Essential Elements

By definition, an element is a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic. In the context of design, the selection of elements within your space are defining factors of your immediate environment.
We would love to take this issue of our our newsletter to share with you some of the essential elements that we would find it difficult to live in a world without....dramatic? We think not.

Featured Element: The SILO Light

Available in both classic Bianco Carrara and in the warm dark tones of Pietra d'Avola, the SILO light fixture gives off a beautifully soft and seductive light. It can be configured either as a single lamp or as a cluster, or, for a real showstopper, it comes as a chandelier composed of 26 separate lamps.

Artistic Tile

Featured Element: Dune Limestone

Intricately carved, evoking windswept desert sands, Dune combines the latest technology in natural stone surfaces with Italian artistry and hand finishing. Light plays upon the carved and ridged surface creating dramatic architecture across the wall.

Featured Element: White Birch Poles

When in doubt...use Barkhouse. From reclaimed full logs to shingles this wide variety of organic product can be used for both interior as well as exterior applications. 

Featured Element: Reclaimed Timber

Regardless of how you want to live, what ambiance you are planning, homey or with strong design features, a residence in the country or a loft in the city - natural wood always adds atmosphere. From floors, walls interiors, and exteriors Arrigoni has you covered.


Featured Element: Sustainable Soft Wood

We are thrilled with the launch of Kebony, one of our newest products. Developed in Norway, Kebony is an enhanced sustainable soft wood giving it the characteristics of hardwood. It is sustainable, durable and requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning.

Featured Element: Fusion Granite Slab

It is simply mesmerizing how something as intricate and vibrant as this fusion slab can be harvested from the earth. Here at Earth Elements we take full advantage of this naturally occurring material and see it used in limitless applications.

Native Trails

Featured Element: Recycled Copper Sink 

Farmhouse 30 is an artisan crafted apron front kitchen sink, forged of high-quality recycled copper. Copper has been used for centuries in kitchens and baths throughout the world; Farmhouse 30 brings modern functionality to a classic material.


Featured Elements: Copper & Stone

The ELEMENTS collection from Watermark boasts and impressive selection composed of 14 cover materials, 24 metal finishes that collectively add up to over 380,000 custom possibilities. 
Team Spotlight

Featured Element: GLOPHS 

We would like to wrap up our list with what we would consider our most essential element: the members of our team. Featured in this image are the "Gorgeous Ladies of Plumbing and Hardware". If you are in the market for anything from the perfect porcelain potty to the tiniest tub, we are your go to gals! To view this image and many more follow us on instagram!

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