We talk a lot about discipleship, but struggle to understand what it really means. In a time of extreme polarization in politics and in religion, sometimes it can be confusing to know how to talk about our faith, even with those we know well. But more often than not, words are not necessary. May the poem below offer you affirmation and permission to use the authority and power of healinglove to be Christ's disciple today.

~ Amy Starr Redwine

Then Jesus summoned his twelve disciples 
and gave them  authority  over unclean spirits, 
to cast them out, 
and to cure every disease and every sickness.  
Matthew 10:1)

The word  apostle  means "sent."

We are not given a mandate to judge 
or an obligation to convert.
We are not required to argue religion.
We are given power to heal.

We need not muster up the strength.
We are given authority.
Christ is in us to heal. 

May I be a healer today;
may I set free those who are bound
by spirits that diminish life.
May I cast out fear with love,
cast out greed with wisdom,
cast out anxiety with calm,
cast out anger and bitterness with deep listening,
cast out hate with forgiveness.

May I bear your spirit of peace,
the authority of blessing,
the power of love.
May I be a healer today. 

~Steve Garnaas-Holmes

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