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HHS has announced that the Agent/Broker/Web-Broker Certification Training Now Available.


Here is the info, with the link to register, to take the training.  




Step 1:

You will first have to register (create an account) at this site and they will advise when you can gain entry, I took it and it was only a couple minutes but they said it could take longer. (note for organization in the registration process enter Marketplace) You will then select the courses and enroll in each of them separately as you take them. At the beginning you will most likely select the 3rd option for agents, Agent/Broker/Web-Broker - Individual and SHOP training (group), it will then set up your training based on the selections, you will take the ACA course at about 1 � to 2 hours, take a 40 question test  at approximately � hour and must pass with a 70% or better score. Next will be the individual exchange training with attest and then the SHOP exchange training but the test on this one is optional and not required but recommended. Total time expected to complete this is 4 hours.


That completes step 1, later in August HHS expects step 2 to be up and they state will appear under recent announcements at the above link.


Step 2:

Will be available later in the month which is an Identity verification process where you will receive your public exchange ID (FFM User ID) to use in the application process along with your NPN (National Producer Number). Be sure to have your Login ID for this process that you set up in step 1 as they will need to verify all training/testing is complete, your NPN number is again also necessary.


This is mandatory if you plan to offer coverage through the Ohio Partnership exchange assisting your customers with subsidy and coverage needs. The exchanges are currently targeted to be running by October 1st by HHS.


I participated in a webinar done by CMS, they made it clear that the agent is very valuable and necessary in the process of educating and enrolling the consumer. The exchanges will NOT have involvement in the compensation process, that will all be handled by the carrier in accordance with their contracts with the broker community and must be at the same rates in or out of the exchange on the same products.


More details to come but this is a good opportunity to get going on this along with any Medicare training you may need to do. They are behind in the initial estimates of when this training would be available but now ahead of some recent industry estimates as to when it would be available.


There is no charge for the training and CMS made a statement to be very careful as they are seeing scams, fraud and misrepresentation of entities charging and either selling something different or just simply providing the links.


If you have any questions please let me know.





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