"I get up. I walk. I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing."

Rabbi Daniel Hillel

As we move through our summer series in Genesis, and remember again the story of God's covenant relationship with human kind, I am reminded of this quote by Rabbi Daniel Hillel. The fascinating thing about dance is that there are times when you're moving through space, and suddenly you realize that you are falling, and there are times when a fall can suddenly become part of the movement of a dance.  All along our faith journey, we walk, we fall, we get back up, yet God remains faithful to us to and continually invites us back into the dance of living. As we move through our week, remember that our spiritual journey is one of falling and dancing. Both are part of our experience, both are part of the natural rhythm of life, and it is when we dance, and even when we fall, that we encounter the Spirit of God. 

~ Melanie Marsh Baum

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