Workers will be in Shenandoah this week from Entergy subcontractor firm Osmos. We were not previously notified that the action was starting today.
  • They must be allowed access to your property easement.
  • They are checking all the Shenandoah power poles.
  • They will be accessing the easements in back yards only – there is no need for them to come into homes.
  • They will be identified with company badges.
  • Any questions, contact the City at 281-367-8952.
Workmen will be conducting an assessment on power poles that may include any or all of the following actions
  • digging around the pole to determine integrity of the pole
  • placement of pesticide or wood treatment in or around the hole and pole
  • refilling the hole without any other action
  • installing a probe for further testing of the pole.

Depending on the findings, further action may be needed resulting in a second entry to the property.