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Don't Miss the Odyssey of the Mind Fundraiser
at Chipotle (near the mall), May 1 - Details here
This is how Charter Oak does
Earth Day (every day)!
Springtime Checklist
  • Join the Garden Club!
  • Stop by the garden during recess TODAY for fun activities
  • Attend Growing Great Schools seasonal kick-off meeting TONIGHT
  • Get bike ready for Bike-to-School Day on May 9 (more details to come)
  • Keep metal forks/spoons out of the trash at lunchtime
  • "Putting food in the garbage is kind of like littering," said a very wise Charter Oak student after learning how to compost. We have food, recycling and trash bins at school - let's use them!!!

Growing Great Schools is a local organization that sponsors the school Farmer's Market and much more. They are hosting a season kick-off meeting TONIGHT, April 23. Contact Kim for details at if you would like to attend.
A warm THANK YOU to everyone who attended and participated in the Cultural Celebration
Spring Picnic Friday June 1st
Join the Planning Committees
Looking for people to help our event planners get ready for the spring picnic. Contact us with the email below and we will find what works for you and your schedule.
Tuesday Morning Mindfulness
Tuesday, April 24th
Chinese classroom on 1st floor
Tuesdays at 8am
Coffee with the Principal
Friday, May 4th
Every first Friday of the month, come have a chat with Principal Melian in the FRC after drop off.