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August 8, 2013



We're so excited. After many months of planning and creating, the projects section of our website is ready to go live TODAY!


Our projects section will provide real and tangible ways for YOU to get involved in the work of ending child sexual slavery in our lifetime!


The concept is simple. We tell you about individual projects that we have on the drawing board, and you get involved by fundraising for a project that you feel passionate about. Together, we turn plans into completed projects; dreams into reality; needs into needs met! TOGETHER we can!


Getting involved is easy!   

  1. Decide who wants to get involved: you, your church, your club, your youth group, your organization...whoever! It is definitely a case of the more the merrier!
  2. Go to and choose a project that you want to get behind! You can make a choice based on cost, location, or type of project, or choose the project that most moves you.
  3. Get informed! Read more about the project, the need, and start fundraising towards your project.
  4. Watch the fundraising thermometer on your project. Once a project is fully funded, the thermometer will be full! Then it's time to celebrate with us!

There are so many good causes out there. The cause that is close to our hearts is ending child sexual slavery in our lifetime. We are compelled, because if we don't rescue kids, they don't get rescued. We are calling all freedom fighters to join with us. Jump on our projects page and get started!


Make no mistake; the battle lines have been drawn. We are not walking away from this fight. We will see an end to childhood sexual slavery. The battle is fierce, the cost high, but we are engaging an army that is willing to pay the price to see this evil shut down in our lifetimes. That's you and me. Together, we can.


So... get online and check out our projects. It's time to make a difference!


Thank you in advance ... we are so grateful for your support!     



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