We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Sell Raffle Tickets and Come to our Whiskers & Wine Soiree

Help us raise funds to cover our rehoming and veterinary expenses, and to support our animal welfare, inspectorate and education objectives.
Raffle Sales closing September 29

Our raffle fundraising is coming to a close. Please remember to sell your tickets and bring the proceeds and stubs into the SPCA before noon on Friday, September 29

Support our animals by selling tickets
  • At Lindo's Devonshire on Wednesday, September 26
  • To your friends, family and office colleagues

We have many amazing prizes including:
  • Two - $1000.00 travel vouchers
  • 60" Samsung smart TV
  • Luxury stays in local hotels
  • Dinner and lunch gift certificates
  • $250.00 BELCO, Lindo's and Market Place vouchers
  • And many more prizes

Come to our Whiskers & Wine Soiree
Saturday, October 7

Do you love animals and enjoy a glass of wine...or two? 

Join us for an evening of hors d'oeuvres, hand-crafted specialty drinks, live music by Mike Hind and ...

a silent auction f eaturing art by Graham Foster, luxury hotel stays and much more.
  • Drinks provided by Goslings Ltd and Twisted Spoon
  • Catering by Bermuda Restaurants Ltd. 
  • Only 150 tickets are being sold for the event through PTix
  • A limited number of tickets are available from the SPCA
  • Questions? Please contact  events@spca.bm 

Be Prepared

Hurricane Tips

Emergency Supplies:

Keep an Evac-Pack and supplies handy for your pets. Make sure that everyone in the family knows
where it is. This kit should be clearly labeled and easy to carry. 
Items to consider keeping in or near your
pack include:

Pet first-aid kit and guide book (ask your vet what to include, or visit the ASPCA Store to buy one online)
3-7 days' worth of canned (pop-top) or dry food (be sure to rotate every two months)
Disposable litter trays (aluminum roasting pans are perfect)
Litter or paper toweling
Liquid dish soap and disinfectant
Disposable garbage bags for clean-up
Pet feeding dishes
Extra collar or harness as well as an extra leash
Photocopies of medical records and a waterproof container with a two-week supply of any medicine
your pet requires (Remember, food and medications need to be rotated out of your emergency kit-
otherwise they may go bad or become useless.)
Bottled water, at least 7 days' worth for each person and pet (store in a cool, dry place and replace
every two months)
A traveling bag, crate or sturdy carrier, ideally one for each pet
Blanket or towel (for scooping up a fearful pet)
Recent photos of your pets (in case you are separated and need to make "Lost" posters)

Especially for cats: Pillowcase, toys, scoopable litter
Especially for dogs: Extra leash, toys and chew toys, a week's worth of cage liner.

ALL animals brought indoors

SPCA Inspector out and about improving animal welfare
Cat rescue

Our inspector had an emergency call out. A cat was stuck under a drain grill in the town square of St. Georges. It is a mystery on how the cat got in the drain. The grill was very heavy to lift by hand so a call out to the Co-operation of St. Georges was placed. They assisted with a fork lift and removed the drain grill. The cat had no injuries was a happy cat once rescued. 

Thank you to Chris, our Inspector, and the Co-operation of St. Georges for looking out for the cat's welfare

Animal Hero Kids

What does an Animal Hero Kid do?

The mission of Animal Hero Kids is to foster empathy and kindness in children and young people by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that
 help all species of animals.

Thank you: Robin Selley raised donations instead  of accepting birthday gifts. Great job Robin for raising animal welfare awareness in our community. 

"You can judge a man's true character by the way he treats his  fellow animals"  Sir Paul McCartney

Dogs for Adoption

As an animal shelter, the SPCA provides a safe-haven for animals in need of a home and an adoption service for abandoned, abused or neglected animals. In an average year, the Shelter finds homes for some 350 different animals.

All cats,rabbits and dogs are spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter for their new home.

          Koda                                      Kaiser

Please call #236-7333 to arrange an appointment to view me or the other dogs at the shelter. 

Adopt a shelter cat today!

Have you been by to visit our newly renovated cat social room?

Unfortunately some people have to surrender their cats due to moving, leaving the island, finances; the list goes on. 
We make it our priority to make sure every cat that comes in through our doors is healthy and adoptable. 
While here they are very spoiled and live in our cat social room where they have cat trees to climb, beds, toys and now a fabulous fenced in outside enclosure.  

Bermuda SPCA Education Program

When you teach a child to be kind to animals
You help pave the way to a brighter future for all living beings

The SPCA feels that education is key in prevention of cruelty, neglect and irresponsible pet ownership. The efforts of our Humane Education Department are focused on teaching the community the value of animals and their needs.

The SPCA hosts camps during  school breaks. 

This summer we had a record number of 80 + campers attend.

Our camp was themed around becoming Animal Advocates and focused on the Five Freedoms for animals. We learnt how to read dogs' body language, explored animal concerns in Bermuda and learnt about the role of the SPCA Inspector and how to investigate cruelty. This is an awesome camp for kids with a passion for animals. 

Halloween camp is fast approaching - October 23 - 27

Celebrate fall at the Bermuda SPCA!
Let's explore  Halloween myths with animals.
Enjoy a full tour, scavenger hunt, carve/decorate pumpkins,
animal presentations, special guests, interactive games, and fun Halloween crafts.

Happy Endings!

Found their forever home!! 


I now think that I must be the luckiest dog!
I have settled into my new home where I am totally spoiled.
I get loads of walks every day and am even getting used to the cat!

Between the walks and the cat I use up all my energy and I have had lots of pictures taken of me sleeping - who would have thought? 

Hundreds of animals need a hero. 
Be one today! 
Do you have great charity fundraising ideas? 
We are seeking people who enjoy fundraising 

If you are a passionate animal lover, consider  fundraising to help support the Bermuda SPCA.  The financial assistance you provide could aid the animals that have already gone through hardship. With a little community engagement, you can provide funds to house and feed animals before they're adopted plus bring awareness about animal welfare through education.

These are some great ideas that can start the ball rolling:
  • Hold a photo contest
  • Hold a dog walk/dog bath
  • Sponsor an animal-themed art contest
  • Bake sale
  • Wine tasting
  • Host a community event 
We need YOU to help organize and coordinate our annual fundraising plan and liaise
 with staff and the Committee of Management.

Contact us today and we'd be happy to discuss this opportunity with you -  Michele Lawrence - mlawrence@logic.bm
  • Raffle draw ~ September 30
  • Whiskers & Wine Soiree ~ October 7
  • World Animal Day ~ October 4
  • Annual General Meeting ~ November 14 6:00 p.m.
  • Santa Paws Christmas Drive ~ December 12 - 15
Make a difference one animal at a time ~ VOLUNTEER

We are extremely grateful to our volunteers who help in so many different ways and give generously of time, expertise, money and/or support. 

The Bermuda SPCA operates with the assistance of over 300 volunteers who work at the shelter level and in a variety of fundraising, advocacy and education roles. These critical individuals assist through activities such as dog walking, cat wellness, rabbit and small animal care, administrative support, special events, fundraising, education, volunteer coordination, fostering, advocacy, and so much more.
There are numerous ways to help out and we would also be happy to discuss them with you.

Becoming a member of the SPCA is a great step to getting involved in animal welfare in our local community. We appreciate your support and encourage you to consider becoming a member of the SPCA. There are many advantages to becoming a member and a gift of membership for a child can make a wonderful and meaningful life long present. Adult members have voting rights within the Society and the dues  raise a substantial amount of money annually for the SPCA. If you would like to become a member please click on the link below  to start the process. Once your application is approved by the Membership Committee, your membership package will be mailed to you.

Should you have questions or would like more information please call # 236-7333 or email at  frontdesk@spca.bm



For the animal lover in your life

All proceeds support our "Animals in Special Need Fund" - those needing extra care before they can be adopted: fostering, medical needs, training.

Visit our Shelter
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. to purchase your gift items:

Bracelets, Tote Bags, T-shirts, Hats, Dog Figurines and more
Prices range from $2 - $25
Viewing and Adoptions: Tuesday through Saturday 11:00 a.m - 4:00 p.m
Office Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 8:30 a.m - 4:30 p.m. 
ClosedSunday, Monday and Public Holidays.
Animal Surrenders: Call 236-7333 ext 214 to make an appointment
Shelter Tours: Tuesday - Friday 11:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m. Call 236-7333 ext 205 or email:jcorbett@spca.bm
Phone number: 236-7333 General email: info@spca.bm
Report Cruelty: Call 236-7333 ext 214 or email our Inspector: inspector@spca.bm - All calls are confidential
After hours emergency contact: 737-1108
Your feedback is important:  Help us improve our service by providing confidential  feedback : feedback@spca.bm
The Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was founded in 1919 and is a Registered Bermuda Charity # 86 and a US 501(c)(3) not-for-profit.

All funds raised directly support our objectives:
  • to provide effective, lawful means for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
  • to promote the education of the general public on the care and well being of all animals.
  • to encourage and promote kindness to animals.