. Try this tasty recipe that your family will love!

Parenting Consistently
Chuckie Hessong
Adult Development & Aging
Phone: 620-724-8233

Consistently in Parenting 
The developing brain thrives on repetition. When a baby experiences the same things repeatedly, the pathways of connections in her brain become stronger and more complex.
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Meet the Agents

Barbara Ames

Nutrition, Health & Food Safety
Phone: 620-331-2690

Adult Development & Aging
Phone: 620-724-8233

Kylie Ludwig
Family Resource Management
Phone: 620-784-5337

Martha Murphy
Foods & Nutrition for
Limited Resource Families
Phone: 620-232-1930

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