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Message From Meg
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Dear Friends,

I'm proud of CLF in general, and many of our ministries specifically, but our prison ministry awes me.  Without any advertising, shared from prisoner to prisoner, our membership has grown and grown.  We now have almost 750 incarcerated members:  That's a large congregation in and of itself.  Whenever people say to me that Unitarian Universalism is a religion only for people of privilege, I point to this ministry and respond that we hear daily from prisoners who say that this faith is saving their lives now.  And these folks are model members, engaging in every learning opportunity and spiritual practice available to them.

At times, however, ministering to people in prison has felt too passive for my activist self:  I've also wanted to take a stand for justice for incarcerated people. The conditions are horrific:  Often no heat or air conditioning, solitary confinement for the slightest provocation, outrageous costs for everything from toothpaste to phone calls.  The privatization of prisons ensures that profits will be made from these vulnerable people.  CLF has wanted to continue to do our direct ministry and at the same time speak up about the life experiences of our prisoner members, many of whom are denied a public voice.  We're attempting to do that new ministry in a new program we call "Worthy Now" (website coming soon!)

I hope you'll consider getting involved!  Folks can engage at many levels, from becoming a penpal, to joining webinars to learn how to start a prison ministry in your local prison.  Some of the information about how to do that can be found in this newsletter or by contacting Worthy Now at 

May all of our ministries, and our lives, be filled with life-giving surprises,

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If you are hoping to deepen your connection to the CLF you can find covenant groups, The VUU and more on our  calendar !

Learn more about our exciting offerings through the Worthy Now Network and the CLF Prison Ministry program below.
A Special Message from Mandy Goheen, 
Director of Prison Ministry

The Church of the Larger Fellowship is excited to be launching a new part of its Prison Ministry called the Worthy Now Network. We will begin this March by offering the class Prison Industrial Complex 101 and open a Support Circle for individuals currently doing prison ministry in some form. From there we are developing the Worthy Now website (coming soon!) where we will be creating a community for Unitarian Universalist and other religious liberals who are doing justice ministries in jails, prisons, detention facilities, and other areas connected to the prison industrial complex. We feel that working to support one another enables us to bring religious freedom to more and more incarcerated people across the United States. 

One way we are building this network is by giving people tools to do their own prison ministry project or begin visiting a CLF member in prison by becoming a CLF Prison Ambassador. The Ambassador program consists of three classes: Prison-Industrial Complex 101, Ethics and Counter Oppression with Incarcerated Populations, and Compassionate Communications. The class offerings in the Ambassador program are also available as standalone courses open to all. 

You can join us today in one of two ways! If you are just getting started or want to learn more you can take the Prison-Industrial Complex 101. If you are already engaged in the work you can join us in our Circles of Support. The Circles are small groups that meet twice a month to discuss special issues that come up for religious liberals when working with incarcerated populations. Are you ready to become part of the Worthy Now Network? To learn more about these programs and sign up, visit

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