Exhibitor Evaluation
"We want your feedback"
 May 12 , 2016

2016 Saskatchewan Libraries Conference
Exhibitor Evaluation
"Cooperation Saskatchewan Style: 20 Years of Success"
When asked how I thought the conference was going, I replied, " I just love everyone. They are great!!" which may be a surprising answer. The participation of the 178 delegates, over 40 presenters, and 27 Exhibitor as well as special guests and programs combined to make it a truly successful conference. But the reason I loved everyone is that attendees, SLA members, conference committee and exhibitors, all pitched in on the tasks to be done - and demonstrated COOPERATION Saskatchewan -style.

On behalf of the Conference Planning Committee, SLA Board of Directors, and staff "Thank you to all."

We want to know what you thought and are requesting that you take 3-4 minutes right now, and provide some feedback on the conference. There are both the point and click options and also open spaces if you want to expand your comments. Don't hold back - bouquets and not-bouquets are both acceptable.

Please do this RIGHT NOW - but if you don't we will send out a reminder in 10 days and close it at the end of 14 days - that is on May 26. Thanks for your cooperation on this last, final task related to the conference.


Judy Nicholson
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Library Association

May 5-7, 2016
Radisson Hotel, Saskatoon SK
Exhibit Hall Day is May 6, 2016

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