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LIVE LIGHT                                                                            MAY 2013
Illuminations is a Mind-Body-Energy Center that is always committed to our intention of helping individuals live light, through gaining awareness on the power of the self, mind and consciousness through meditations, empowerment workshops, and training programs.

For a complete schedule of events for this month of May, please click the image below:



Calendar for May 2013


Are You Ready for the Real You?
A message from Illuminations
Every day we come across individuals who are ready to wake up and move into the awareness of who they truly are. For a long time now, we have been governed by what our mind tells use we are. This mind is attached the the pain of the past or the worry of the future. It is attached to beliefs that we have acquired from what other people think of us.

Then comes the wake up call. Through a series of experiences, coincidences and divine timing, we begin to question our beliefs, our thoughts and our actions. And so, begins the quest to KNOW THYSELF. 

Through this beautiful journey we learn to let go of all that we are not, and what naturally emerges is inspiration, clarity and true fulfillment of what we have always been, but simply forgot!

We welcome you on this journey of moving from the mind and into the heart. At Illuminations we are here to provide you with tools, guidance and opportunities to encourage you on this path towards discovering the real you. Have a great May!

Enjoy 1 FREE Meditation for ALL!
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Violet Bubble Guided Meditation by Nancy Saber
Violet Bubble Guided Meditation by Nancy Saber

Mother's Day Wellness Bundle
(ONLY AED 350)
     - 1 Holistic Relaxation Kit
     - 1 Free 60 min Reiki Healing
Reiki Healing available by appointment only

Private Meditations Package
(ONLY AED 900)
 Perfect for beginner Meditators
     - 5 Private Guided Meditation Sessions
     - Inclusive of Energy Healing and Tips
Meditations available by appointment only

Illuminations Wellness Gift Cards
Gift Cards are perfect for any occasion and are always well received. Give a Wellness Gift Card today valued at AED 50, AED 200, or AED 350 to use towards any workshops, private healing sessions, or meditations!
Our In-House Therapists
Roopali Bajaj,Clinical Hypnotherapist
  Ghada Mehdi, Holistic Energy Healer
     Nancy Saber, Reiki Healer & Clinical Hypnotherapist
        Raashi Sadana, Feng Shui & Four Pillars Consultant

           Lalit Soonderji, Vedic Astrologer & Numerologist

International Therapist for the Month
Introducing Naturopathy with
Dr. Kamlesh Kumar    May 14-21st 2013
Gold Medalist in Alternative Medicine

Dr. Kamlesh Kuma Slisodia is a gold medalist in alternative/complementary therapies from New Delhi India. He focuses on removing obstacles that create disease in our body, through a wide range of complementary approaches including the following:


Specialties Include


*Acupressure * Magnetic Therapy * Quantum Magnetic Analyzer Testing * Cupping Therapy *Psionic Therapy 

* Polarity Therapy * Reflexology * Reiki * Sujok 

* Japanese Facial Massage * Twist Therapy *


Dr. Kumar is a simple man, with amazing passion and abilities to help and heal individuals suffering from diseases. Through a single consultation with Dr. Kumar and he will be able to use his expertise and explain to directly pin point which energy blocks, bodily functions and lack of blood flow is causing illness in your body! 


Private Consultations

Investment: AED 399/- per session

Duration: 1 hour

Opt for a package of 5 session and get 10% off!

Free 20 minute consultation for all clients!
For a complete list of  workshops and seminars hosted by Dr. Kumar this month, please click the link below:
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Theta Healing with 
Vanya Silverten     April 22nd - May 19th
UK Master Theta Healer
Vanya Silverten is a Master of Theta Healing and teaches courses on this technique internationally with clients and students from over 25 different countries with the intention to encourage them to tap into their own individual abilities, by mastering the theta healing technique. 

Her individual healing sessions generally include a mixture of angel and aura readings, body scanning, disease whispering, gene therapy, DNA recoding, digging and belief work, house clearings, heart/soul healings and divine timing readings.


Private Consultations

Investment: AED 750/- per session

Duration: 1 hour


For a complete list of meditations, workshops, and holistic training courses hosted by Vanya this month, please click the link below:
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Illuminations Highlight Events
        Balancing \aura                      Metaphysics
Understanding Auras Seminar           Organ Regeneration Wkshp
Date: Saturday, 4th May 2013             Date: Sunday, 5th May 2013
Time: 6.00pm to 7.00pm                       Time: 9.00am to 6.00pm  
Rate: AED 50                                          Rate: AED 800
Facilitator: Ghada Mehdi                     Facilitator: Marion Boon
1 Lucky Participant will win one
Healing Power Series                       A Beautiful Mind Workshop
Date: 9th - 11th May, 2013                  Date: 13th May, 2013 
Time: 7.00pm to 9pm all days             Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Rate: AED 150 per day                        Rate: AED 150 
Facilitator: Nancy Saber                     Facilitator: Soniyaa Punjabi  
Payment of all 3 days upfront
will result in a 10% discount! 
7-Day Chakra Boot Camp               Energy Activation Workshop  
Date: 23th May, 2013                          Date: 25th May, 2013                  
Time: 7.00pm to 9.00pm                    Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm              Rate: AED 50 per day                        Rate: AED 599                                Facilitator: Ghada Mehdi                  Facilitator: Nancy Saber        Payment of all 7 days upfront 
will result in a 10% discount!
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Our List of Services


Meditations to Empower


Energy Healing/Clearings


Reiki Healing


Tarot Reading


Theta Healing


Vedic Astrology


Vedic Numerology


Feng Shui for the Home


Feng Shui for the Office


Four Pillars of Destiny


Spiritual Response Therapy


Integrated Hypnotherapy


Past Life Regressions


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy


Family Constellations


Geo-Pathic Stress Clearing


and MUCH MORE. . . !  


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-For local therapist only, 

 Sunday - Thursday

-Not valid w/ other offers

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         reiki 1                                     

Intro to Reiki Healing
Date: Mon, 6th May 2013
Time: 7.00pm to 8.30pm  
Rate: AED 50                        
Facilitator: Nancy Saber   
1 Participant will win 1 
    Naturopathy Healing
Date: 14th May, 2013
Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Rate: FREE
Facilitator: Dr. K. Kumar 
1 Participant will win 1 

Karma Cleansing Wkshp
Date: 11th May, 2013
Time: 10.00am to 6.00pm
Rate: AED 699
Facilitator: Roopali Bajaj 

For a FULL Schedule of Events, Check out our MAY Calendar!
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