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For each quarterly newsletter, a member of our staff will share a recent trip, experience, restaurant, movie, etc., that provided them with some much needed Rest and Relaxation. We hope that this column gives you something enjoyable to read in addition to our extremely important, yet sometimes not always "fun", Estate Planning News. 

A Little R&R in Chicago   


Tina and I recently took a trip to Chicago for a little Rest and Relaxation. In addition to all of the shopping on Michigan Ave. and, of course, fine restaurants, we had an especially great time at EATALY on Ohio Ave. EATALY is a high-end food store seemingly wrapped around a number of fabulous eating venues. The only other EATALY in the United States is located in Manhattan, New York. One of the store's partners in the United States is Mario Batali. The fare is strictly Italian and it is a wonderful experience.   The store has a number of Italian markets, including a meat market, fish market, bakery, wine shop, coffee bar, and, of course, a number of different eateries that offer great alternatives for lunch or dinner in Chicago.  We have recommended EATALY to a number of our friends and all have enjoyed their visit. 



We also signed up for a tour of Chicago with two gangsters on the Untouchables Tour - Chicago's Original Gangster Tour. Our tour guides (gangsters) were dressed accordingly and were fun and "dramatic" in explaining the gangland history of the Windy City. The tour lasted about two hours and the gangsters provided a lot of interesting facts and history, of Chicago as well as, fun humor. The tour bus travels through Chicago's South Side and into various neighborhoods that were the frequented by the likes of Al Capone, Bugs Moran and John Dillinger. We highly recommend the Untouchables Tour to anyone spending time in Chicago and want to learn about its history, especially during Prohibition.





R&R by: William K. Root

  Dear Friend of Resch and Root,

Welcome to our April eNewsletter. With the school year quickly coming to a close, some of us are preparing to send a child off to college or a trade school. In preparation for this transition, we recommend our clients to have the proper documents in place, a financial and health care powers of attorney, once their child turns 18 years old. While these documents are of importance to every young adult, they are especially so for young adults with special needs. Here at Resch and Root we have created a Education Power of Attorney for children with special needs once they reach the age of 18. In this issue, we will discuss the importance of having your young adult sign this document. 

Please take a look at our upcoming events below and join us if you can!
As always, feel free to share with us any ideas you may have on upcoming eNewsletter issues or questions regarding topics that were discussed.
F. David Resch  
William K. Root
The Education Power of Attorney:
Another Step Towards Independence


When children reach the age of 18, they are legally considered to be adults and in charge of their own decisions.

We encourage all of our clients to have their children sign financial and health care powers of attorney when they turn 18 in order to allow their parents to continue to be their advocates and provide assistance to them with their financial and health care needs. 


These issues are magnified when the young adult also has special needs that make it more difficult for him or her to navigate the "real world" unaided.  We have found that adult children with disabilities may need additional support when it comes to completing applications for employment, making sense of their educational rights and responsibilities, and completing applications for acceptance to post high school education programs at trade schools and colleges.  The Education Power of Attorney provides parents with the authorization necessary to assist their young adult with special needs.


As our children strive for independence, this power of attorney can relieve them from potentially stressful and frustrating activities such as filling out forms, speaking at IEP meetings, or standing in a real or "virtual" line to register for classes.  Parents can explain to their adult child that this power of attorney will give them the legal authority to continue to assist him or her as they always have and allow the child to pursue his or her own chosen educational opportunities and focus on education.


We look forward to the opportunity to be of further assistance to our special needs families as they their children grow into adulthood and strive to reach their own identity and independence.  Please contact our office to make an appointment to add this special power of attorney to your estate planning portfolio. 


Upcoming Events


April 29 - 6:00pm: Food for Good Thought: Providing Customized Employment Services to Individuals with Autism.

Location: 152 E. Olentangy Street, Powell, 43065

We are excited to partner with Food for Good Thought on an Open House event at their NEW location in Powell. Sarah Duplessis, Program Manager, with Food for Good Thought will be discussing the employment opportunities they offer to individuals with autism, along with their summer programs. T his is a great opportunity to learn more about the wide variety of services offered and take a tour of their facility. There is no cost to attend, light snacks and refreshments will be served along with yummy gluten free bakery items. RSVP's are encouraged, please email Meghan Weaver at

May 6 - 6:30pm: Guardianship, Transitioning and Special Needs Planning - What Parents Need to Know, Presented By: Dublin City Schools Parent Mentors


Location: Dublin Community Rec Center

 5600 Post Road, Dublin, 43017




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