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Do your breeches need a pick me up?? Lets get them looking like NEW again!!
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Try Our Recycling Program
          Now 15% off
Package MUST BE Postmarked by October 31 to qualify for the Sale Price!
For those of you that are not familiar with our recycling program, when your fabric wears out (depending on how often & how hard you ride) we will remove your leather seat from your breeches, recondition it, if necessary, and place it on brand new fabric for about 35-40% off the cost of a new pair. Once you recycle the same seat five times Equissentials will give you a BRAND NEW PAIR!! So it absolutely pays to take care of your leather. We strongly recommend the Leather Therapy laundry products to care for your breeches. These fantastic products will help to ensure that your leather lasts many, many years. 
Recycling & Repairs 
Click above to print the form to include with your breeches when you return them to us at:
                          3200 Chestnut Street
                           Oneonta, NY 13820
      Or call us at 800-364-2856 M-Th 9am - 4:30pm


Prices below are for slip-on styles only. 
Additional options are available on all styles at their normal price.
Shipping & Handling charges will vary, based on the number of pairs you return!
Return 4 or more pair for recycling and get FREE SHIPPING!

                 Style:                                    Regular Price                        15% Off
                 Hunt Patch                               $90.00                              $76.50
                 Dressage Patch                        $95.00                              $80.75
                 Half Seat                                  $110.00                            $93.50
                 Full Seat                                  $115.00                            $97.75
                 BootCut Endurance Patch         $120.00                            $102.00
                 BootCut Endurance Seat           $165.00                            $140.25
                 Western Endurance Patch         $145.00                            $123.25
                 Western Endurance Seat          $190.00                            $161.50
                 SaddleSeat Endurance Patch    $145.00                            $123.25
                 SaddleSeat Endurance Seat      $190.00                            $161.50

             **If you are recycling to the Arctic
               Winter Fabric OR Stretch Denim
                                             please add     $35.00                               $29.75


           All Equissentials Breeches are discounted 15%
                      All other brands* are 10% off
*It is not always possible to recycle all brands of leather.
If you would like to recycle leather from breeches other than Equissentials please call us at 800-364-2856 first for more information and a cost estimate.
Shippng & handling charges are NOT included in the above prices
All items will be shipped UPS ground. Expedited shipping is available upon request.