Happy AEP! Annual Election Period is in full swing! Now is a good time for Enrollment Reminders. This helps us process your applications quickly. As you know, Medicare Enrollments are a subject to strict submission time frames implemented by CMS.

DON'T: Forget to submit ALL pages of the enrollment application. 
For example; we have noticed many Aetna apps coming in without the first page. Aetna requires this page for the submission to be considered a full enrollment.
Double check your submissions!

DO: Check client zip codes for accuracy. 

DON'T: Forget to complete ALL of the required information on the application. For example; UHC apps have come in this year with Agent/Client info missing from the bottom of page 1. Double check your submissions!

DO: Use the Fax Cover Sheet and mark if the submission is NEW or a CHANGE/CORRECTION . This cuts down on duplicate submissions!

DO: Contact us with any questions/issues. 
800-234-9488 or info@garityadvantage.com