• Another great closeout!  The leather/mesh Galactic jacket from REV'IT!

  • This is an exclusive closeout for us... we bought them all.  Inventory is limited on this great deal.  Order now or risk missing out!

  • Two new jackets this week from REV'IT; see our review!

This is a VERY heavy duty leather/mesh style. And while it is as rugged and protective as any sport/race jacket we sell, you’ll find the fit to be more relaxed and usable by everyday riders.  

Great sporty styling; a waterproof/windproof full sleeve liner and CE armor in the shoulders and elbows.  You also can add a back protector if you wish. 

Availability and Fit: 

These jackets come in Euro size 46 through 60, which equates to 35 through 48 in US sizing.  Take a look at our sizing advice on the web site to make sure you're getting the best fit.  T he overall fit of this jacket is less race oriented than other jackets with similar styling, so they’ll fit fine on those with average builds, or even those with a bit of a belly.  Right now we have at least one of each size available in either color, but we don't have deep inventory. So, please act fast and snag one of these while you can. 

MSRP $529.95

New Product Reviews
Two new jackets from REV'IT came in this week; plus we're busy reviewing new gear from Cortech and Tour Master, there are more reviews to come in the near future!
Some people buy a mesh jacket for use in the hottest weather and then they own another “three season” jacket for the cooler weather months. This Eclipse mesh jacket would be perfect for use just during the hottest summer months. It is made to be value priced with just the basic features you need. And of course the price can be more reasonable as compared to other jackets that offer more features, such as removable liners, etc. The overall quality of this jacket is the same as with other REVIT products… which is very good, so you aren’t buying a “cheap” mesh jacket with this one. There are three good color choices. I hear people tell me they choose the light silver for the hottest Florida or Arizona-type weather, and this year, you can get the brown which has become popular in recent years. And of course black is always in style..............( more)

Wow, how about this Sand Urban! Take the most feature filled jacket you can imagine and wrap it in a more luxurious package and that is what this jacket is all about. The shell materials set this one apart from nearly everything else in our catalog. The material is a softer touch canvas-like material and the tone-on-tone styling really make this one look great.  The big deal in my mind about this style is climate control. This jacket has a pretty elaborate removable liner system that lets you choose whether to use a thermal liner, or a rainproof liner, or both together depending upon the conditions you have at the moment. It is about as close to a four season jacket as you can get. I’d say it is about a 3.5 season design. For warmer weather, the jacket has four LARGE front zip vents and a rear exhaust vent across the shoulder blade area. These vents will allow a lot of air flow… better than almost any solid design jacket. And this jacket is even set up to add a cooling vest!............( more)

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