Clergy Reflection

Dear people of Epiphany,

As I sit to write, our national energy is again consumed with unfathomable lament. We grieve the deaths of innocent people in Sunderland Springs, Texas, who were doing nothing more than worshiping their God. In the short time that I have served as your spiritual leader, I have addressed the congregation at least three times regarding violence in the public square, and this is the second time a gun was used as the instrument of terror. I do not have any words to convey the depth of hurt, frustration, or disappointment about our national paralysis regarding gun regulation. Yet, I do know that we are not powerless. All of us have the ability to act to help recognize and honor the humanity of every human being. Some of us have the capacity to work on legislation that dismantles the systems that allow for these types of violent tendencies to go unchecked. All of us have the ability to pray. The Bishop of Atlanta, The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, offered some words on Facebook in light of the recent events reminding us that "prayer is not a refuge for cowards. Prayer is where we steel ourselves to partner with God for good."

This month as we prepare to gather for Thanksgiving, as we prepare to offer thanks for the gifts and grace bestowed on us by God, may we also take time to listen to the ways that God would have us to take action with our brothers and sisters. How and where can we as a community put our resources and talents to advocate with others on a national and local level?

As we moved forward, discerning how we will do ministry together, we are called to take time to more fully understand and embrace who we are. In the upcoming weeks we will have our annual meeting, a time for us to gather together and vote or approve new vestry leadership. There are also book groups that will help us think more deeply about the community we are building here at Epiphany. There are also upcoming opportunities to reinvest in the ministries that help make church happen, Altar Guild, Flower Guild, Hospitality, etc. Again, your time, your talent, and your financial resources will enable this community to continue our work of building up the Kingdom of God.

I am honored to be in service with you at this time and know that "all things work together for good   for those who love God, who are called according to God's purpose". -Romans 8:28

I look forward to our continued work together.

Parish Announcements

- Holiday Closings -
We will be closed on Friday, November 10 in observance of Veterans Day and Thursday & Friday, November 23-24 in observance of Thanksgiving.

Annual Parish Meeting
On December 3 at 10:15am we will be having our annual parish meeting. At that time we will affirm the candidates for vestry and/or accept nominations from the floor. We are also requesting a vote to amend the following bi-laws:

FROM:  "The Vestry shall consist of the Rector, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, and twelve (12) other lay persons."

TO: The Vestry shall consist of the Rector, the Senior Warden, the Junior
Warden, and nine (9) other lay persons.

For several years, we have operated with fewer than twelve vestry members.  
An 11-member vestry (9 plus the wardens) is more in line with a church of our size.  

All communicants in good standing are eligible to vote at this meeting.*

The following candidates are being proposed to serve 3 year terms, beginning January 2018:  D'Oniece Dillard, Kathryn Ebert, Kathy Haines, and James Rogers.

The Junior Warden for 2018 will be Caroline Klam

We thank departing vestry members Kathrine Ebert, who filled an uncompleted term, Glenn Greene, Jennifer Walsh and Annie Wright for their faithful service.

*A communicate in good standing has been baptized, confirmed, attended worship at least 3 times within the last year and is known to the treasurer.

Database update
Thanks to everyone who has created an account in Epiphany's new Realm database. Once you have set up your account, you can access Realm by visiting . Through Realm, you can review your contact information, make an online contribution, and add your 2018 pledge. 

If you have not set up a Realm account, but would like to, please contact the parish administrator, Catherine Manhardt, at or  202-347-2635. Catherine can resend your invitation and provide assistance in setting up  your account.

Join us for a book study!
For the season of Advent we will be offering three book studies at different times and places in the hopes that you will find one that works for you. The books we'll be reading are  Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton and  Doing Justice by Dennis Jacobsen.

Wednesdays at 8:15am (Beginning November 29)
Corner Bakery (2111 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA)
Lead by Bea Trapasso Dermer
"Mercy is a door, an opening, an invitation to touch a life, to make a difference. But it is not a destination." In Toxic Charity, Robert Lupton challenges the reader to evaluate personal and organizational motives for helping, and to measure impact in terms of empowerment versus creating dependency. Throughout the book, he raises provocative questions on a range of "typical" church service projects including youth mission trips and urban food pantries.  This book will can offer new considerations as we contemplate Epiphany's role in downtown DC.  

Wednesdays at 12:45pm
Church of the Epiphany
Lead by Rasheen Carbin and Rick Houghton
Join us for lunch and a conversation about this wonderful classic of Christian theology, Life Together "The German Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer lived and died in an era of catastrophic change. He grew up in a Germany that considered itself Christian and was, in his student years, a liberal democracy. By the time he  was ordained Hitler had come to power, worship of the Fuhrer was threatening devotion to Christ, and many suspected Christianity as a Jewish conspiracy. Bonhoeffer was a leader in the Confessing Church, which rejected Naziism and anti-Semitism, and became the head of its theological seminary. That experience forced him to ask 'What is the true Church, and how can we life as the Church in a hostile world?' We will discuss what Bonhoeffer said about his world and how that applies to our world and our situation. Extra copies of the book will be available for any wishing to borrow one."

Welcome Table Toiletries
We are always seeking donations to share with our Welcome Table guests. High in demand  items include soap, shampoo, tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss, hand  wipes, travel size shaving cream, and body lotion. As winter approaches, please do consider donating socks and gloves as well.

While most of the guests are male, there are a number of women who attend as well. Gift cards from CVS can enable specialty items to be purchased.  

If you travel often, our guests also appreciate overnight in-flight kits of pouches that include eye masks and ear plugs.

These toiletry bags are given to our guests monthly, and distribution helpers are often needed and always appreciated.  

For additional questions or information please contact  Susan Weinbeck.

The stewardship team is grateful for your generous pledges. Thus far, we've collected more than $70,000. If you haven't returned your pledge card already, please do so. 
Stewardship Reflection

Giving & Gratitude
by Bea Trapasso Dermer

When I was growing up, our church was always having a fundraiser. Usually it involved a dinner. I remember going with my mom the day before to set up, and the ladies working in the kitchen.  Even today, Armenian churches across the country are known for their food fairs, a way of raising funds, building fellowship through hard work, and sharing our culture - stuffed grape leaves, choereg, lamb shish-kebab, rich rice pilaf, and delectable sweets -  with the wider community.  But events like these become part of a never-ending cycle that generate less revenue over time as families evolve and change.

When I raised my own family, I had a practical approach to our family's giving - a local group, a state group, a national/international group, plus an organization focused on women's health in Armenia.  In general, I steered clear of the $20 contributions that would only pay for the mailing list rental and sought to make a limited number of larger gifts that could leverage policy change

As I became involved with Epiphany, I became acquainted with a new reason to give - gratitude. Gratitude for the gifts I've been given - health, family, friends. Gratitude for the community I've found here.  It's not anonymous staff trying to make the world better - it's people I know and call friends who are trying to make downtown DC just more and more beautiful.  Together, we endeavor to keep the faith and do it right, confront hard questions, love each other, and get renewed each Sunday.  

And there is a very real cost to it all - building maintenance, food, supplies, salaries.  Our dreams for our next chapter will have a price as well. Our pledges of financial support today will set our dreams in motion over the coming months. I truly believe we can make great things happen, and my pledge will grow in 2018. 
I hope you will join me.

As we continue to prepare for 2018, please  prayerfully consider how you may give to Epiphany with donations, time, and/or talent in the upcoming year.
October Rotas

Coffee Hour Hosts

November 12 - Susan Weinbeck
November 19 - Vivian Dandridge - Charles
November 26 -Tonda Rush

Offertory Counters
November 12 - Jennifer Walsh and Vivian Dandridge-Charles
November 19 - Brian Stecker and Rasheen Carbin
November 26 -  Caroline Klam and Kathrine Ebert
Music & The Arts

November 14
Claire Eichorn, clarinet, Vasily Popov, cello, & Hyeweon Gessner, piano, a program of Transcendence & Inspiration - the music of Oliver Messiaen alongside Brahms' Clarinet Trio, Op. 114

November 21
Amy Broadbent,  soprano, and Carter Sligh, countertenor, perform Pergolesi's evergreen setting of the Stabat Mater.

November 28
Beau Soir Trio with Jennifer Ries, viola, David Lonkevich, flute, and Michelle Lundy, harp, performing an eclectic program to include J.S. Bach's Trio Sonata, BWV 1038.

Concerts are held each and every Tuesday at 12:10pm. Admission is free but a donation of $10 is suggested to support the Concert Series.

Support the arts at Epiphany by making a donation online now, or set up a recurring gift.
Learn more about musical events at Epiphany by visiting our  website

Guest Performances
Ensemble da Camera of Washington
Sunday, November 12, 2017 at 3:00pm

Claire Eichhorn, clarinet, Ricardo Cyncynates, violin/viola and Anna Balakerskaia, piano. Along with guest artists Jennifer Kim, violin, Tsuna Sakamoto, viola, Eugena Chang, cello and
Robert Oppelt, bass.

BRAHMS         Scherzo in C minor from the "F-A-E" Sonata
FUCHS             Clarinet Quintet in E-flat Major, Op. 102
SCHUBERT      Piano Quintet in A major, D. 667, "Trout"

The Search for Equality, Justice & Freedom in Song, Poetry & Dance
Sunday, November 19 at 4:30pm

Come lift your spirits and stir your soul in a powerful afternoon of inspiring works that chronicle the multifaceted and ongoing struggle for civil rights in the United States. An eclectic mix of new music, interwoven with poetry and dance, tells the story of voices who fought to be heard:  Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Langston Hughes, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Freedom Riders, the Selma marchers, Harvey Milk, Matthew Shepard and Maya Angelou.  Join the Congressional Chorus and our many guest artists for a multi-sensory experience that celebrates the human spirit and the power of people to rise above oppression. 

Washington, DC Premiere of LIKE DUST I RISE, Mark Hayes' four-movement song cycle based on the poetry of the late poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

In Collaboration with:
Joy of Motion Dance Center
Capitol Movement 
The Alexandria Harmonizers
The Unique Sounds of Love
Chris Urquiaga

Tickets are available   on-line

20% Discount Code for Epiphany Members:  Type the word "Epiphany" into the discount code box to receive a 20% discount - $36 tickets for $29
Happening Around Town

National Geographic Museum:  'Tomb of Christ: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Experience'
Opening November 15
Metropolitan AME Church
1145 17th St NW
Washington, DC 20036

On Nov. 15, 2017, the National Geographic Museum will open a groundbreaking, immersive 3-D exhibition, "Tomb of Christ: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre Experience." The exhibition combines National Geographic's rich storytelling and archaeological expertise with innovative technology to bring this world heritage site to life.

In 2016, National Geographic had the  exclusive opportunity to document the  historic renovation of the tomb of Christ , located in the center of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. 

This groundbreaking visualization data has been animated into an immersive projection experience designed by Orlando-based Falcon's Creative Group, Artistic Entertainment Service and Electrosonic. Detailed imagery, combined with a pair of 3-D glasses, museum visitors will leave Washington, D.C., and be transported to Jerusalem,  where they can virtually walk inside the rotunda in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Tomb of Christ and view newly revealed cave walls that haven't been seen in centuries.
Upcoming Events

Prayer & Pastoral Care

We ask for your Prayers
For all who seek healing in mind, body, spirit or relationship, especially:
Ruth Fletcher-Ferrill, Selma Wise, Bryce Hutt, Cynthia Jackson, John McDermott, Bill Johnson, Susan Sutton, Carroll Pye, Zalira Ayers, Anne Schmidt, Holly Foster, daughter of Barbara Ford-Foster, Jonnie Lee Walker Martin, cousin of Irvin Peterson, Elaine Hollingsworth, sister of James Hollingsworth, Jack, infant son of Blair and Peter, and Check Demella and his family

Prayer List
We invite you to add those on your heart to our prayer list.
We will pray for them aloud on Wednesdays at our 12:10 Healing Service and will add them to the Sunday list. Contact the church office with the name of the person and what we need to know about them.

Pastoral Care
If you or someone you know is in need of prayer or conversation, please contact the church office. We would rather hear from many than miss the opportunity to connect with someone.

Labyrinth entrance Wednesday Silent Prayer
Come and join us for 20 minutes of silent prayer and meditation followed by a short time of prayer for the parish. We will meet in the sanctuary on Wednesdays at 11:30am. All are welcome. To find out more, contact Catriona:

Service in Mission & Ministry
How might you become more involved in the mission and ministry of our parish? There is so much going on at Epiphany and we are so grateful for the contributions you all offer towards making this happen. There are a few areas where we could really use your help! Please have a look at the list below and think where you might feel you could benefit from and contribute to the life of our community. 
The Welcome Table team are looking for more volunteers to help in the kitchen and dining room. Please contact Maria Hunter if you are interested in getting involved in this important aspect of our ministry at Epiphany (

Liturgical Leaders: We are always looking for people to help with the important ministries that make our Sunday worship possible. We welcome new additions to the ranks of greeters, ushers, readers, lay Eucharistic ministers, as well as the flower guild, and altar guild. If you are interested in learning more about any of these roles, please contact Catriona ( ).
If you are interested in learning about one or more of these ministries, you can also complete our Epiphany volunteer poll here.

Epiphany@Metro Center | 202-347-2635 |
1317 G St, NW  |   Washington, DC 20005