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Ever wondered what it's like to travel without the boring sightseeing? We'll tell you today.


And scroll right down for your free La Tomatina survival guide.

Martina and TiffanyZero Boring Sightseeing


People often ask what it's like to travel on a Thirsty Swagman tour.


There's zero boring sight-seeing after all!


So what will you actually do, and what do you experience on these epic adventures?


JoshHere are some of the legends who've partied with us.


They're the finest rock stars on the planet.


And they all have one thing in common.


Find out here what that is.. read on >



Nordic RockPillage Before You Burn

Mates Rates for Nordic Rock tour ends this Tuesday 30th April.


So if you want to pillage a 200 Euro discount before you embark on this amazing odyssey, be quick.


Thirsty? Contact us today.




La Tomatina FestivalImportant Info on La Tomatina 2013


If you have booked a tour with us that incl. La Tomatina, please read the important changes to this year's event.




Oktoberfest DirndlOktoberfest 3-Night Packages


Some limited 3-night packages (incl. beer tent reservations) are still available for Oktoberfest 2013.


3-star Package

Midweek 1, 24-27 Sept, €695 (<5 seats)

Midweek 2, 1-4 Oct, €695 (<10 seats)


5-star Package

Midweek 2, 1-4 Oct, €995 (<10 seats)


See details of availability here

Contact us today for enquiries.


How to party at a rock bar!
None of this soft boy-band music. This is how you party. Hard.
Highway to Hell at Harleys Bar in Prague
Highway to Hell at Harleys Bar in Prague

World Thirst - In de Wildeman


In de WildemanSituated in a former distillery, In de Wildeman in Amsterdam features an epic collection of over 250 beers from all corners of the globe.


It's frequented by all kinds of people looking to unwind by taking a trip through the land of beers.


In de WildemanA highlight are the staff, who are deeply knowledgeable about what they're serving.


One visit is not enough!


What to drink: Their entire range of beers.

Guzzle your way to World Thirst for more epic watering holes.

Next month, we'll take you to a floating island pub as unique as its name and reveal some tips for the world's greatest beer festival.
Stay thirsty,
Thirsty Swagman Team
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 Torsten Jensen

Thirsty Traveller 

A "Prost" from Torsten Jensen in Germany.

Having to attend a boring lecture for work, he decided to bring a beer (as you do) and down it in class.

No word on how his attention span held out.
Torsten, we raise our glass to you!


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Travel Fact


On commercial airliners, vibrations from the engines alter the structure of wine.


Consequently, wines have less flavour when drunk mid-air.



Words from Smash!


"My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn't need glasses. Drinks straight from the bottle." Henny Youngman 



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