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Spring 2017
Update from Superintendent Brad Saron
Superintendent's Advisory Council on Diversity
The SPASD is focused on engaging our community. Indeed, it's a primary area in our strategic plan. In order to ensure that we are engaging all our stakeholders, and to foster relationships across our community, we've developed the Superintendent's Advisory Council on Diversity. The purpose of this team is to serve as community stakeholders for both feedback regarding current school district events and for opportunities for clear communication. I'd like to personally thank this group for their dialogue and commitment to our kids and our school district.

National Equity Project
During the 16-17 school year, we convened a broad range of our teachers, administrators, and support staff to engage in action research on equity within our schools. This group interviewed our students, researched and obtained feedback from our staff, and planned pilot programming to address our local needs in closing the achievement gap. We are excited about the work that this group has planned for the coming year and will share updates on the progress of the National Equity Project
Thank you to our students and staff for sharing their thoughts and experiences with us.
Summer School
Registration opened for Summer School on April 4th, but it is  certainly not too late to sign up.  Summer School is a valuable opportunity for students to be engaged in programs and activities that extend and enrich the existing curriculum.  It is a continuation of the strong educational programming offered by the school district during the regular school year.

We are proud that a majority of our Summer School staff are our own district educators who work successfully with our students throughout the regular school year. We value their experience and expertise. We also have educators from other districts who join us to share their knowledge and skills with students. Offering excellent educational programs throughout the summer allows us to fulfill our mission statement: 

Futures depend on us....every child, every day
Student Spotlight
Thomas Collins, a sophomore at Sun Prairie High School in the AVID program has been accepted to UW-Madison's School of Business Emerging Leader's program. Thomas was one out of twenty students accepted. He will be attending a few classes each summer until graduation. With successful completion of those summer commitments, the program will pay for four years of tuition at UW-Madison. We are so proud of Thomas and wish him well in the program.
Celebrating our AVID Scholars - Advancement via Individual Determination 
Our 2017 AVID graduating class includes 17 scholars. This group has risen to the challenge by their dedication to academic success and the hard work they have put into being an AVID Scholar. With support from staff members, these seniors have achieved at high levels while also including rigor in their schedules.

Staceyah Miller - AVID Scholar for 5 years and College Accepted!

"When I got accepted into the AVID program, my whole life changed around.  When visiting colleges at the age of only 13 in the AVID program, it showed me that I belong there, I have a destiny to succeed, and that I am in charge of my own future.  AVID has led me on an everlasting path of success that is not over yet, and the way my mindset has developed, it will never be over."

Just a few more college accepted AVID students:

Kawon Ragland UW- Oshkosh
Adriana Sercye UW-Milwauke
DID YOU KNOW? Sun Prairie High School is focusing on expanding AVID throughout the building by providing AVID professional development for all staff. This year, for the first time, the district has also offered several AVID professional development opportunit ies for all staff in grades 6-12 to continue to help close the achievement gap throughout the district.

Learn more about the Sun Prairie AVID program by visiting the AVID website or email Kathy Enstad the AVID District Coordinator.

You can learn more about upcoming programming on  Facebook. Special thanks to Executive Team members Mary Ellen Havel-Lang and Rick Mueller for their time, planning efforts, and support of Community Schools. Thank you Sarah Smith, Director; and Stacy Darga, Buena Vista Site Coordinator for your commitment, passion, and creativity with providing opportunities at our community schools.  Please welcome Drea Oliver, as the new Site Coordinator at the Main St. Site. Read more about recent Sun Prairie  Community Schools News.
S tay Connected to the Sun Prairie Area School District
We invite you to engage with the School District and follow the success of our students and staff. Here are just a few ways to stay connected:

Help spread the word....we are seeking to diversify our workforce. View current employment opportunities here.