College of Engineering students, faculty and staff are extremely appreciative of the generosity of our donors. Your support inspires us all to accomplish great things. Thank you! >>
Can computers be creative? DARPA invests nearly $1M to explore rapid concept generation and exploration by artificial intelligence systems

Researchers from Penn State have received $900,000 to teach computers how to generate original design ideas and then determine if those ideas are technically feasible which, in terms of national security, would give the United States a considerable competitive advantage in our technology industries.  >>
Computation combats concussion damage 

Reuben Kraft, assistant professor of mechanical and nuclear engineering and biomedical engineering, is working to reduce the risk of brain injuries - and to reverse the damage they cause - through the power of high-performance computing.  >>
Understanding how neurovascular coupling changes during postnatal development

Penn State researchers have received funding from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to determine how the communication between neurons and blood vessels of the brain changes from postnatal development through adulthood, which would enable the use of hemodynamic imaging to study neural activity, plasticity and neurodevelopmental disorders in infants, children and animals.  >>
Building Smarts: Assistant professor of architectural engineering focuses research efforts on smart building energy systems

Today, energy efficiency, renewable energy practices and sustainability are at the heart of the building industry. Designing buildings for tomorrow pushes architects and engineers to innovate through the use of green materials and smart building systems that reduce energy consumption and waste.
Gregory Pavlak, assistant professor of architectural engineering, is working to make energy systems smarter to allow for more renewable energy use.  >>
NIH grant supports exploration of plasma medicine capabilities in blood

The use of low-temperature plasma created by corona discharge - an electrical discharge formed by ionization of fluid that surrounds an ¬≠electrically charged conductor - in medical applications shows great promise to revolutionize medical treatments. Known as plasma medicine, the emerging field combines physics, engineering, medicine and life sciences to study and improve medical treatment capabilities. >>
Researchers expect new fish passage will help restore migratory fish populations

The addition of a nature-like fish passage to a Susquehanna River dam in Pennsylvania should allow migrating fish to more easily reach spawning grounds, according to Penn State researchers. To create the passage, part of the dam will be removed and replaced by an in-stream structure that will mimic what the fish encounter as they migrate in nature. >>
  • Researchers honored for virtual model of Penn State campus >> 
  • Penn State SWE wins highest possible collegiate recognition four years in a row >> 
  • Engineering faculty appointed to professorships, chair >>
  • Computer scientist recognized for important work in computer processing power >> 
  • Huang recognized for having best Ph.D. thesis at MIT >> 
  • Two Penn State students receive American Society of Civil Engineers awards >> 
  • Environmental engineering graduate student wins Electrochemical Society award >>
  • IE student places first in 3M international innovation competition >>
  • PSIMES presented with Penn State Alumni Association's Membership Award >>
  • College of Engineering to restructure associate dean roles, fill newly created associate dean position  >>  
  • Creativity exercise led by professor empowers women in manufacturing industry >> 
  • Conquering traffic congestion with mathematics >>
  • Alumnus turns job with struggling railroad into vibrant career >> 
  • Industrial engineers explore drone-enabled services >> 
  • Clayco Foundation supports neurological research and scholarships >> 
  • Partnership aims to advance renewable energy via storage and microgrid training >> 
  • 'Virtual farm' website provides a plethora of dairy sustainability information >> 
  • Penn State at the Navy Yard energy program provides hands-on learning experience >>
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