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Patty Curtis won the second September drawing for $500 system credit!
Purchase 5 Regular and 5 Reformer/WOW/PEC classes for only $150! This is a savings of $60! *

Purchase 10 Regular and 10 Reformer/WOW/PEC classes for only $275! This is a savings of $75!  *

Get your specific needs and goals met by our amazing trainers this fall... and get serious about your wellness program!
Purchase 10 Personal Training Sessions at 20% off! **

It's time to get serious about your yoga practice this fall!
Purchase 20 yoga classes for only $160! This is only $8 per class! ***

These specials are available through October 15th!
* All October specials are good for 4 months from date of purchase
** Current system credit can be used for 1/2 of the cost of personal training packages with Diana
*** Pilates/yoga combo classes are included with this yoga class special 
October Schedule Changes/Additions
Starting October 25th...
(after Chakra Workshop Series is over)

NEW ADD: 7:30pm-8:15pm Yoga II w/Diana
NEW ADD: 8:15pm-9:00pm Sound/vibration healing w/meditation, aromatherapy and pranayama
Starting October 13th
NEW ADD: 5:30pm-7:00pm Hot Yoga w/Chelsea**

Starting October 14th
NEW ADD: 10:00am-11:15am TRX w/Drew **
Essence of Yoga
2018 Teacher Training Q+A and Information Session

Tuesday October 24th
6:00-7:30pm at Essence

Please sign up online (it's free) so we know how many to expect.

Ever considered being a yoga teacher?

Want to make amazing, powerful changes in your life to live with passion, less stress, and better health?
Join our 2018 YTT Class!

Graduates will receive their 200 hr YTT certification, and those who already have 200 hr YTT certification will be able to participate in our brand new 300 hr YTT program! Download the 2018 Essence of Yoga brochure. (pdf)

Avocado Chocolate Mint Pudding Smoothie
  • 1 serving chocolate protein powder (I like Ancient Harvest's brand) 
  • 1.5 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 1/3 cup frozen peas
  • 1/3 fresh avocado, or frozen
  • 1 cup steamed/frozen zucchini (easier to digest if lightly steamed first) 
  • 1 1/2 cup nut milk

Blend all ingredients and top with optional fresh mint, blackberries, coconut chips, chia + a little dash of sea salt.
Carrot Sweet Potato Immunity Soup
A wonderful fall soup that'll boost immunity! 

Surrender to your powerful journey that's designed just for you.
As the trees lose their current leaves in the fall to allow for the time to renew, so can we let go of anything that no longer serves us and plan to renew!

Oh how I love the beautiful fall! The colors are stunning, the air is fresh and crisp, the clouds are fluffy and light, and everything is getting ready to let go and begin the process of renewing! I truly do not believe it's a mistake that fall is so stunning. The season of letting go is amazing, as is the personal practice of doing this is as well. I speak often in classes of letting go and how strong and beautiful of a practice it is. When we let go of fears, attachments, unhealthy desires, comparisons to others, and judgements, we become free– free to allow new, beautiful, joyful experiences and people to come into our space and journey. It's is so very exhilarating and vibration raising! The trees could not grow new, fresh, beautiful leaves if they did not let go of the ones from this year. Just as we see by their stunning colors, it is amazing! 

With this process, there is often fear and insecurity of not knowing what is to come if we do let go of what no longer serves us: fear of hard work, fear of what others will think, fear of losing people in our lives, or even fear of not knowing ourselves as we have always been. But here's the thing... if we are not living with joy, we are not living our truest life... the one meant exactly for us that allows us to fulfill our callings. 

How do we know that we are living our callings? When we are working on something... working hard... but it is just so exciting that we don't want to stop because we just can't wait for the outcome or to see what is produced... that's how we know! We work but it does not feel like work. We are so joyful at time there are no words, but when we are tired we are not bitter about it. We want to take care of ourselves, our body, mind, and spirit, because we want to be strong and healthy to keep going with our passion! When we let go of anything that does not bring us joy, we make space and then have energy for all that does! We do not need to evaluate this. If we spend time thinking deeply about what does not serve us, we give these things more power/energy because what we think about we give energy to. Instead, to bring joyous things to our lives we need to think about them with loving, joyous thoughts and always remember that our thoughts create reality!

Let go. Renew. Surrender to your powerful journey that's designed just for you. Allow joy to fill your life!

Wishing you a peaceful, amazing fall and I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon. 

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See their full menu at Please bring cash or check to pay for these.
Here are 3 sites with products that Diana uses daily!

doTerra Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils

Usana Health Sciences
Workout from the comfort of home when you

We now have over 15 classes available You can subscribe to watch them all or purchase them individually. 
Download this Pilates/Yoga Combo Class and take it anywhere on the go! 

A half hour of Pilates mat work followed by a 1/2 hour of yoga. This class uses a foam roller, mat, ball and fitness circle... but they are not mandatory. It is for all levels of abilities.

Shorter videos on stretching and more very soon will be available to purchase!
Click here for all the details!
Reminder! Keep your Valuables Safe.

Please consider keeping valuables and things you do not need in your trunk or at home when coming to the studio. We have great cubby spaces for shoes and coats but to have more space, we recommend keeping valuables and anything you don't need in your trunk or at home. Due to space and safety concerns, we cannot have extra belongings in the rooms while classes are going on. Although we take pride in our amazing community and studio, Essence is not responsible for lost or stolen items, and we are hoping to help you prevent any issues while also keeping the studio safe and spacious for everyone.

Lost & Found!

We have a small lost and found in the cubby area that is starting to overflow... please check when you're in again to be sure nothing is yours. 

Studio Policy

No recordings, photos, or copying of classes, workshops, or private sessions without written permission from the owner. Please leave all cellular devices on silent/off and in cabinets during sessions/classes. Thank you. Namaste.
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