As we end Principals Month, it is important to recognize and respect the great leaders who shape the world of education. Principal Kenya Nelson-Warren at Evans High School is a great example of a leader in education who goes the extra mile for her students. 
Maynard Evans High School Community Brief
Monday, October 30, 2023
Evans Community Member,

Congratulations to more than 400 students who made the A/B Honor Roll this term. Your dedication to doing well in school, hard work, and persistence are truly amazing. As proof of how determined you are, your accomplishments serve as a reminder of how important it is to set high goals and work hard to reach them. Good job!
Students who earned A’s and B’s during the 1st nine weeks were rewarded with ice cream sandwiches during lunches on Thursday, October 26, 2023. 
I'm also happy to share that 156 students have earned straight A's for the 1st nine weeks. Congratulations on this amazing success! It shows how truly dedicated you are to your studies. Your commitment to learning and the search for information is an inspiration to your peers, and I'm so proud of all you've done. Do not stop the great work!
Students who earned straight A’s during the 1st nine weeks were rewarded with soft serve ice cream during 7th period on Thursday, October 26, 2023. 
Our Coffee, Cocoa & Convo will take place November 1st. Parents come out and get the support you need to make sure your child has a successful school year. Another great event that will take place this week is our Marching Band taking part in the Music Performance Assessments (MPAs). This will be a great chance for our skilled musicians to show off their skills and love of music. I want everyone to come out and cheer on our Green Machine Marching Band as they do their best. Being there and supporting them really means a lot to our band members. 
Evans High School theater department will be putting on "The Crucible," Arthur Miller's timeless classic. It is truly amazing to see how hard our students work and how talented so mark your calendars and get your tickets right away. You won't want to miss this theater event that promises to be memorable.
Over the next few weeks, our Student Services Guidance Counselors will be meeting with each grade level. These meetings will talk about important things like keeping on track with schoolwork, meeting graduation requirements, and making sure every student has the tools they need to succeed. We have dedicated counselors who are here to help and support you as you go through school, so please utilize this important resource.

Once again, I want to say how much I appreciate all of your help and commitment to our school. Evans High School does well because our students, parents, teachers, and staff work together, are strong, and are determined. We can do great things together and will continue to create an environment where every student can thrive and reach their goals.

In Trojan Pride,

Mrs. Nelson-Warren
Dates to Watch For
Oct. 30: Manicure Monday 2:25pm
Nov. 1: Coffee, Cocoa & Convo (Meet with your student's teachers), 5:45pm - 7:00pm
Nov. 1: Chick-fil-A and other scholarship deadlines run throughout November
Nov. 2: Testing - ACT-NCR 
Nov. 2,3,4: Evans Theatre production of "The Crucible"
Nov. 3: Varsity Football at home vs. Lake Nona
Nov. 6: "Game Day" Friday on the side patio
Nov. 8: Green Machine MPA (Boone High School), 3:00pm
Nov. 9: Trojan Band Fall Concert
Nov. 14: SAC meeting, 6:00pm (School Advisory Council - Community invited)
Nov. 16: Valencia College - HBCU Scholarship Night
November Testing Calendar:
Connect with Us
Extended Tutoring
After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Green Machine Marching Band
2023-2024 Music Performance Assessment (Saturday, Nov. 8)
The Florida Bandmasters Association District 8 Marching Music Performance Assessment (MPA) will be held on Saturday, November 4 at Boone High School. The MPA is a performance evaluation where students are adjudicated by state certified judges on their musicianship, marching/maneuvering, general effect, and auxiliary components. The Green Machine will perform at 3:00 pm and the entry fee is $12. Our students are working very hard to prepare for this event and we would love to see you there!
Upcoming Performances
Nov 9: Trojan Band Fall Concert
Nov 17: Florida Classic Battle of the Bands
Nov 25: Orlando Fusion Fest
Dec 6-7: Evans High School Prism Concert
Dec 9: Tampa Bay Tech Battle of the Bands
Dec 19: Trojan Band Winter Concert
Thank you for your continuous love and support of the Trojan Band program, the fine arts, and most of all our students!
Thank you to our Amazing Principal!
Principals Month is a great time to recognize Principal Kenya Nelson-Warren's great leadership at Evans High School. Her commitment to the safety, well-being, and academic success of her students has set a great example for school leaders across the country. She works hard all the time to improve school data, boost student morale, and make the school a place where every student can do well. Everyone is inspired by Principal Nelson-Warren's dedication and desire, and she will continue to definitely have an effect on the futures of those she comes in contact with. 
A Heartfelt Message from Evans Building Lead Administrators:
A Powerhouse Principal is who she is; Mrs. Kenya Nelson-Warren! She’s almost like New York City, a city that never sleeps. She works tirelessly to ensure that students receive the instruction they need and staff are set with the necessary tools and support for effective teaching. We appreciate everything she does on the front line, behind the scenes as well as the unseen.
~ Dr. Brown
As a new administrator, it has been a blessing to have a leader that is supportive and patient. Someone who builds us up professionally but also personally. They say heavy is the head that carries the crown, but Mrs. Nelson Warren handles her position with passion and grace. I am proud to learn under her leadership. 
~ Ms. Diaz
Mrs. Nelson- Warren is the epitome of a steadfast leader and forever learner. She regularly demonstrates her leadership through her commitment to learning and improving practices that will enhance the quality of education for our students. Mrs. Nelson-Warren strives to be the best version of herself and looks for her team to do the same. She speaks and acts with confidence and continually displays a disposition that all students CAN and WILL learn. I am grateful for being a part of this team and in my short time at Evans, Mrs. Nelson-Warren has made a great impression on advancing my leadership skills.
~ Dr. Duroseau
As principal, your leadership provides an environment for all teachers and students to persevere in the face of challenges. Thank you for setting high expectations and modeling Pride, Determination, and Perseverance on a daily basis.
~ Ms. Scheid
In her voyage, Mrs. Nelson-Warren has demonstrated unmatched diligence and perseverance, making her an extraordinary leader. I have watched her extraordinary development and metamorphosis into the formidable leader she currently is, having known her since her days as an English teacher. Unmatched in her capacity to advance a positive and supportive learning environment, she is genuinely motivated by a dedication to the success and welfare of her students. Her influence on Evans High School is incalculable; Ms. Nelson-Warren is genuinely remarkable.
~ Mr. Truitt
Everyday, I am reminded of the invaluable role Mrs. Nelson-Warren plays in shaping our school. She creates an environment where students and staff can succeed. Working alongside her has been such an enriching experience. She is guiding Evans High School toward becoming a top school by using the skills and viewpoints of her administrative team. This way of working together ensures Evans High School is always changing to meet the needs of its students.
~ Dr. Reyes
Trojan Talk: Let's Talk Principal Nelson-Warren
Terrific Trojans, We See You!
Evans High School just launched the Terrific Trojans Position Behavior Initiative, a program designed to honor and recognize students for their good behavior, academic success, and deeds of kindness. The program has been a huge success, motivating students to pursue excellence and creating a pleasant school climate.

Trojans can earn positive points from instructors, classified employees, tutors, administrators, and other staff members under the initiative by demonstrating good academic progress, consistent attendance, model behavior, enthusiastic participation, active tutoring, as well as deeds of kindness and support for their fellow Trojans. Level 2 to level 4 infractions, including tardiness can result in the loss of points. Students will be held accountable for understanding the significance of abiding by the school's standards and code of conduct thanks to this accountability.
The Quarter 1 Terrific Trojan PBS Recognition event took place on October 17 and 18, during A and B lunch in the school courtyard. The event was an opportunity for recognizing and honoring students who exhibited outstanding conduct and made valuable contributions to the school. 368 students from grades 9 through 12 participated in the first quarter's Fantastic Trojan PBS Recognitions, making up more than 15% of the school body. This incredible attendance demonstrates how well-liked and successful the program is in inspiring our students to live moral lives. 

These exceptional achievements came with a wide range of incentives, from Crocs shoes and Croc Charms to $25 gift cards, portable phone chargers with the Evans Trojan emblem, and a variety of snacks like Gatorade, chips, and candies. These awards provide students with concrete motivation to consistently pursue excellence in addition to fostering a sense of pride. To inspire students for the next quarter and give them a fresh start, all points gained as the first quarter draws to an end will reset. Over the course of the academic year, the Terrific Trojans Positive Behavior Initiative intends to keep recognizing and rewarding students for their positive actions by showcasing their accomplishments.
Birthday Celebrations for Faculty & Staff
Principal Nelson-Warren and Building Lead Administrators are delighted to announce the launch of a new birthday celebration program at Evans High School. Starting this school year, at the end of each month, the faculty and staff members who have their birthdays during that month will be honored and recognized. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing staff for their hard work and dedication. Birthdays are unique events, and we think that honoring each and every one of them with a celebration is appropriate. 

Dr. Duroseau will be spearheading the birthday celebrations by organizing and notifying everyone whose birthday falls within that month via email. She has been doing a fantastic job planning these festivities and making sure that on their special day, everyone feels appreciated and respected. With this new initiative, we wish to strengthen the bonds of joy and camaraderie throughout our faculty and staff. Birthdays are just one of many milestones that we should honor and celebrate with one another. Our students benefit much from your dedication and hard work, and we want to express our gratitude in a meaningful way.

Therefore, in the month of your birthday, be sure to watch for Dr. Duroseau’s email. Together, let's make these events unforgettable and keep Evans High School a happy and encouraging place to be.
The Teacher "Compartir" by the Spanish National Honor Society
"Teacher Compartir," an event put on by the Spanish National Honor Society on a lively afternoon, was meant to teach and entertain the teachers and staff about popular music styles from Latin America and the Caribbean. Members of the Spanish National Honor Society showed off their knowledge by giving a full rundown of well-known types of music like salsa, cumbia, bachata, and merengue. It was fascinating for faculty and staff to learn about the background of these music styles and how they got their start in the African diaspora. Without a question, the best part of the event was the performances by the talented students, whose soulful voices and captivating dance moves wowed the crowd. The student performers' excitement and energy were contagious, and the teachers and staff were amazed by how talented they were.

No cultural event is complete without tasting traditional foods, and the Spanish National Honor Society with the donation of some faculty members made sure that everyone who came got to taste real Hispanic food. The delicious smells of roasted pork, grilled chicken, different types of rice, chips and salsa filled the air, making everyone want to eat something delicious.

A strong connection has been made between the Spanish National Honor Society and the Evans High School community thanks to the success of the "Teacher Compartir" event. Faculty and staff were deeply affected by what they learned about types of music they may not have known before. This event showed how cultural education can help bring people together and help them understand each other better.
Trojan Game Day
On Friday, October 20th, the much-anticipated game day arrived, and students were eager to get competitive as they played famous games like checkers, uno, and connect four. Students could compete with each other by playing these timeless works, which promoted healthy competition and taught students to think strategically. As students showed off their skills and got to associate their peers, the side patio was full of cheers, laughter, and friendly chatter.

The side patio was perfect for this fun event, because it had plenty of room for students to meet and play the games. The lively energy and excitement could be felt, making the space feel warm and friendly for everyone. No matter how experienced or new to games the students were, they were all able to join in and enjoy the fun of friendly competition.
Dream Big, Aim High Fall 2023 Scholarship and College Readiness Workshop by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Dream Big, Aim High Fall 2023 scholarship and college readiness workshop at Evans High School gave students useful information and tools to help them reach their goals of going to college. Since its founding 110 years ago, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has been giving young women across the country strength and hope. The event gave students the tools they needed to take care of their futures by teaching them about the Delta Sigma Theta scholarship program and helping them with their college applications. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority continues to make a lasting effect on young minds by teaching them the values of hard work in school and helping others. This sets them up for success and personal growth. 
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Agriculture Students go to a Farm Bureau Dinner to Celebrate Agriculture 
Florida is known for its thriving tourism business, but agriculture is also a major economic driver in the state. The Farm Bureau Dinner gave students a chance to learn more outside of school and see how what they were learning in agriculture could be used in real life. The goal was to bring attention to how important agriculture is to our state and how it helps Florida's economy. 

The Farm Bureau Dinner was a great chance for our young Trojan farmers to hear from important people like the Mayor, members of the School Board, the School Superintendent, the Deputy Superintendent, and even the Florida Agriculture Commissioner. Students at this important event learned from well-known speakers who talked about how much they appreciated and understood the farming sector. It was very informative to hear from lawmakers about the important role agriculture plays in our state's general health and the money it brings in.
Performing Arts
A Night of Spirituals: Park Lake Presbyterian Church's High School Choir Shines
On October 19 at 7PM, Park Lake Presbyterian Church hosted an evening of spirituals. The show had well-known groups from different schools like Evans, Jones, and Edgewater High School. Edith Wright, Evans High School's respected and passionate choir director, made this event possible. As proof of how good the music is, the Evans High School concert choir stole the show with their mesmerizing performance. From the first note, the crowd was mesmerized by how well their voices worked together and how heartfelt their performance was. 

Ms. Wright has been a strong backer of this event every year for a long time. Her hard work and desire to promote music education have been very important to the success of this event and the progress of many students who want to become artists. As a sign of how far she had come, the ceremony began with a touching speech from the church's leader thanking her for all she had done.

In addition to Evans High School's great performance, this event brought together choirs from different schools, which made the singers feel like they were all in it together. The Jones High School performance choir, the Edgewater High School chamber choir, and other choirs showed off their skills, making the room magical with the power and beauty of spiritual music.
A Captivating Evening Filled with Beautiful Melodies: The Orchestra Concert
Music lovers were given an unforgettable experience in the form of an orchestral performance on the evening of October 24, 2023. This enchanting concert featured the combined efforts of the orchestras from Colonial and Oak Ridge High Schools, as well as those of our very own gifted Trojan musicians, and it was a sight to behold. Together, they were able to pull off a mesmerizing performance that left the audience in a state of amazement.

One of the most impressive pieces performed that evening was titled "Waltz of the Wicked," and it was written by a colleague of Mr. Quezada, our highly regarded orchestra conductor. It was definitely one of the evening's highlights. The extraordinary talent and commitment of the young musicians on stage was displayed through the performance of this eerie and breathtaking tune. The incredible level of detail in both the technical execution and the emotional depth that was revealed throughout the performance was a highlight for sure.

The performance by the orchestra was a good reminder of the transformational effect that music can have. Not only did it bring together young brains from different schools, but it also whisked the audience away to a world where feelings were communicated through a symphony of strings.

These kinds of events give aspiring artists a stage on which to demonstrate their skills and encourage others to seek a career in the music industry. Students, their professors, and everyone else who was involved in cultivating their musical abilities put in a lot of effort, and the concert was a monument to all of their hard work, devotion, and perseverance.
Trojan Dancers Set the stage at the OCPS Arts All-County Series
Our dance department is eager and excited to put our Trojans on the map this year, as they participated in their first ever dance team audition for the OCPS All County Dance. The audition was October 23rd, and 1 student will be chosen to represent Evans in the all-county dance show! Thank you, and congratulations Ms. Baez!!
College and Career Resource Center
Uncover Princeton at the College and Career Resource Center  
Princeton University recently paid a special visit to Evans High School's College and Career Resource Center to help students who are planning to go to college by giving them useful advice and support. The goal of this project was to break down barriers and show that Princeton is not only possible, but also easy to get to and affordable for kids from all walks of life. During their visit, Princeton University representatives handed out informational pamphlets that explained the "Princeton Way," which is a complete guide to the application process and getting financial help. The goal was to make sure that all students knew that Princeton was possible for them.

One important thing that stood out during the visit was Princeton University's dedication to keeping costs low. From 2023 on, most families making up to $100,000 a year will not have to pay anything for school. This includes tuition, room and food. This brave move shows how committed Princeton is to making sure that financial problems don't stop worthy students from getting a world-class education.

Princeton University's trip to Evans High School sent a strong message that all students, no matter what their background is, can go to college. Princeton wants to help first-generation college students and students of color do well in school by giving them individualized help, tools, and information on financial aid.
Giving Future Engineers the Tools They Need at Florida Polytechnic University
Florida Polytechnic University is known for pushing the limits of STEM and engineering education. They recently hosted a STEM Day that Evans High School students will never forget. The purpose of this field trip was to introduce students to cutting-edge technologies, spark their interest in STEM areas, and boost their job prospects.

Florida Polytechnic University, which is also known for its strength in science, technology, engineering, and math, gave students a special chance to see the possibilities in these areas for themselves. The day was full of fun things to do that left the students amazed and motivated, from hands-on workshops to interactive presentations.
Wake Forest College Visits Evans High School: A Way to Achieve Success
Wake Forest College and Evans High School's Career and College Resource Center teamed up to give students the tools they needed to make strong college applications. Students learned a lot about how to write personal statements, show off their extracurricular activities, and talk about their unique skills through workshops, one-on-one sessions, and informational materials.
Reminder of Scholarship Application Deadlines:
Valencia HBCU Night (Nov. 16):
Corrections to the 2024 Best Colleges Rankings (Oct. 27)
U.S. News & World Report has recalculated the numerical ranks of 213 schools due to a code anomaly. (There are Florida schools and HBCUs on the list which had adjustments made to their 2024 rankings.)
Trojan Athletics
Athletic Clearance
Athletic Schedules
Winter Sports
Ticket Information
Tickets to all athletic events can be purchased in advance through GoFan ( and searching for Maynard Evans High School or through the QR Code below:
Now Available: FAMILY-ALL Sport PASS for $100 and the Evans HS (Student) All Season PASS $35.00. Passes are good for Junior Varsity & Varsity games from August 02, 2023 - May 29, 2024
Extended Tutoring for Athletes
Required Extended Tutoring is still occurring for those currently in season who received a D or F on their quarter 1 report card. Evans is committed to pushing our athletes to excel on and off the court. Those required to attend must do so from 2:40- 3:30 with the individual teacher or in the cafeteria Tuesdays and Thursdays until the next grade report is submitted. Tutoring time must be logged in. Once students complete tutoring at 3:30 they can attend practice/ games. If they do not, they risk being pulled off the field/court.
Evans High School Community Hosts a Transformative Event in Partnership with Aetna
Evans High School Community School recently hosted a remarkable event in collaboration with Aetna, a renowned healthcare company. Aetna, recognizing the importance of proper nutrition for academic success, generously donated $115,000 to Second Harvest Food Bank. This donation specifically aimed to provide nourishing produce and food to school communities within the Orange County Public Schools district. Evans High School was one of the fortunate recipients of this program, enabling them to support their students, parents, faculty, and staff with essential groceries through bi-monthly farmers markets.

Evans High School's farmers market takes place during dismissal within the student car pick-up area, ensuring convenient access for all members of the school community. The collaboration between Aetna and the community school has created a unique opportunity for individuals to access fresh and healthy produce that they may otherwise struggle to afford or have limited access to. Research consistently indicates the link between proper nutrition and cognitive development. By providing students with access to healthy food options, Evans High School and Aetna are actively supporting academic success. Nutrient-rich meals fuel students' bodies and minds, empowering them to reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom.
Senior Information: Class of 2024
A way to Personalize the Class of 2024
The senior class and Ms. Green planned an amazing class assembly on October 25th during second and third period. The assembly was called “The Senior Gathering” and it encouraged seniors to select their class color, song, and flower. Giving their senior year a more unique and personalized feel. This event gave seniors an opportunity to get together and commemorate their class, which they really liked. As students selected items to represent their group journey, a spirit of excitement and unity emerged throughout the room.

Using the occasion, Principal Kenya Nelson-Warren spoke to the seniors, reminding them of the message they were given in the first quarter about the Race to the Finish Line. "When you know better, you do better!" she said, emphasizing the need of being on time and actively participating in one's education. Seniors were reminded by Principal Nelson-Warren of their leadership responsibilities within the school. They were urged to lead by example by carrying out their duties and making the required preparations for their senior year of study.

The seniors' passion and camaraderie were on full display during the senior class assembly, which demonstrated their commitment to making their final year at Evans High School unforgettable. The seniors can move forward with confidence, knowing that their principal, faculty, and staff are behind them, dedicated to seeing their goals through.
Senior Portraits
Student Services
SAC/PTSA Meeting
Come out on Tuesday, November 14 at 6:00pm!!
According to a study conducted by the National Education Association (NEA), the academic performance of students whose parents attend PTSA meetings has improved significantly. Compared to pupils whose parents did not attend PTSA meetings, this group's average GPA increased by 0.5 points, according to the study. In addition, they had a higher rate of attendance and were more likely to graduate on schedule. These statistics emphasize the impact of parental participation in PTSA meetings on student achievement and educational success as a whole.
Family Engagement
At Evans High School, we want to make sure that parents and school staff are working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents. Below is some information provided by our Parent Engagement liaison and all the services she assists with:
Weekly Superintendent's Message: Monday, Oct. 23, 2023
On this week's "Mondays with Maria," Dr. Vazquez introduces a new and fun way for students, employees and parents or guardians to ask her a question.
Florida flag
Pride. Determination. Perseverance.
Mrs. Nelson Warren, Principal
Evans High School
Sunday, October 29, 2023
Evans High School Leadership Team
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