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Team Building at the Executive Level

Executive team alignment and collaboration can be a very difficult matter for CEOs to lead. Dr. Catherine Bailey, Program Director of Cranfield University School of Management, discusses what actually makes executive team work so problematic. She examines the "zone of uncomfortable debate" and how and why CEOs should get their teams into this zone. She provides tips to bring issues out in the open and deal with them in a way which makes executive teams work more effectively.

Executive Teams: Tackling tough issues Runtime - 6:00
Executive Teams: Tackling tough issues                                                 Runtime - 6:00

The CEO's Biggest Ally For Building An Amazing Executive Team

Bailey's presentation brings up something that is dear to our hearts at enVision: executive team building. This includes improving alignment, relationships, team performance, and productivity. We work with executive teams to help them improve their focus and effectiveness using our enVision AlignmentTM tools and process, along with our years of experience.

enVision AlignmentTM
enVision Alignment LogoThe enVision AlignmentTM process offers skilled data gathering and analysis, high-octane executive team facilitation, and robust and actionable outcomes, all based upon our proprietary enVision AlignmentTM model.  We guide your organization's executives thoughtfully and carefully through the entire process.

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