Maynard Evans High School Community Brief
Monday, September 4, 2023
Evans Community Member,

As we begin a new month of learning and development, I want to emphasize to students and parents the importance of being an active member of our school community.

At Evans High School, we believe in fostering a sense of belonging in which all students feel accepted, supported, and valuable. We encourage students to reach out to their classmates, participate in extracurricular activities, and develop lifelong friendships. Remember that we are stronger together!

I would also like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to our football team for their outstanding performance in the season's first two games. Their PRIDE, DETERMINATION, and PERSEVERANCE exemplify the three pillars of success of our school. Let's continue to encourage and support them in their pursuit of victory!

As the end of the first quarter approaches, I would like to remind you of the importance of attending class on time and submitting your assignments promptly. It is imperative that you remain on track and turn in all your work, as grades for progress reports will be due shortly. By remaining proactive and organized, you can reduce unnecessary stress and focus on your academic success.

In addition, I would like to inform you that Labor Day will be observed on September 4. It is a significant holiday that originated in the late nineteenth century, when labor activists fought for the establishment of a federal holiday to honor the invaluable contributions of American employees. Take advantage of this day to rest, unwind, and acknowledge the hard work and perseverance required to establish a prosperous nation.

Remember that you are a vital member of Evans High School, and we believe in your ability to achieve excellence. Together, let's make this academic year memorable and prosperous.

In Trojan Pride,

Mrs. Nelson-Warren
Dates to Watch For
Sept. 6: Special event with Congressman Frost regarding US armed forces academy Congressional nominations (must register in advance - story below)
Sept. 8: Varsity Football away vs. Ocoee (Please see full sports calendar below)
Sept. 11: Patriot Day (Anniversary of 9/11/01)
Sept. 12: SAC/PTSA Meeting, 6:00pm
Sept. 15: UCF Downtown Scholars Initiative, Final Application Deadline
Sept. 15: Start of Hispanic Heritage Month
Sept. 25-29: Spanish National Honor Society Spirit Week
Sept. 17: Student Compartir, 1:30-2:30pm
Oct. 11: Teacher Compartir, 1:30-3:00pm
Oct. 12: Drive Thru College Fair, 5:00-8:00pm
Testing Calendar:
Connect with Us
Trojan Teacher of the Year / Support Person of the Year
Mr. Randolph, Teacher of the Year:
Ms. Santiago, Support Person of the Year:
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Let's talk Sense of Belonging at Evans High School
National Hispanic Heritage Month
Spirit Week (Sept. 25-29):
Student Compartir (Sept. 27):
Teacher Compartir (Oct. 11):
Spanish National Honor Society makes a difference at Track Shack Celebration of Running 5K!
Trojans in service to our community:
The Spanish National Honor Society of Evans High School demonstrated its dedication to community service by volunteering at the much-anticipated Track Shack Celebration of Running 5K presented by Advent Health. Under the sweltering August sun, 35 enthusiastic SNHS student members volunteered their time and energy to applaud on thousands of athletes as they raced toward the finish line.

With their contagious positivity, the students inspired and motivated every runner who crossed their path by creating an effervescent atmosphere. They ensured that each participant received the necessary encouragement to overcome any physical or mental obstacles they may have encountered. The Spanish National Honor Society had a significant impact on the running community in Central Florida.

As racers approached the water stations, the Evans High School volunteers were there to provide hydration and encouragement. The students distributed out cups of water while smiling, refreshing and revitalizing the athletes. Their presence exemplified the school community's profound sense of camaraderie.

In addition to demonstrating their commitment to promoting health and fitness, the Spanish National Honor Society demonstrated their enthusiasm for cultural exchange and language acquisition. Students engaged in conversations with participants, offering both English and Spanish words of encouragement. This interaction not only enhanced the experience for the runners, but also provided an opportunity for the volunteers to exercise their language skills in a realistic setting.
The members of the Spanish National Honor Society displayed their school pride and commitment to making a positive impact throughout the event. They exemplified the spirit of unity and sportsmanship by dancing and cheering. Not only were the athletes appreciative of their presence, but so were event organizers and spectators.

We are reminded of the incredible potential of today's students through events such as these. Evans High School students have a promising future, and their impact on the community is evidence of their ability to effect positive change.
Open House at Evans High School
On Monday, August 28, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:15 p.m., Evans High School welcomed students and their families to a highly anticipated open house. Students, parents, and community members attended the event, exceeding expectations.

The open house provided students and their families with an excellent opportunity to become acclimated with the school's faculty, facilities, and programs. As soon as guests entered the building, they were greeted with friendly pleasantries and helpful assistance, which set the tone for a positive and engaging evening.

Visitors were guided through the campus by students, allowing them to examine classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities. These tours were both informative and interactive, with students eager to answer queries and share their experiences.

The open house provided a venue for parents to interact with teachers and administrators, nurturing open lines of communication and strengthening the home-school partnership. Families engaged in meaningful dialogue regarding curriculum, college readiness, and how to best support their child's education.

The attendees left the event with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the forthcoming academic year. The open house at Evans High School proved to be an invaluable opportunity for fostering connections, establishing relationships, and demonstrating the school's dedication to excellence.
College and Career Resource Center
UCF Downtown Scholar Initiative (Application Deadline Sept. 15):
Drive Thru College Fair (Oct. 12) :
Trojans Recognized by the College Board:
Congratulations to Trojans Athanel Brooks, Sanaa Douglas, Riana Garvin, Warren George, Azahri Myrie, Alexis Sapp and Kimberly St. Jean for being recognized by the College Board for their strong performance on College Board Assessments and a high grade point average. 
Rattlers Recruiting Trojans!
Tuesday, August 22, during both A and B lunch, Florida A&M University made a thrilling visit to Evans High School. Mr. Ferrier, the admissions representative, imparted his wisdom and knowledge to our students regarding the college application process, particularly for Florida A&M University and other institutions. We are grateful to Mr. Ferrier for his time and counsel, as his visit provided our students with valuable insights and information that will assist them in pursuing their objectives in higher education.
Thank you Coca-Cola Florida for your continued support!
Coca-Cola Florida has donated over 250 backpacks stuffed with school supplies to Evans High School in an endearing act of generosity. These essentials will be made available within the Trojan market, ensuring that students in need have access to the resources necessary for academic success.

Coca-Cola Florida's partnership with Evans High School Community School is an outstanding example of corporate social responsibility and community involvement. Recognizing the significance of education and the obstacles encountered by some students, Coca-Cola Florida stepped up to provide these essential resources, fostering an environment in which every student can thrive.

The Trojan market, a designated location within the school, will function as the distribution center for these priceless backpacks. Students who require assistance will be able to select a backpack containing all necessary school supplies, empowering them and instilling a sense of preparedness for their academic endeavors.

Not only does this remarkable initiative provide students with the necessary resources, but it also conveys a strong message of concern and support. It demonstrates that Coca-Cola Florida values education and is dedicated to investing in the future of our community's youth.
Evans High School is extremely appreciative of Coca-Cola Florida's tremendous generosity and dedication to the students' welfare. By providing these students with backpacks and school supplies, Coca-Cola Florida has a lasting impact on their lives, allowing them to focus on their studies and achieve their maximum potential.

Coca-Cola Florida and Evans High School Community School are exemplifying the true essence of unity and compassion by working together. Their cooperation inspires others to lend a hand and make a positive difference in the lives of those who are in greatest need. 
Trojan Athletics
Sporting events taking place in the next 2 weeks:
Trojan Varsity Football:
Our team is off to a fantastic start this season! First, they defeated the University Cougars 53-0 in the preseason Kick-Off Classic on August 18th. Then, on Friday, August 25th they had another victory against the Lyman Greyhounds 45-36. And this past Friday night vs. Boone's Braves, our Trojans won once again 19-17! 

Orlando Sentinel "Week 2 football live report: No. 1 Seminole, No. 3 Apopka are winners" - No. 16 Evans 19, No. 15 Boone 17 (final) By Nate Marrero

Excerpts from the Sept. 1 Nate Marrero story:
Senior quarterback Chris Peterson threw and ran for a touchdown and the Trojans (2-0) overcame a three-point deficit early in the fourth quarter to win.

Sophomore running back Li’Darious Pryor had a 14-yard touchdown run for the Trojans’ other score.

Evans goes on the road to face the Ocoee Knights (1-1) next week while Boone (1-1) hosts Winter Park.

“Kids don’t have to get up for that game because that’s a rivalry game for us,“ Evans coach Karlos Odum said. “A lot of those kids went to middle school together so they know each other. They’ll be ready to play.”
Girls Varsity Volleyball:
The Evans High School Trojan Girls Volleyball team is a mighty force deserving of all praise and support! Supporting the Trojan Girls Volleyball team is about being a part of something greater and witnessing the apex of athleticism and teamwork, not just viewing a game. Mark your calendars, fellow students, because you won't want to miss a single game and the chance to applaud our exceptional Trojan Girls Volleyball team! Let's show up in full force, sporting our school colors and bearing the team-deserving thunderous vigor. Let's create an environment where they can sense our support and know we're behind them every step of the way. Cheer on the Trojans!
Ticket Information:
Tickets to all athletic events can be purchased in advance through GoFan ( and searching for Maynard Evans High School or through the QR Code below:
Now Available: FAMILY-ALL Sport PASS for $100 and the Evans HS (Student) All Season PASS $35.00. Passes are good for Junior Varsity & Varsity games from August 02, 2023 - May 29, 2024
Extended Tutoring for Athletes:
Required Extended Tutoring is still occurring for those currently in season who received a D /or F on their quarter 1 report card. Evans is committed to pushing our athletes to excel on and off the court. Those required to attend must do so from 2:40- 3:30 with the individual teacher or in the cafeteria Tuesdays and Thursdays until the next grade report is submitted. Tutoring time must be logged in. 

Once students complete tutoring at 3:30 they can attend practice/ games. If they do not, they risk being pulled off the field/ court.
Interested in Sports?
Are you interested in participating in sports at Evans High School? Please contact our Athletic Director, Mr. Greg Thompson at or our Assistant Athletic Director at for information.
Athletic Clearance:
Senior Information: Class of 2024
Student Services
Student Assistance and Family Empowerment Program (SAFE)
Are you in need of resources or extra support? Check out the OCPS Community Connect link today: 
SAC/PTSA Meeting
Come out on Tuesday, September 12 at 6:00pm!!
According to a study conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), the academic performance of students whose parents attend PTSA meetings has improved significantly. Compared to pupils whose parents did not attend PTSA meetings, this group's average GPA increased by 0.5 points, according to the study. In addition, they had a higher rate of attendance and were more likely to graduate on schedule. These statistics emphasize the impact of parental participation in PTSA meetings on student achievement and educational success as a whole.
Family Engagement
At Evans High School, we want to make sure that parents and school staff are working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. Below is some information provided by our Parent Engagement liaison and all the services she assists with:
Weekly Superintendent's Message:
This week Superintendent Dr. Vazquez discusses some of the trending topics on Thought Exchange which include salaries, cell phone policy, and A/C issues. You can still submit a thought on Thought Exchange by clicking here.
OCPS Alumni Ambassadors:
Hi OCPS Alumni Members,
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The first 100 tickets sold will receive an OCPS Alumni Network and Orlando City Soccer Club Commemorative Scarf.
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Florida flag
Pride. Determination. Perseverance.
Mrs. Nelson Warren, Principal
Evans High School
Sunday, September 3, 2023
Evans High School Leadership Team
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