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Every Woman's Voice 
Happy Mother's Day
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Today I Honor All Women
as expressions of the Divine Feminine
You are indeed the Voice of Love 
I celebrate Every Woman in the world and thank you for you are all the sisters of mercy and you do make a powerful and meaningful difference upon the planet.  Thank you for all that you are.  Thank you for every expression of love.  Thank you for all that you have ever done to help, support, feed, care for and bless
 the lives of those around you.  
The whole earth is blessed by every song you sing, every knee that you bandage.  We all share the vibrations that ripples out from every prayer that you pray.  Every hug you give and compassionate action you express helps us all. Thank you for every meal that you prepared, and every garment that you pressed, face that you washed, diaper that you changed, all the thousands of times that you cleaned your home or the home of others without notice or a thank you.  Thank you for the beauty that you are and for sharing the planet with the rest of us.  
I honor every Woman of the world today!
You are all Reflections of Divine Mother
Thank You Divine Mother for blessing our lives! 

Blessings,  Rev. Barb Walley

You are Loved!



"A mother's love is not given to us to spoil us with indulgence, but to soften our hearts, that we may in turn soften others with kindness. In India we speak of God as Mother Divine. Every mother is a manifestation of God's unconditional love. Although human mothers can be imperfect, the Divine Mother is perfect. Mothers were created by God to show us that we are loved with or without cause . . . May all the sons and daughters of the world be filled with that motherly affection which is the reflection of the Divine Mother's unconditional love; and may we give that unconditional motherly love to one another, so that we have peace and heaven on earth."

May Divine Mother fill us all with her unconditional love
 this Mother's Day and always.

 from... Paramahansa Yogananda

Wisdom of Dr. Ernest Holmes 

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One of the great gifts that Dr. Holmes gave to all of humanity, is the awareness that we can change our thinking and we can change our lives.  We all have the ability to become aware of what is operating in our minds, our hearts and we can see the impact of our thoughts and attitudes upon our personal and collective world.   I challenge you to take a good look at what thoughts are repetitive that you no longer want to embrace and see out-pictured into landscape of your life.    It is not always easy but it is possible to change the tendency of our thoughts and open up to a more positive and uplifting life of greater peace, joy and transformation.   You have a voice and can speak forth greatness, harmony and peace.  Everyone of us is created in the image and likeness of our Creator.  We are designed to empower ourselves and others to be an uplifting presence and precious mirror of the Divine.  We really choose and invite more of Gods love and goodness into our lives.  Choose Divine Love and Partnership.


Ernest said:  "Back of nearly every discord or disorder, there is some subjective complex, or mental knot, that needs to be untied, generally, some suppressed emotion, which perhaps is centered around the affections--the likes and dislikes, the loves and passions, and everything which goes with them.  These knots must be untied, and it is the business of the practitioner to untie them."


 ~  Ernest Holmes

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I am here to serve those souls that need prayer, emotional clearing and awareness and to help you be the very best version of yourself that is possible.   I am here to support your well being.  


  Blessings,  Reverend Barb Walley 


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