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May 15, 2017
Immediate Call for Examiners 
Leadership is all about change; therefore, leadership is an unnecessary skill in environments that do not change.  We would not value leaders or leadership characteristics if everything were formulaic and completely predictable.  But the world is anything but formulaic or predictable.  The breath, speed, and consequences of change continue to grow and the need for leadership at every level is increasing every day.  So what can you do as an individual to fortify your leadership capacity and preserve or enhance your professional value?
If your first instinct is to go to Google and search for "Leadership Training," you will be offered more than a half a billion options to consider (564,000,000 results).  As you are grazing through the possibilities, I wanted to point out that Wisconsin Forward Award offers a robust professional development opportunity that will not only increase your leadership skills, but also sharpen your capacity for systems thinking, and communication while expanding your professional network.  Beyond your investment in yourself, you will be helping other Wisconsin organizations and their employees improve their own performance -- the ultimate win-win.
Change your routine, expand your prospects, and elevate performance excellence in Wisconsin.  Make 2017 the year you serve on the prestigious Wisconsin Forward Award Board of Examiners.  Our summer evaluation cycle will begin soon and we need your help --   get all the details on our website .
Join our Faculty of Trainers
WCPE is recruiting for individuals to serve on our training and curriculum faculty. The role requires experience with the Criteria for Performance Excellence; effective, engaging, and creative means of conducting training, and familiarity with the processes and methods used throughout our program.  We have the need for trainers at many different levels, including new examiner orientation, all examiner training, Baldrige 101, and other specific knowledge and skill delivery opportunities.  If you'd like to support our Community of Excellence, work with other professionals at the top of their game, and gain some resume-building experience, contact Brett Remington.
Upcoming Learning and Development Events
We have some exceptional learning and development events and workshops ahead!
Meeting June 12 | Quality Geeks
Quality Geeks meeting from 5 to 7 pm at Waypoint Public House, 320 W. Broadway E. Monona, WI.
This Madison-area social gathering of people interested in quality is open to everyone. WCPE does not sponsor this event, but loves when people come together to talk about quality. Last month, there were great discussions on customer satisfaction measurement strategies, measurement methodologies, metrics management, and lean tools and methods in poultry processing plants (not kidding). Who knows where the conversation goes this month?
Workshop June 28 | Boards that Add Value
Serving on a board can be very satisfying work. You provide time, commitment, and passion in service of a worthy goal. And in the quiet of the night, how certain are you that your board is truly adding value? How confident are you that the board is more than a rubber stamp for the CEO's plans? If you are a board member who has ever wondered about board chemistry, the difference between governance and micro-management, or how to think strategically, then this learning opportunity is a good fit for you. Participants will assess the overall functioning of their current board as well as look at best practices related to board governance. Everyone will leave with practical ideas to improve their current effectiveness as a board member. This session is ideal for attendance by several board members from the same organization.
Location:  Milwaukee, WI 
Faculty:  Buck Rhyme, RR Consulting Group

Workshop Series | Leading High Performance Teams
Leading a team to consistently achieve high performance is not an easy task. It requires getting the best from all your team members every day, finding the right blend of team chemistry, and immediately addressing problems. At the center of this challenge is emotional intelligence, knowing yourself and understanding how you interact with others. Participants in this learning opportunity will take an emotional intelligence assessment, get feedback on their strengths, learn where they can grow, and develop short-term personal goal. Over the course of 3 sessions (1 full day and 2 half days), participants will learn how to ask powerful questions, strengthen their ability to respond in challenging situations, and unleash the potential of encouraging the heart. At the end this learning cycle, the benefits will be clear. You will be a more self-aware leader with a more effective team.
Dates: July 11 - full day; August 17 - ½ day; August 31, ½ day
Location: Madison - Exact locations for all three events will be forthcoming.
Faculty: Buck Rhyme - RR Consulting Group

Workshop July 24 | 2017-2018 Baldrige Criteria Training Seminar with  Paul Grizzell
Do you want to understand the business benefits of the Baldrige Criteria? Are you wondering about the concepts behind a systems framework? Is your organization contemplating a Baldrige or WFA application? Are you thinking about becoming a WFA or Baldrige Examiner?
Gain valuable insight into the Criteria and how they relate to the Baldrige National Quality Award or a  state level program such as Wisconsin Forward Award.
The seminar includes lecture, group discussions and small-group exercises.
  • The key concepts, values, and framework of the 2017-2018 Baldrige Criteria, including significant changes from previous editions of the criteria.
  • Criteria Categories and Items: What they are, What they mean, How they are linked.
  • Real-world examples of how organizations have succeeded using the Baldrige framework -- and the consequences of not adapting to change.
  • A comparative overview of the business, health care, and education Criteria
  • How the Criteria relate to all sizes and types of organizations, including not-for-profit, government, military, education, business, manufacturing, service, and health care.
  • Writing a national Baldrige or state quality award application in a logical and understandable way
Location: Lussier Family Heritage Center, 3101 Lake Farm Road, Madison 
Faculty: Paul Grizzell, Core Values Partners
Workshop August 1 | INSPIRE Communications Workshop with Jim Walker
Communication is the one thing we never seem to do well enough or often enough. Communication is often cited in employee engagement surveys as one of the five areas requiring improvement. If you seek to do a better job of achieving clarity and quality of communication, you must begin with a superior approach.
The INSPIRE models are communication tools composed of seven words that generate proactive individual/team and customer communication and collaboration. Beginning with the first word of the model, "involvement," and ending with "excellence" each word is used as a guideline to generate specific behaviors that achieve positive individual and team results.
The INSPIRE models provide an opportunity for collaborative team process creation, while engaging in specific behaviors of individual appreciation, and recognizing team contributions.
INSPIRE is an award winning framework. Large organizations with complex communications challenges will find INSPIRE especially useful. Participants will learn the model, self-assess themselves, and get to work applying what they have learned during this one-day workshop.
Location: Milwaukee area - venue to be announced.
Faculty: Jim Walker - Rocky Paths Consulting

ConferenceConference Updates
Mark your calendars: The 2017 Lean Government Conference will be held on Friday, October 27 at the American Family Conference Center.  We are seeking compelling speakers for keynotes and breakout sessions as well as presenters from Wisconsin for our popular 5 x 5 showcase. Call (608) 663-5300 or email us to discuss your interest, recommendations, or suggestions.
Before you put your pen away, be sure to mark Thursday, November 16 for our 20th Anniversary Gala and Awards/Recognition event at Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin. We want to extend an invitation to all WFA alumni that have worked with us over the past 20 years to build the Community of Excellence in Wisconsin. This will be a special day with some very notable guests, all topped-off with recognition of the organizations who have demonstrated progress on their performance excellence journey in 2017.  

Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence: Twenty years of building better Wisconsin organizations that achieve better results 
As we reflect on the thousands of Wisconsin organizations we've served and impacted since 1997, we have to remind ourselves that WCPE exists only because of our commitment and determination to make tomorrow a better day at work. 
Excellence is not an entitlement.  It takes a lot of effort and is accompanied by inevitable mistakes and setbacks.  The alternative to excellence is mediocrity.  Anyone who has suffered long enough under the diminishing expectations of "good enough" will tell you: mediocrity extinguishes the human spirit.  We live to discover our own limits.  Pursuing excellence becomes a continual process of learning what we are capable of:  as individuals, organizations, and as a society.
The journey of performance excellence contains hundreds of mile markers along its path, and we have seen a lot of them together over the past 20 years.  It has been a great start, but much remains to be done.   Please consider supporting the future of excellence in Wisconsin by becoming a Member of WCPE, serving as an examiner, attending one of our learning and development events, or volunteering your time.  We appreciate you!

Invest in the mission of the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence.  To learn more, click  here.  
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