If your child attends public school in the area, you may be searching for options on "homeschool" Fridays and other school closures this year. We are happy to share that The Growing Place Montessori offers choices for K-6 students in our community!

For students that will attend a 4-day school week and experience a  20% reduction in academic instruction this year, we teamed up with parents to devise a unique solution!   Montessori elementary students are invited to join us on "homeschool" Fridays for academic support and enrichment featuring science, culture and geography, practical life skills (money management, gardening, etc.), health and nutrition, artistic pursuits (maker space, performing arts, etc.), and more!  Why settle for day care?  Make "homeschool" Fridays count!

We offer families a cost-effective option that includes academic instruction and dedicated time for completion of homework assignments and school projects - freeing up evenings and weekends for family fun and extracurricular activities!  Click here for Elementary Montessori Friday information and registration.

During a handful of public school holidays this year, we will also provide Elementary Day Camps featuring fun and educational activities, from science experiments to art projects, in our prepared Montessori environment.   By participating in hands-on lessons which can be explored at their leisure, students will learn more than they realize - because they're following their unique interests and having fun!   Scheduling is flexible, and camp can be attended on a weekly (or daily) basis, based on your family's needs.  Click here for Elementary Day Camp information and registration.
Our elementary programs are conducted by experienced, mature staff members  educated in child development and trained in Montessori practices and Positive Discipline methods.  Curriculum consists of projects, structured activities, independent work time, tutoring, as well as free play, and take place in a prepared Montessori environment.  Snacks are provided and hot lunch is available on Fridays. And the best part: costs are comparable to your school's onsite day care program!  All are welcome, so gather a group of friends for a fun and engaging experience on Fridays and school holidays!  

We hope to see you soon,

The Growing Place Montessori Team

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