Ewan McGregor
Ewan rarely sings in public, and never as a solo headline act - until now. We are honored he's making his debut at the GO GO Gala.
Ask anyone who's attended and they'll tell you that the GO GO Gala is always a special night, but this year promises to be even more memorable.  Don't miss it.


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And please remember that 100% of ticket sales goes to our programs for children around the world - Your ticket is not just a ticket to a fun party - it's a child's future.

Last year, Ewan McGregor's film schedule was disrupted by monsoon rains in Thailand, and at the last minute, he was unable to host our Gala.
Clearly, not his fault.  Nevertheless, to make up for it, he wants to do something extra special this year.

We couldn't be more excited to announce that in addition to hosting, Ewan will be our headline musical entertainment.  Ever since swooning over his musical talents amply displayed in Moulin Rouge, we have secretly hoped he would perform at our Gala one year.  This is the year.