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Tesla & ArteZanos Solar Roof Tiles


Tesla's recently announced solar shingles have been making a buzz around the roofing industry, as it is a new technology that has yet to be available here in Florida. ArteZanos tiles on the other hand have already been approved by Miami-Dade County and are a type of Building Integrated Photovoltaic. ArteZanos' Solar T.I.P.V(Tile Integrated Photovoltaic) is reversed engineered to accommodate most solar technology without support racks and penetration to the roof's substrate.

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ArteZanos Presentation of Solar Roofing by ABC Supply.

Beware of insurance scam

Beware! Florida homeowners plagued by free-roof insurance scam

Sunshine state homeowners should be wary, as a recent trend in the northern part of Florida has seen a small number of roofers and attorneys use assignment-of-benefits (AOB) clauses in homeowners' insurance policies to sue insurance companies for more than the actual cost of repair or, in some cases, for non-existent damage.

Shannon Nelson, communications coordinator for the Better Business Bureau's Northeast Florida and Southeast Atlantic region, has stated that “This is an opportunity for insurance companies, state agencies, non-profits and the media to work together to educate Florida consumers about how to properly hire a contractor and what their rights are as a consumer and what their responsibilities are as a homeowner.”

Before you hire a roofing contractor, make sure you research the contractor's track record with the Better Business Bureau and make sure the contractor provides accurate contact information in case there is an issue with their work.

Did you

Did you know

Easter Eggs


The term Easter gets its name from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes the hare and the egg.

Job of the month - Waterfront Property

Although these roofs were previously done to the house being completed, the finished product is much more appealing.

Job of the month

Old Bill says...

Old BillOld Bill saysRainy season is on its way to South Florida.

Rainy season is coming to south Florida, as Ft. Lauderdale is expecting thunderstorms in just the second day of May. As for the first storm of 2017, Tropical cyclone Arlene beat the official June 1 start of hurricane season by more than a month, as the last time a storm formed so early on in the year was in 2003, when tropical storm Ana occurred during the month of April. Luckily, Arlene is forecast to continue moving west over the open Atlantic and dissipate on Friday. Since rain is so rampant in South Florida, one should be wary of debris and call Evans Roofing for a free inspection. In order to be fully prepared for your roof to receive all this upcoming rain, one should take precautionary actions and follow these tips:

• Clean your gutters and downspouts
• Check your roof for any missing, cracked, or loose shingles/tiles.
•Clean the valley for leaves
•Trim trees
•Do maintenance on your flat roof

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