JEFF'S RANT:  Evolving Trends to Reach Buyers...
An ever-changing marketplace is something we all ponder.
Our ability to thrive will depend on how well we keep adjusting to these changes and evolving communication trends.

I've re-evaluated and adjusted my communication strategy.
I made a decision to create my own personal twitter account. 


While I've built a nice online following for my industry resource program, it seemed to me that my personal life is not all that exciting to share in 140 characters or less. Now I'm thinking differently and that has to do with making an impact outside the promotional marketing industry.  


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Promo Items:  Never Having To Say You're Sorry 
By Jeff Jacobs, The Brand Protector

Around our house we have a saying, " Use Your Powers For Good." It's meant to suggest that IF you happen to have super powers, you should focus on doing just good things with them. It's not a bad idea if you have promotional products super powers, either. Perhaps you heard about the kerfuffle this week in minor league baseball. 

If ESPN was doing a countdown on SportsCenter for worst use of a promo idea ever, the Port Charlotte, FL, Class "A" team would top the list with  A-Rod Juice Box Night." 

Roni Wright attended an Ayurveda workshop helping individuals find their purpose and a healthy way to approach life.

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