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Week of May 13th, 2018- Issue 37

Fri, May 18th Last School Dance of the Year
Mon, May 21st 8th Gr. Fun Day paperwork due
Thurs, May 24th
Fri, May 25th Baby Pic submissions due
Thurs, June 7th PTSA General Membership Meeting
9:30-11:30 am
Thurs, June 7th
2:45-3:45 pm
Mon, June 11th 8th Grade Celebration
7:00-8:15 EMS Gym
Wed, June 13th 8th Grade Fun Day
Fri, June 15th 6th Grade Greek Olympics Field Day
11:00-2:30    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!!
Friday, May 18th
I know we're always begging for your help, and you all have been so fabulous at coming through for us before, so i hate doing it again, BUT....  WE'RE DESPERATE! The school dance can't go on next Friday if we don't have 9 more chaperones lined up immediately. Really, what could possibly be more fun than hanging out with a bunch of excited middle-schoolers on a Friday night? The shift is from 6:30-9:10. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up if you can!
Friday, June 15th
40 parent volunteers needed

It will take a Herculean Effort, but with your help, the 6th grade teachers will be holding a GREEK OLYMPICS FIELD DAY for the ENTIRE GRADE on June 15th. Be a Hero and sign up below (togas not required). More details in the signup link.   


Thanks to your generosity, several school projects were approved for funding at the May PTSA Board Meeting. Here are just some of them:
  • Battle of the Books - books for Library
  • Survival Science supplies
  • a grant to the Counselling Department to assist with student debt for students in need
  • iPad and grip frame for Spec Ed department
  • World Languages - french books
  • guitars for the Music Department
  • Herb growing supplies for Culinary Class

How about Chairing a PTSA Committee?
Attention all parents who are looking for a way to get involved and make a difference... The EMS PTSA has numerous openings for Committee Chair positions for the upcoming 2018-19 school year. All these openings do NOT require you to attend monthly PTSA Board Meetings (although you are always welcomed to attend). And most of these positions allow you to work at home at your convenience.
PTA Reflections Program -  Please contact Cherene Dodge  ( cherenedodge@outlook.com ) if you are interested.
For the following Committees please contact Patricia Holcomb ( tholcomb63@comcast.net)  if you are interested.
ASB Fundraiser
Health Room
Office Copy Room Volunteers
Social Events Chair
Vision/Hearing Screening

Thanks to everyone who provided food for the Staff Appreciation Lunch on Thursday! The teachers really look forward to and appreciate these lunches every month.  There was so much brought in that they were able to enjoy a full meal again the next day. You rock!!!!
Reminder: if you haven't picked up your crock pots or platters, please grab them from the staff room at your earliest convenience.

Mark your calendars - we'll be hosting a Volunteer Tea at EMS on June 7th from 2:45 to 3:45pm. Awards will be presented to staff and volunteers, including the Golden Acorn Award, Golden Eagle Award, the Walter J Ferguson Service Award, and the Outstanding Educator Award.

Nominations may be submitted by parents, staff, and students, by using  THIS FORM . The nomination period has been extended to May 24th.
Have you signed up for your new school's newsletter  yet?  Both Eastlake and Redmond have  weekly PTSA newsletters that will keep you informed of the many events and activities happening in the community. Sign  up now so you'll be in the loop for summer activities and August orientation information.  

Eastlake - Click here to add your email address to the Wolf Tracks
 distribution list.  If you have any questions, please email communications@ehsptsa.org

Redmond - Click  here to add your email address to the MustangWeekly distribution list.  If you have any questions, please email  vp_communications@redmondhsptsa.org

We are looking for baby and current photos of this year's 8th grade students to be included in a slide show at the 8th Grade Celebration.  For the Celebration Slide Show, parents may submit one or two photos.  The two photos should consist of one baby photo (usually between the ages of 6 months and 5 years old), and one more recent photo of your child that showcases some sort of talent or activity they enjoy.
Photos should be in electronic form and emailed to Evergreen ASB at  EMSASB@lwsd.org .
If 2 photos are submitted, they will be shown side by side (split screen).  If you can place the photos side by side in one file or document, before sending, please do so. Label each photo file with your child's first and last name. All photos must look uniform, so no borders, filter effects, and don't add words or font please. If you cannot place your two photos side by side in one file, please rename each photo with your child's full name and number them 1 & 2. We will do our best to place them side by side for you.
The deadline for submission of any photos is Friday, May 25th . This deadline is firm because there are 393 eighth grade students who each submit up to 2 photos.  We need to have time to put all the photos into the slideshow.  If everyone waits until May 25th to submit, we have up to 786 photos to manipulate in a short period of time.  We really need parents to submit their photos NOW.  We greatly appreciate you taking this into consideration and getting pictures submitted early if possible, but at the very least, by May 25th.  Any photos received after May 25th will NOT be entered into the slide show.
(*The 8th Grade Parent Celebration will take place on Wednesday, June 11th. Read below for more info about this and other 8th grade events. )
8th GRADE CELEBRATION *New date and time!*   
8th Grade Parents: Mark Your Calendars for the 8th Grade Celebration
Monday, June 11th, 7:00pm-8:15pm!
Due to some scheduling conflicts, we have had to move the 8th Grade Parent Celebration to Monday, June 11th. Please note, this is different from the original date and time sent out a couple weeks ago.
The 8th Grade Parent Celebration, on June 11th, will include the 8th grade program and a slideshow/video presentation. *Remember to send in your 1 or 2 photos by May 25th! (See info about baby photo submission above in the Eagle Express!)  The 8th Grade Celebration is for immediate family members only (parents and siblings). We apologize, but with almost 400 eighth graders this year, we do not have room for extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) in the gym. This celebration is not a formal event. It will be a casual event, but school dress code still applies. The program is scheduled to run from 7:00-7:45PM with refreshments to follow from 7:45-8:15PM. 
If you have questions about the 8th Grade Celebration or Fun Day, email Trish Miller, Activities Coordinator at trimiller@lwsd.org or emsasb@lwsd.org .

8th GRADE FUN DAY *New!*   
Important Info for all 8th Graders and 8th Grade Parents:
8th Grade students will receive paperwork in their Homeroom classes on Monday, May 7th, regarding the 8th Grade Fun Day and 8th Grade Parent Celebration. Be sure to ask your student for their paperwork and read through it carefully.  (Forms can also be found on the EMS Website and through the link below.) 

8th Grade parents, please note that all paperwork and fees for the 8th Grade Fun Day are due to Ms. Nilsen (ASB Secretary) at the cashier window, by lunchtime on Monday, May 21st. 
All 8th graders who wish to attend Fun Day (on June 13th) need to turn in the following 3 things by May 21st:
1.      Permission Slip
2.      T-shirt order form
3.      $45 fee (cash, or check made out to Evergreen Middle School)
*All three items must be turned in at the same time to Ms. Nilsen at the cashier window.
The cashier window is open before school every day from 7:15am-7:55am and during all three lunches.  The cashier window closes at 12:15pm, so NO payments may be made after school.
If your 8th grade student wants to go to Fun Day on June 13th, they must have the 3 things listed above turned in by lunchtime on Monday, May 21st! 
Don't miss out!  Get your paperwork in to Ms. Nilsen ASAP!
8th Grade students will receive paperwork in their Homeroom classes on Monday, May 7th, but just in case you need another copy, you can find it at the following link:

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