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October 19, 2016
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October 28: 

Lean Government Conference 

November 3 & 4:
Baldrige 101 & 201 Workshops

November 30:
2016 Wisconsin Forward Award Gala
Intent to Apply for 2017 Winter Applications due
Lean Government: Do More Better 

For the sixth year running, Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence has held the Lean Governm ent Conference to bring representatives from all sectors of Wisconsin's economy together to explore ideas and share best practices using lean tools and techniques. Registration will close on Friday, October 21:  register here
This year's event will feature a keynote address from Aimee Kaslik, Chief Innovation and Performance Officer for the City of Irving, Texas.  The City of Irving won the 2012 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the nonprofit category. Highlights of their accomplishments include:
  • The City of Irving is one of five cities in the state and 89 in the nation with a AAA rating from both Standard and Poor's (S&P) and Moody's ratings that it has maintained since 2007 and during the worst recession in United States history.
  • Irving's 2012 employee survey results show that its employee ratings exceed the highest comparable score received by a U.S. government agency. For example, 95 percent of Irving employees say the city government is a good place to work compared to a federal agency high of 84 percent.
  • Since 2006, the percentage of residents rating many of the city's key services-including police, code enforcement, libraries, and recreational-as good or excellent has increased by double digits.
  • Irving's police utilize best practices such as community policing, a problem-solving team, Twitter-based community crime watch groups, and increased use of volunteers. Violent crime decreased from approximately 700 incidents in 2007 to 500 in 2011. Overall violent crime per 1,000 persons decreased 35.5 percent from 2006 to 2011. This decrease compared favorably to neighboring cities, one of which saw an 8.6 percent increase for the same time period.
Ms. Kaslik will share her insights about developing and sustaining a high-performance municipality, and also tell us about what has transpired since their award recognition.

WCPE members and conference registrants are invited for a special reception with Ms. Kaslik on Thursday, October 27 at Erin's Snug Irish Pub from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

If you haven't seen the conference agenda, click here .  And don't forget: registration really does close on Friday October 21, so don't procrastinate any longer:  register now.

Finally: we are seeking presenters for our Lean Project Showcase.  Have you accomplished something in the past year using a lean tool or method?  Would you be willing to tell us what you did in 5 minutes or less?  We want to hear from you!  Big or small, we want to feature them all! C ontact Brett Remington to discuss .
Upcoming WCPE Baldrige Workshops 

We have limited space remaining for WCPE's Baldrige 101: Introduction to the Criteria for Performance Excellence and Baldrige 201: Moving from Interest to Action coming up November 3 and 4 in Black River Falls, WI. Wondering if this workshop is right for you?  If any of the following apply, you might want to register before we reach capacity:

  • We are interested in submitting a Wisconsin Challenger application in 2017
  • We are familiar with the Baldrige Management Framework, but have a number of new employees that would benefit from a strong introduction
  • We looked at performance improvement a while ago but lost momentum and realized that procrastination didn't fix anything
  • We're getting ready to start our planning cycle, and need a strong foundation to build our future from
  • We need some new ideas in order to solve some old problems
This workshop is designed to give you and your team a highly relatable, approachable introduction to the Criteria for Performance Excellence on the first day.  It is suitable for everyone and of specific value to managers, team leaders, project managers, and senior leadership. Whether you are in a new position or seeking clarity about ways to overcome obstacles in organizational performance, you will find Baldrige 101 instrumental in clarifying your systematic perspective.

On the second day of this workshop ( Baldrige 201: Moving from Interest to Action) you will apply the learning from the first day by writing the outline of your own Organizational Profile. This "no excuses" approach centers your focus back on the characteristics of your organization that differentiate it in the marketplace and make it unique. The product of your work may then be polished and used as the basis for your 2017 Wisconsin Challenger Application, the foundation for your subsequent strategic planning process, a powerful new employee orientation tool, or to support other organizational improvement efforts you are undertaking.

We do not believe there is an easier, better or faster way to develop real momentum in your performance excellence journey than WCPE's Baldrige 101/201 workshops.  We limit the workshop size to ensure all participants receive personal attention and feedback from our facilitators. Interested in starting your journey on November 3 and 4?  Contact Brett Remington. And don't forget: Member Organizations of Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence may elect to have this two-day workshop delivered on-site at your organization with up to 30 people for one low fee!
Might You Be a Quality Geek?  

Within our Community of Excellence, we share a passion for quality: we want high quality products, and services and we continually seek high-quality experiences. Many of us enjoy talking about quality as much (or more) than other people enjoy talking about sports. The thrill of taking time and cost out of a process while improving the outcome inspires us and we love sharing how we did it with others. There are a lot of us out there, and there is even an informal social gathering each month for the quality-obsessed around Madison to celebrate their passion.
"Quality Geeks" meets each month somewhere in the greater Madison area on a Monday evening on an open-invitation basis. If you would like to meet other quality enthusiasts and conduct your social networking the old-school way (meeting and talking to people in person) then mark your calendars for these 2016 dates:
  • Monday, October 24 at Gib's Bar
  • Monday, November 14 at Eno Vino
  • Monday, December 12 at Francesco's 
All begin at approximately 5:30 p.m. Come as you are - this is a casual, social gathering with no agenda or requirements, not coordinated or sponsored by WCPE.
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New Opportunities to Advance Excellence
in Wisconsin 

WCPE has been helping organizations narrow the gap between their performance and their potential for over 18 years. That's a pretty good start, but we're a long ways from being done!  We have great ambitions for 2017 and want to help people and organizations in new and better ways. Would you consider helping us?
WCPE is seeking volunteer leaders for our Program Committee.  Working in cooperation with the Executive Director, you'll coordinate new learning and development opportunities as well as other events and resources to help Wisconsin organizations perform a little better tomorrow than they did today.
Reasons to Serve on the Program Committee:
  • You wish to invest in your own professional development
  • You have specific skills you'd like to nurture that could help advance
    excellence in Wisconsin
  • You enjoy working with highly motivated charismatic people doing important
    and interesting work
  • You believe in the mission of WCPE
  • You want to create new opportunities for others to advance their performance
  • You have too much time and not enough quality in your life
  • You won't be able to establish your legacy of awesomeness unless you "Make Wisconsin Great Again"
  • You decided that Illinois wasn't worth making better
  • You like the orthopedic qualities of those chairs at the WCPE office 
Whatever your reasons, we would like to hear from you.  A kick-off meeting will be held in December.  
It's Almost That Time of Year Again
There is plenty of time to figure out what to buy your sweetie for the holidays, but the clock is running out for organizations intending on submitting their Wisconsin Forward Applications in 2017 during our Winter Examination cycle. Your Intent to Apply is due November 30. See details on our website.  Organizations who intend or are considering submitting their 50-page applications should also contact Brett Remington to discuss their plans. 
WCPE depends on our volunteer Board of Examiners to conduct application reviews. Serving as an examiner is perhaps one of the single best professional development opportunities most individuals will have at any time during the year. Examiners develop team building skills, analysis and evaluation skills, writing skills, time management skills, leadership skills, and management skills. In addition, most examiners gain significant innovation perspectives and ideas they are able to bring back to their workplace, aiding in organizational improvement and development. Many examiners develop life-long friendships, and leverage their wide-ranging professional networks to future benefit.
Serving as an examiner is a great honor and distinguished career experience. Consider applying to serve in 2017. We look forward speaking with you.
What Will Be Different 30 Days From Now?
Wisconsin Forward Award
By the time the next Excellence Insider arrives in your inbox the Halloween candy will be gone, America will have elected a new president, the Black Friday sales will be tempting you and our 2016 Wisconsin Forward Award applicants will be announced! Corresponding to that, we want to make sure you have Wednesday, November 30 marked-out for the 2016 Wisconsin Forward Award Gala at Monona Terrace. Be part of this spectacular evening, where applicants from across Wisconsin are recognized for their progress on their excellence journeys.
Parting Thought
Don't downgrade your dream just to fit your reality. Upgrade your conviction to match your destiny. Be an active Member of WCPE's Community of Excellence and narrow the gap between your performance and your potential.
Invest in the mission of the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence.  To learn more, click  here.  
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